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Mavs fans really miss Jason Terry

The guys at The Two Man Game – ESPN’s Mavericks blog– have declared today, “Jason Terry Day.” They’re reminiscing about the Jet’s days in Dallas. If you’re curious about Terry’s skills and personality, read on:

The hardwood floor is a stage on which he must perform, but JET goes through more effort to enhance his act than any other player in the league. He’s a walking, talking — always, always talking — hype machine, equipped to rally fans, jeer opponents and whip an arena of both friends and enemies into a frenzy. Terry simply has no regard for the NBA’s fourth wall. He treats every game as a completely interactive experience, and in that approach, he’s carved out a special place for himself as player turned provocateur.

He creates effectively for himself off the dribble. He hits pull-up jumpers emblematic of transcendent guards past. He has a well-earned reputation for producing at the end of games. Terry’s efficiency and approach somehow embody both the push toward per-possession maximization and the fetishization of an old school mentality. He’s perfectly in line with the breed of isolation-empowered guards that ruled the previous era of basketball analysis (and still informs the perspective of the casual fan to this very day), but Terry also stands out as one of the most efficient mid-to-high-usage shooters of his era. JET certainly has his nights where he overshoots his welcome, but in total he’s been precisely the kind of shot creator and motivator the Mavericks have needed.

Terry may well be Dallas’ megaphone, but he also acts as the team’s emotional dynamo. The Mavericks’ leadership is operated by committee, and though Nowitzki may lead by example and Jason Kidd by experience, Terry’s brashness has its value within the franchise’s greater restraint.

We’ve already sampled some of Terry’s brash personality. Last week, he went on NBA TV and touted a 1-on-1 battle with Ray Allen in the season opener.

Buckle up. I think we’re in for a wild ride.

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  • Larry Legend

    Jet will fit in with KG very well if that account is accurate. Can’t wait to see him and Lee in Green this year!! No doubt an upgrade over Ray. Hands down.

    • Andrew

      i agree…..people over value what Ray Allen can do these days. All he can do really is sit at the three point line or come off multiple screens and make threes. I think Jason Terry is a mixture of Ray and Bradley. He can shoot threes, but he also will drive and cut, something that Ray never did. With Lee we get athleticism, defense and shooting as well. Both upgrades that fit in very well!

      • WinstonSalems

        over value Ray? If it’s a one possession game, with under 5 seconds left, ray doesn’t miss that shot. Whether it’s a wide open or contested three, he hits it. You can’t put a price tag on that. He proved this year that he can still do that. Miami could care less about his PPG or MPG, they want him on the floor to take that last second shot. THAT’S where his absence will hurt the C’s and benefit the Heat. Obviously, he’s not a 28 yr old anymore. His weaknesses are glaring but he’s still the best in the game at what he does; hit clutch shots.

        • shak

          So you didn’t read the post, you just saw a comment on Ray and decided to defend him? JET is a great closer and a big shot hitter also! No one can hit EVERY game winning shot, so your assertion (“ray doesn’t miss that shot”) is absurd! I don’t know if it’s as much that you are overvaluing Ray as you are undervaluing JET! Not to forget, I need to mention that Ray rarely took the game winning shot, it was MOSTLY PP and sometimes KG, so I fail to realize how big of a deal it is regarding the “can’t miss” Ray…

        • RedsLoveChild

          When we needed him the most…”Clutch-shooting” Ray Allen went 3-for-14 against the Lakers in Game 7 in 2010.

          Had he gone just 5-for-14…we would`ve won.

          • jon

            not to mention his atrocious 0-13 game 3 stinker…UUUUUGLLLY, had he knocked a couple of threes here or there, then we shouldn’t even be talkin about game 6 or 7.

            Im actually ecstatic Ray is gone, he has got an ego of a superstar and still feels he is more important than KG or Rondo, what the F is that???

          • RedsLoveChild

            I would not have re-signed Allen back in 2010, when he was merely 35 years old.

            I was totally outraged when Ainge offered him 2 yrs/$12M this summer!

        • Ray Allen is a fag

          I’m a Celtics die hard born and raised in Dallas. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard some one scream “mr. fourth quarter!!!!!”……………The dudes clutch, don’t be disrespectful!

          On a side note, can you imagine all those wide open looks that mike miller and James jones got the past 2 years going to Ray Allen. It’s possible that he could have a career year off all of those wide open looks.

    • dwade

      tell yourself that, until Ray bombed your team with 3 pointers. Ray will have a great time in Miami a lot of space specially with Lebron and Dwade

      • dwade sux

        Wow, Heat fans are really desperate, like a virus that spreads to every Celtic’s board on the net. You guys can have our sloppy seconds on Ray.

  • chris

    Of course the Mavs will miss him – he’s one of those rare guys who’s great both in the locker room AND on the court. He’s proven to be a team player, happily coming off the bench for the betterment of the team. He takes on any role he’s asked and is determined to excel at it.

    Weighing in on the Ray-talk…Ray is (was) my all time favourite player. I’ve spent hours watching that jump shot and trying to model my own on it. But Ray is not the dominant scorer he was back in his heyday with the Sonics. He is now solely a 3-point shooter. Though still a great 3-shooter, his reluctance to come off the bench at this point in his career is disappointing. His otherwise fading skills have caused his game to be more similar to that of Kyle Korver or Eddie House than the Ray we once knew. The fact is, Lee and Terry individually are overall upgrades who will play their role, and we have them both. This is finally a second unit to be excited about.

  • dwade

    wow Larry Legend isn’t crying about a post that he don’t like, I guess you already take your Citalopram

    • Larry Legend

      D-Wad-collector stop obsessing over my posts and learn how to use the English language correctly you ignorant mope. Go Celts!!!

    • boss truth

      dwade, no offense but you kind of come off as retarded, are you? and your arguments suck, they literally make you sound like you have no basketball IQ.