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DJ Delz: “Imagine if Lebron James went to the Celtics”

When Ray Allen left Boston for the Miami Heat, my first thought was: “Damn we’re going to miss his clutch 3’s.”  My second thought was: “Damn I’m really going to miss his sweet J’s.”  No..not those J’s-his Jordans. During his time with the Celtics, Ray wore some sweet Air Jordan player exclusives. I doubt we will ever see a better selection of kicks than we did when Ray was in green. Sneakerhead extraordinaire, and big Boston Celtics fan DJ Delz wondered what kind of sweet kicks Lebron would wear if he came to play in Boston for the C’s. He also gives his thoughts on how Lebron and the Heat will do now that Ray Allen has joined the fold.

Lebron’s signature shoe from Nike, currently in it’s 9th installment, the Lebron IX, is available for customization on Nike’s popular “Nike ID” site. Delz took it upon himself to create a custom Nike Lebron IX in a Boston Celtics colorway. The results were definitely dope.  You can find much more from DJ Delz on Twitter, his blog and of course YouTube. Thanks to Austin for the tip.

*Somewhat NSFW (a few instances of profanity)

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  • GreenSnot

    what’s with LBJ glory these days on this site?

    • This is the “CeltKicks” section of the site that is dedicated purely to sneakers. This is a new feature of the site that launched this summer.

      In this section, this isn’t about LeBron James the player.. it’s about the sneakers he wears. And the sneakers he wears are aesthetically pleasing.

      Can we please… PLEASE… stop jumping down everyone’s throats on this site? Why is everyone so sensitive lately? We had one writer say the Celtics didn’t do enough to get past LeBron and the Heat… his opinion… and he got murdered for sharing an honest opinion.

      Now KWAPT is simply saying he likes the green version of these sneakers, and he’s getting killed too.

      This isn’t a post about LeBron. We’re not having a LeBron love fest. One guy shared his assessment of the team and another is talking about sneakers.

      • GreenSnot

        No, this is definitely a glorification of LBJ. And for it to come right after the other post lacks some sense towards Celtics fans’ reaction. For instance, the author says “wondered what kind of sweet kicks Lebron would wear if he came to play in Boston for the C’s”…seriously? who gives a rip? So he got some shoes from LBJ and made them what? why LBJ’s shoes? are they THAT much better than the others? quite frankly, i get the subjectivity of the post and my opinion is the sneakers stink even in green

        • I’m sorry you feel that way, but I can assure you this is anything but a glorification of LeBron. KWAPT freakin’ hates LeBron… but he’s a sneaker connoisseur. LeBron’s shoe looks good. So does Kobe Bryant’s. It means nothing about those players.

          This is posted in the “Celt-Kicks” section of the site. It’s only about sneakers. It’s a separate section from everything else on the site. You should understand these are totally separate things.

  • Sheets

    It’s a slow news week for the Celtics, still no excuse to post about Lebron.

  • chris

    Did D-Wade REALLY do anything through those playoffs? If I were a Cavs fan I’d be even pissier with LeBron at this point. Chalmers was the second best Heat player this postseason and Miller was the only guy other than LBJ who had a big game. The Heat weren’t better than James-era Cleveland, James was just that much better than Cleveland-era James (OKC self-destructing didn’t hurt either).

    • dwade

      Did you even watch the games, DWade sacrifice his offense for defense and lebron took care of the offense. without Dwade there’ll be no championship for the Heat.

      OKC just don’t have it, they are not in the same level as Miami Heat.

  • shasha

    this post has to be deleted immediately!

  • Gina

    Shasha is right-

    I would IMMEDIATELY stop watching basketball and our Celtics after 30 years if LeBrat went there=–I can barely type this BS

  • Larry Legend

    Hey John can you get this site under control here. The articles suck recently. Quit f***ing talking about the Heat and LeBron. Hire some real writers. Content really weak lately.

    • dwade

      Go back at playing stardoll you freak

      • Larry Legend

        I’m starting to kind of feel bad for you man…you really are just unintelligent. I thought you were being ignorant but sadly I’ve come to realize you’re just a dim witted individual. Must be tough going through life like that. My condolences…oops my bad too big a word there. It means I’m sorry.

  • Gay-no Rufino

    Who cares about Ray Allen’s Jordans? you can’t even get those colorways in the mainstream market. Only through resellers and hypebeasts.

  • WHOA. Listen folks-the Celtkicks area of the site is about cool, Celtics related kicks. That’s it. If you guys know me at all, I detest Lebron as much as, if not more than, any other Celtics fan. This post is up because it is a cool pair of kicks designed by a cool Celtics fan. Period. I can certainly understand all the Heat hate-I do not like them either, but take the post for what it is folks.Thanks for your feedback and thanks for reading.

  • Banner18

    Sensitive: A state of anxiety arising from losing to hated rivals.

    Tasteless: Imagining out loud that the unamed leader of that hated rival is on our team, the Boston Celtics-the best team in the world. (The very thought makes my skin crawl)

    Despair: Drafting an undersized big man who can’t jump (Sullinger), AND a raw, athletics big kid, who will take years to develop. (Melo).

    Solution: 1: Finding one young, partiially polished big man who can jump, rebound and play D and 2: Finding a GM stupid enough to trade with Danny.

    (What sneakers would Magic have worn? Or Isiah Thomas? PLEASE!)

    In Danny we Trust!
    Just one more piece….