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Danny Ainge did a lot, but did he do enough?

I’ve had some time to digest the Celtics offseason moves, and I like what the C’s have done to upgrade their roster. However, it’s not enough to beat the Miami Heat should the teams meet up in the Eastern Conference playoffs next season.

Danny and Doc improved the club by resigning Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, and Chris Wilcox. Picking up Jason Terry was a solid acquisition. Trading for Courtney Lee appears to be a good move. The draft picks are what you would expect selecting 21st and 22nd. You’re not going to get any stars picking in those slots. The best of the bunch appears to be Jared Sullinger, but you can’t judge anything from the Orlando and Las Vegas Summer Leagues. We’ll find out if Sullinger and the rest of the Celtics draftees have NBA skills when the games start to count in October.

Losing Ray Allen is a loss on offense. He can still shoot the 3, but he’s a terrible liability on defense. Courtney Lee and Jason Terry should adequately fill Rays shoes. When Avery Bradley returns from double shoulder surgery, he’ll bring tenacious defense, an ability to cut to the hoop and finish, and back-up Rajon Rondo at the point.

I’m not worried about the backcourt. Hopefully, Rondo is spending hours this summer working on his jump shot and free throw shooting. If he can get those percentages up, he’ll continue to be a force.

It’s the frontcourt that worries me. The two cornerstones are once again Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. K.G. was unbelievable in the 2012 playoffs, but I thought he would hang them up after the C’s fell to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. But no, the old guy signed a three-year deal and he’s back to presumably play the five spot. At 36, Doc must do a better job limiting his minutes in the regular season in order to have the Big Ticket rested and ready for the playoffs.

As for Pierce, a bum knee limited his effectiveness in the playoffs, especially against the Heat when the C’s needed him most. But even before the knee injury, the Captain showed signs of old age with fewer drives to the hoop because he lacked the foot speed to take his man off the dribble. Of course, advanced age is the issue with both of these guys. The likelihood of serious injury goes up every year Pierce and K.G. suit up for the C’s. If one of them goes down, especially K.G., for any extended period of time, the Celtics are toast. Bass along with Green, Wilcox, and Sullinger can hold down the fort for a while, but the C’s are a much weaker team without their two frontcourt veterans.

The Celtics are undoubtedly a deeper, more talented team heading into the 2012-2013 campaign, just not talented enough to overtake the Heat in the East. The reason is simple. The Heat has a guy by the name of LeBron James. If game six of the Eastern Conference Finals proved anything, it’s that LeBron is the best basketball player on the planet. Not only did he drop 45 points and 15 rebounds in that do-or-die game 6, he also averaged 30 points and 10 boards for the entire playoffs. The Celtics and the rest of the NBA don’t have an answer for LeBron.

Some of you basketball purists argue that one guy can’t beat a cohesive unit of five. Think again. It happened in game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and it will happen again should these two teams meet up with a spot in the NBA Finals at stake. The Heat has Lebron and the Celtics don’t. That’s the difference. James can take over a game at anytime, and the Celtics don’t have anyone of that caliber. Green, Wilcox, Terry, Lee, and Sullinger are nice additions, but are they any better than the Heat’s supporting cast of Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Joel Athony? It’s something to think about.

K.G, Pierce, and Rondo will once again be the soul of the Celtics, valiantly fighting to reach the mountaintop. But ultimately they won’t make it because LeBron James will be there unwilling to give up his turf.

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  • Matt in Maine

    Man if you ride Lebrons junk any harder it will start to chafe lol.

    • robert liscio

      think about even with just a healthy bradley this past season, he shuts down chalmers, or stabalizes wade whichever the c’s had him guard prob a little of both they win that series!

    • robert liscio

      chalmers killed us in the EC Finals, take away him the C’s win!

    • Jeremy Etom


    • Cris

      Lmao that’s what I was gonna say. Horrible article

  • Gil305

    In the words of Chappelle…..I wish I had 4 hands so I could give this 4 thumbs down. LBJ is still one guy and Game 6 is still one game. Based on this article everyone else needs to hang it up until LeBron retires….SMH

    • robert liscio

      Celtics got robbed in game 2 also, horrible officiating in games 1and 2 and with a healthy celtics team including pierce, bradley, KG, terry, lee, green, bass, sully, wilcox and i bi annual pickup at the trade deadline or a trade for josh smith maybe, the celtics have the chips, either way they can beat the heat!!

