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Your Morning Dump… Where Jared Sullinger gives back

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Over the weekend, Columbus Ohio’s Rodgers Neighborhood Basketball held its annual RNB Classic.  It’s an event that not only raises money for a valuable community resource, it’s also a rally for peace in an area where shootings and violence are not uncommon.

Rookie Celtics forward Jared Sullinger was there, sending out these pics over Instagram this weekend.

For those who follow Sullinger on Instagram, you know he’s prolific with the pics (he can be found under his same Twitter name:  Jared_Sully0).  And with that constant tweeting and Instagram-sharing comes the picture (no pun intended) of who he is off the court.

We see Sullinger’s love for his family in his pictures all the time.  Rarely is he without some member of his family on a regular basis.  This weekend, that love for family branched out to his community, where he is regularly seen at events like this.  The RNB “Battle for Peace” Community All Star Game brings back Sullinger and his brother, along with other former Ohio State products like Evan Turner, participate in the game and the peace rally as a way to give back to the community and try to put an end to the violence that can rip it apart.

As we learn more about our Celtics, we try to learn a little more about what’s important to these guys.  It’s obvious family and community are important parts of Jared Sullinger’s life, which speaks to the quality of person he is, and the quality of person we are gaining in Boston and the Celtics community.  We’re looking forward to seeing more of this in Boston.

All photos via Instagram

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  • paul

    Giving back to the community doesn’t mean much unless guys who gain power and prestige do something to fight back against economic inequality, which they represent as much as some Wall Street fatcat does. The problem in our society is economic inequality.

    • Flake

      you WRONG, dude. economic inequality is merely a byproduct of our corrupt gov’t’s alliance with big banks and (fill in the blank) industrial complexes. and the reason why they keep getting away with it is because most americans just want a handout as opposed to changing the system at a fundamental level. people cling onto their ideologies and take sides (the right & the left) but in reality they both the same masters.

      END THE FED.

    • Youre_Dumb

      Are you full retard? Economic equality is created through democracy and nothing else

  • paul

    Another major problem with this country is the Drug War. The drug war is putting millions in prison for no good reason, wrecking poor and black communities, and empowering criminal gangs on all levels of our society. It does the same as what alcohol prohibition did. So if Sully wants to fight violence, I think he should fight against the Drug War. Let’s start by legalizing marijuana. Think about how insane, how fascistic it is to criminalize smoking a plant. Folks have to pretty much twist themselves into pretzels to try to claim that smoking grass is an evil and horrible thing. Now consider that over 50% of adults, over 40% of all people have in fact smoked it. So you are criminalizing 50% of the adult population by making it illegal! Might as well criminalize breathing. Over 50% of people favor decriminalizing grass. Since when is it the government’s business to dictate to us what we may and may not put into our bodies? How is that government’s legitimate role?

  • colaroaster

    anyone else get the feeling sullinger and melo resemble big baby and powe? celts haven’t had that bench depth in yrs. competing for min’s should be at a premium.

    btw sullinger didn’t show any signs back issues at summer league

    • He looks fantastic so far, doesn’t he?

  • Patrick

    The true problem with today’s society is the majority of it no longer have the fortitude to work at improving their own lot yet want all the benefits that come with hard work. As artificially supported as our society has become, Darwinism still prevails … Humans are no different than any other species in that regard. If you are complaining about your current situation, it is not Wall Street’s, Main Street’s, Democrat’s, Republican’s or anyone else’s fault … IT IS YOUR FAULT UNTIL YOU PUT THE BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS NEEDED TO IMPROVE IT.

    Now let’s stick to Celtics talk here on redsarmy since we can all agree GO CELTICS!!!

    • KWAPT

      AMEN on sticking to Celtics talk!

      • KY Celts fan


  • Larry Legend

    I for one hope Sullinger ain’t the next big baby. Baby was a fat ass. I must admit his lack of jumping ability reminds me of baby tho. If either one of them play with the heart and tenacity of Leon powe I will be happy as hell.

  • tim

    rondo bradley sullinger fab melo our first round pick next year for DWIGHT HOWARD make it happen danny


    • ShawnCVD

      I just don’t buy that’s what either team wants. Let’s add the top center at the expense of our starting back court. Were that to happen the C’s pg position would become piss poor. You’d be asking too much from pp to play point forward. Also don’t forget that Rondo makes everyone better around him. Passes consistently get to his teammates where and when they can get an easy look. Rondo is also capable of a triple double on any given night. Sure he has shortcomings, so does Dwight.

      This team was 12 minutes from the Finals and absolutely reloaded this Summer. I for one want to see Rondo do his thing with a bench and back court that can keep up with him. No more ppl claiming Boston is slow and old… I’m pumped for this year

      • BamaCeltic

        that trade would be crazy …..Dwight is nothinng but a very athletic but unskilled basketball player. All muscles and no skill. And the only reason he is considered as the top center is because that postion in the NBA sucks right now and has for years.Gimmie a big man with some skill, Akeem the Dream, David Robinson , Pat Ewing ….hell even the Chief ! would eat him alive on the block. Dwight sucks , no jump shot ,not even a jump hook that consistant ,all dunks and lobs … he has a bad back….no thanks !

  • Alright, this isn’t a blog for political discussions. I don’t care what you think is ruining or saving the country. We talk basketball here and that’s it. Comments here are closed