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Everybody Loves Rajon

Ben Rohrbach over at WEEI.com always has some great Celtics videos in his “Irish Coffee” segments. His latest, “Everybody Loves Rajon”, includes some of Rajon Rondo’s funniest quips, one-word answers and comebacks from last season’s postgame interviews.

Look for cameos from a virtual who’s who of Celtics media including Jess Camerato & Gethin Coolbaugh.

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  • hebertofnh

    ‘Jon is my guy. Great compilation by Ben as always.

  • tim

    rondo bradley sullinger fab melo our first round pick next year for DWIGHT HOWARD make it happen danny

    and anyone who said they wouldnt be willing to give up rondo bradely and change for the best center in the game is crazy imagine that line up

    dooling/jet pg coutrney lee/jet sg paul pierce sf kg pf dwight howard center
    jeff green 6 brando bass 7 dolling/jet/lee 8 back up pg free agen

    • KY Celts fan

      Stop posting this. It’s not gonna happen. And even if it could, we aren’t the people who make those decisions so your constant trade suggestions are falling on deaf ears.

      • tim

        I just posted this 3 times today dude relax im just trying to gain some notority for a really good deal that could happen if the celtics offer the best deal to otis smith whos to say they cant get howard for a year

        Plus i am a complete rondo hater and i ahev been on this website for years ive had a list that are certain diffencies in rondo’s game that doc or somebody has to get him to stop doing ive posted 100 of times and still people believe rondo is the best when in reality TEAMS DONT EVEN PLAY DEFENSE ON RONDO and opposing players light him up(espicially chalmers) hes good when he wants but he doesnt do what he should be doing at all time of the game or every 82 games. its time the rondo era ends and we cut our losses unless he does the things that i beelive on my list stops his game from becoming one of the top ten players in the league

        • Shawncvd

          Dwight got no killer instinct and now a bad back. Plus if you don’t like Rondo’s attitude then Superman’s antics should be raising HUGE red flags for you.

          Should Ainge pull this I would definitely hope the change of scenery does DH some good. You suggesting grabbing him for a single year is NUTS though… you shouldn’t make your suggested move if you cannot lock Dwight down IMO.

          • tim

            i dont hate rondo’s antics they annoy me but i dont hate him for that i hate him for his stupid moves on the court that keep him from being a top 10 player in the nab. The list is as follows 1) walking the ball up the court wasting precious shotclock possesion after possesion( which leads to a bad shot with 6 second on the shot clock because the celtics offense feels rushed)2) not finsihing strong at the basket when he attacks (instead doing weird floaters or weird spin layups3) passing up open layups to jumpshots for big men4)stupid one handed passesw where he could easily have used two hands 5) reaching on defense and consitnly getting burned night in and night out ( a fact that is helped out because of the abilty of KG and the celtics team to help) 6)NOT FINISHING WITH HIS LEFT HAND ON THE LEFT SIDE 7)

            Notice i didn’t complain about his shot or his personality like most celtic fans will point out on rodno. I pointed out all things that Rondo could easily fix that would make him much better player. It up too doc and the coachign staff and rondo as player to notice these mistakes and fix them. Until then he’s going to keep costing the celtics points and games because he’s flashy with one handed passes or weird spin layups instead of finishing strong at the hoop or with his left hand on the left side.He has to stop being burned by mario chalmers and random pg’s if he really considers himself the best pg in the league

            Teams dont even defend rondo its like playing 4 on 5 on offense. then on defense year sure he gets steals but he gets lit up night in and night by opposing pg who not only score but set up basket after basket because the celtic defense has to help.

            Ive watched just about every celtic games for the last few years and these are the msitakes that are holding the celtics and rondo back from being the best. I no he has his good games here in their but these mistakes that he does cost the team.

        • LA Flake

          I’m no fan of Rondo either but I wouldn’t do this deal for numerous reasons.
          1. How’s Howard’s health?
          2. Will he sign an extension w/ Boston?
          3. If you give up most of our young prospects to get Howard, who the hell is going to pass him the ball?
          4. As we’ve seen, Howard, like Rondo, is a limited player offensively. If I’m gutting my team for a center, I’d rather have a guy that can draw double teams consistently, NOT someone who can be checked by Baby Davis.

          • tim

            howards health is in question but too say hes not the best cenetr in the league is absurd. who would pass him the ball? how about jason terry courtney lee paul pierce or kg? look at that defense players kg and howard togtehr would be unstoppable. I understand its very unlikely to happen but the truth is that theirs no way any1 could argue in any form that the celtics wouldnt be a better team at this end trade and with Howard we would be INSTANT FAVORITES TO WIN THE CHAMPIONCHIP i can buy th trading away our future talk but heres the fact with rondo as the best player on our team their is no championchip anywhere in the near future

        • Lee in Oregon

          you said all this yesterday and just to clue you in, Otis Smith has been put out of his misery over a month ago. And if you think DA hasn’t already tried, or that some guy named Tim can “build momentum” for a trade by posting dribble on RA, I have a bridge you may want to purchase….

          Go Rondo, GO C’s!

    • wil


  • LG

    This should probably go without saying, but KG and Rondo complement each other seamlessly.

  • Alex

    The laugh track completely ruined this video for me. Seriously, it made the video unfunny.

    • KY Celts fan

      I agree. I couldn’t understand half of what was said because of the laugh track. And what I did understand wasn’t particularly funny as it was simply succinct.

    • Steph

      #TrueStory – Annoying as f*ck

  • D Wade

    Boston fans are full of crybabies. Rajon is a prick

    • wil

      why are you even here?

  • KY Celts fan

    No dump today? There’s no news at all? I hate the dog days of summer.

  • Frank

    Certain players I don’t want on the Celtics…. I don’t want Howard! I don’t want Lebron on the team either. I wanna beat those guys not turn into them. I wanna like the personalities of my players. Howard is an idiot and losing doesn’t bother him. It’s not fun having guys I hate on the Celtics just because they can play.

  • Frank

    I like that Rondo is a prick, I don’t want him hugging guys on the other teams like Lebron does. Celtics are old school, they don’t talk to the other teams. Except for Ray and he proved my point. He wasn’t loyal