  • Ryan

    You might as well go buy a Heat jersey with this crap.

  • Love your stuff, long time reader. LeBron can’t beat us 1 on 5. Having said that, I agree, we didn’t do enough. We needed size and we added Jason Collins. NOT ENOUGH. We needed a Camby/Kaman type. Hell, Darko would have sufficed.

    We won’t lose to the Heat because LeBron is so great. (If we lose,) we will lose because, like this year, they will dominate the painted area. Re-watch Game 7…they destroy us down-low and get multiple second-chances at the end of the game because we can’t secure a rebound.

    Annoying English Major note: it’s Heat HAVE not HAS

    Keep up the good work man, I enjoy reading!

  • Mike

    C’mon Henry. No one likes reading posts about how their team cannot win, especially when there are so many variables involved that are impossible to predict.

    The fact remains that despite their injuries, the Celtics were one game from the Finals, and then got better this offseason. Granted, so did their top competition. But that’s what’s fun about the game, as opposed to crowning champions before training camp even starts.

    • AlohaCelt

      The Bulls were the odds on favorite to win it all right up until DRose went down with ACL injury. Never mind the fact that they put up a good fight even after they list him and half their front court. So I’m not willing to give anything to LBJ just yet…

      • kg215

        Depends if all you do is look at the record or can actually use your head. The Bulls play great d but their offense has never been legitimate. Especially in the playoffs where the game slows down and is more physical. Their offense is give it to Rose and get out of his way, only Rose is much worse than Lebron James and even Lebron James couldn’t pull that off in Cleveland. Rose+Deng/Noah/Boozer and whoever else you wanna throw in doesn’t get it done. Rose himself as the best player on a championship team is questionable, I like the guy he just isn’t a top 5 player.

  • PakkAttackk

    When healthy, we can beat the Heat in a playoff series. I firmly believe that. When both teams are banged up, the Heat will win because of LeBron but may I remind you. In Game 7, we were 10 minutes away from going to the Finals. Yes, there were a TON of variables like LeBron’s halfcourt 3 somehow going down, Bosh’s injury & sudden development of a corner 3, Avery/Jeff/Wilcox being out, Pierce’s knee, Ray’s ankle, KG playing like he was in Minnesota, so on. But if we win Game 2 when Rondo drops 44/10/8, the WHOLE series is changed. You say we have NO ONE who can take over a game. That’s completely wrong, Rondo can take games over & if you didn’t see that in the playoffs against the Hawks where he had two triple-doubles, Game 7 vs Philadelphia when Pierce fouled out & everyone looked around for someone to score & vs the Heat. Rondo IS A SUPERSTAR in the leauge & it annoys the hell out of me that Celtics fans have less belief & faith in Rondo than fans of other teams. Pierce & KG can take some games over too but it’s not as efficient or often because of their age…We can beat the Heat.

  • Jason

    Still perplexed how Jeff Green gets $9M for four years. Other than that, DA’s offseason was awesome.

    To answer the Q, tho, it’s all about the ifs isn’t it. The first if is health. Hell, healthy Avery and PP and that would have been enough this year. Now there’s Avery AND Lee and PP. That’s a rotation that can ground the Miami duo and thus the whole Heat “team.”

    Sure we could ask for a better 5, but Wilcox, Green, Lee, Terry are all VERY solid additions. Sully can add beef and 6 fouls and 2 blocks from Melo would be considered a contribution. If one of the lower profile guards turns into a find (and that just might happen), well that will be one hell of a second unit. And losing Ray doesn’t bother me nearly as much as most. Sieve on D and a ball stopper on O.

    Health and one or two good step-uppers from the end of the roster and this team is definitely a title contender.

  • dunn

    I thought this was a Celtic bleed green site…?

  • Jean

    I dont think its fair to say “Doc must do a better job of limiting minutes”.

    Dont get me wrong, its up to him but you still need to win games. Its not like he wants to run the old guys into the ground. Our reserves just couldn’t do it.

  • Anthony

    This is the same guy who destroyed the Pistons in similar fashion in Motown in game 5 in 2007 and still got swept in the Finals. If Bosh doesn’t go off in 4th quarter of game 7 Celtics win Banner 18. We still have the best PG in the league and Miami’s biggest matchup problem.

  • Art

    Henry, please find another job. You should write here in South Florida with the other moron writers. The Celtics have beaten Lebrick’s teams on multiple occasions in the past and will do it again in the future. They know how. Doc knows how. There is a rebounding question mark with this team, but last year there was no Sullinger, Green, or Wilcox. Maybe Melo, if he progresses. We’ll see how much of a difference that makes.

  • Lee in Oregon

    That’s a minute of my life I’ll never get back.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Paul’s diatribe this morning was more enjoyable…

  • Brian

    Yikes, i guess everyone is entitled to an opinion… I disagree. I think Rondo can take over a game just like Lebron can. Not as often but he can do it. I don’t know any other PG in the league who can do what Rondo does. No point guard rebounds like he does. An very few can play as good D while still putting up good offensive numbers.

    We have a better bench then the heat right now. KG and Paul came into the season out of shape. A lot of players thought there would no season or that it would start in january.

    When I see articles like this, I don’t think people realize how far this team made it with a bench of steamsma hollins daniels peaches sasha and dooling. You won’t have to wait 15 seconds for ray to come off of triple pics to get open, and Terry will be huge off the bench.

    This team plays tight D it’s just a matter bench scoring which I think this team took care of in the off season..

    • kg215

      Good point we played those 6 guys way too much. What should have been 3rd string players who only play in the regular season to cover for injury turned into rotation players.

  • Jester00

    just to piggy back on the morning dump the 21th amendment is the best

  • Andrew

    Horrible post…..Lebron James travels six times a game and gets away with it. If we had Avery Bradley all the ESPN analysts had us to win in 6 games. We almost won without him, Wilcox, Green, Lee etc etc. Whoever wrote this article needs to be fired!

    • zippittyay

      and when did dwade score a gig with Red’s Army?

  • KY Celts fan

    So to summarize – We don’t have Lebron, therefore we can’t win.

    Bull. And for all the reasons previously stated. Way to believe in your team though. You’re a great fan.


    Go take your talent (or is it?) to South Beach, Henry, you don’t deserve to write here on this website…This is for Celtics faithful only and i doubt if you are…You’re better off with Judas Shuttlesworth there…

  • RedsLoveChild

    1} What is being overlooked is the strong possibility of Miami suffering from a championship “hangover”.

    You cannot assume that the Heat/LeBron will possess the same degree of “hunger” to win now that they already have.

    2} This year will see Sullinger, Melo, Wilcox working in the paint. At worst, it should represent a serious upgrade over Hollins and Steamer.

  • T jones

    Are u a celtics fan or a heat fan? U make me sick. Im a loyal celts fan til i die. One minute ur calling for banner 18 and now you like your pulling a ray allen. Make up your mind. R u a celtic warrior or a lebrons towel boy. U shouldnt be allowed on reds army anymore.

  • marsha

    you are a joke get off are page and go write for lequeens and thoes bums celtics will beat the heat this time book it banner 18 #teamceltics

  • hewitt3

    But for a few bad calls the C’s would have hit the finals even though they were all beat up

  • Lantrell Walker

    Danny Ainge did more than enough and then some this offseason, he gets nothing short of two thumbs up from me. As for whether or not we can beat Miami next postseason, there’s no question in my mind we can. Watching this team gel this upcoming season is going to be fun, but it won’t mean much if we can’t stay healthy. As long as this team enters the playoffs whole without any major/ nagging injuries, they can best any team in a 7 games series and are more than capable of winning a championship.

  • JR99

    Wait, lemme understand….

    So our beat-up, injury-demolished team was good enough to take Miami to 7 games — even though THE HEAT HAD A FULLY-HEALTHY TEAM after Bosh came back for the critical end-of-series games, and even though they needed help from the refs to win at least game 2 (and I’m being conservative in not mentioning the other games in which the refs screwed us) — despite all that and the fact that the Celtics are now HEALTHY and MUCH, MUCH better stocked with (mostly young) talent, and the fact that Green, Wilcox and Bradley are no longer lying in hospital beds — NOW they’re NOT good enough??

    Huh? Whatya been smoking, son?

  • Quest

    Still have the Feb trade deadline if bench not working out as expected. Danny has proven he is willing to make changes mid season.

  • Jason

    Yeah this writer sucks.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Jesus I could smell LeBron’s dick on your breath through my computer screen. Sorry I just disagree all around. The game is changing, a frontcourt of KG, Bass, Sullinger, Wilcox and Green/Melo/Collins in spare minutes is decent at the very least. You completely left out Collins and though he won’t matter very much against teams like the Heat, he could actually be a difference against teams that confirm your concerns about our “thin” frontcourt. Most teams don’t have a great center if a traditional one at all. The Heat won a ring last year without one at ALL, and i know they have the MVP but that is still astounding. Shows how much smaller and faster the NBA is becoming. Also, lack of rebounding is a result of our defensive schemes and doesn’t translate as much to poor depth up front as well as it does to the basic premise of our schemes. Next: Doc needs to manage KG’s minutes better… Really? After Green, Wilcox and JO went down, JJJ showed his stage fright and Stiemer got bruised up we had Ryan Hollins behind KG and that’s it. I think Doc did great and with our incredible depth this season I think he’ll be able to do even more with it. Same with Pierce. You seem overly concerned about injuries when we’re much deeper than last season; that doesn’t just mean replacements for our guys if they’re out for a few games, it means they can take more breathers because we’ll have legitimate subs to put in for them. That will result in less injuries. I get your point that LBJ is good but he isn’t invincible and neither are the Heat. We have as good a chance as beating them as anybody.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Oh, and you can’t pick up stars around the 20 range? What about Rondo? Avery Bradley? Those dudes are studs and still have room for improvement. Bradley isn’t a star but he could be or at least a quasi-star on a contender, and Rondo is a borderline phenom. Sullinger is the perfect circumstance for snatching an All-Star that late in the draft: the talent’s there, he has medical red flags. He looked healthy to me and seems confident about the future of his back. Seems like a great pick to me. This article is just mindless blab I’m sorry, you seem like you haven’t been paying attention.

  • rangeli

    So go tell David Stern to cancel the season and give the trophy to Heat once again. Can’t believe I lost 2 minutes reading this.

  • Chris H

    Sorry, this is some horrible analysis, mixing and matching circumstances to fit a theory.

    A solid healthy unit of 10 beats the Heat’s Three, sometimes 5 useful guys, all day, all week. To stick with your theory Lebron and Wade are better than 10 quality guys. BS. If Pierce KG, Rondo and Terry (formally Ray) keep in the ballpark of the production of Miami’s 3 you have an almost tie game.There is a large sample size of games that create that exact scenario, in both wins and losses.

    Now add what’s never been there. A healthy, capable bench who can score and defend. You now have the ability to stretch and stress their front 5 while padding the score on their scrubs heads.

  • WinstonSalems

    It’s July 30, of course there’s nothing better to do than play devil’s advocate with the C’s offseason moves. Good job, good effort!

  • screaming jay

    Hey Henry…

    Helluva article!

    Bite me!!!

    Great comments though.

  • Double P

    Well there’s a way to generate page-views… what a joke. This is a Celtics blog and your going to write how we basically should not bother paying attention next season because Lebron plays on a different team. I hope this is your last “blog” on this site Henry, you suck.

  • Larry Legend

    I’m seriously considering never coming back on this b

    • D Wade

      then don’t come back why are you here, you are like Pierce a dram queen. Heat dynasty!

  • Larry Legend

    Board. Chuck, I mean Henry, this post sucked. Go Celts!!!

  • LG

    A superstar, such as LeBron James, of course, can and will win you a fair share of games, whether they be exhibitionist or critical. However, it is the supporting cast that wins a team the NBA Finals. For instance, the 2012 NBA ECFs and NBA Finals when Shane Battier and Mike Miller shot the lights out. Henry, you also wondered if Miami’s supporting cast of Ray Allen, Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis, and Joel Anthony is better than Boston’s supporting cast of Jason Terry, Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox, and possibly Jared Sullinger. The answer is: we don’t know. We won’t know until October 30, 2012 around 8:10p.m. ET. Although, Miami’s 2nd-tier players are more experienced, Boston’s supporting cast is younger and more athletic. I even think it is safe to say that at this point in the players’ careers, Boston’s supporting cast is more talented than Miami’s. Most importantly, they are hungrier for an NBA title than Miami’s support, as only Lee has been to the NBA Finals.

    • MJ

      Actually Jason Terry won with the Mavericks in ’11. The Heat actually really hate to play against him.

      • LG

        Thank you. My mistake forgetting that fact. Especially since it was only 14 months ago. The Heat hate Boston also; so, JET and the Celtics are a good pairing.

  • BillyBob

    Wow, Henry just got donkey punched by a combination of Lebron and the posters.

    Henry, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were playing devil’s advocate amidst the dog days of summer. But just a word of advice, know when such a situation applies, so as not to come off as asinine. To any knowledgeable Celtics fan, it’s obvious what a phenomenal job Danny has done, and it’s obvious that if things go as planned, we absolutely can compete and beat Miami in a 7 games series. Now whether those variables go our way (ie. new pieces fit, we remain relatively healthy for the PO’s, and our aging vets do not decline significantly) will go a long way in ultimately determining if Banner 18 will be raised.

    But simply in conclusion Henry, do not insult our intelligence by putting this dribble on a legitimate Celtics site expecting a rise or to incite discussion. The majority of us are far too up to speed with our team to not read through this BS.

  • Sev

    weird how when people look back on the heat celtics series, they forget that Green, Bradley, and Wilcox(yea he is a huge upgrade over Hollins) weren’t playing and that Ray was a shell of himself with his injury. If you believe Pierce with the sprained MCL, it was basically Rondo and KG vs the Heat and WE STILL ALMOST WON. Add those players and replace Ray with Terry and Lee, which IMO is an upgrade, and you get prob the best bench in the league. Our bench gave us like 4 points a game…that’s a joke. Now we have like 5 more talented players(assuming we stay healthy) and they will actually have the mindset/belief that they can win, as their second unit will prove more than worthy. The mismatches we can cause this year are endless. Oh and you can get star players ANYWHERE in the draft, never mind mid-to late first round….what was Rondo….21st??? I personally don’t have high hopes for Melo, but I think Sullinger will be a quality PF eventually, and will prob be able to start on 50% of the teams in the NBA. So he prob will never be a “Star” player like Rondo, but you can’t say star players aren’t drafted at those spots.

  • tim

    rondo bradley sullinger fab melo our first round pick next year for DWIGHT HOWARD make it happen danny

    and anyone who said they wouldnt be willing to give up rondo bradely and change for the best center in the game is crazy imagine that line up

    dooling/jet pg coutrney lee/jet sg paul pierce sf kg pf dwight howard center
    jeff green 6 brando bass 7 dolling/jet/lee 8 back up pg free agent

    • Reggie35RIP

      Firstly you’re giving up way too much for Dwight. You’d be giving away the C’s future for one overrated player.

      Secondly Rondo will be – and already is – a better, more game changing player than Dwight ever will be.

      Rondo’s too valuable to this team. Without him distributing the ball and making decisions this team model doesn’t work.

      • tim

        its not a bout how much ur giving up its about what ur getting in return and what the team looks like after that the celtics get howard………….. too much and the celtics future???? rondo is good and he claims hes the best pg in the league which should give trade value but besides that ur giving up a 19 pick who played one season and had two shoulder surgieries last season as well as two players drafted inj the 20s who havent veen played a game as well a first round pick which will be 32 if we get howard

        theirs no arguement saying the celtics wouldnt be a better team and be a championchip contender with howard id sell a rondo bradley combination for the CHANCE AT 18 im danny can just rebuild again after 2 years if it doesnt go right hell have all the cap he needs

        • Reggie35RIP

          I’m sorry getting Dwight doesn’t equal championship. You’re forgetting he’s basically useless in the Playoffs and a complete liability in the 4th quarter of games because he can’t shoot a freethrow. Not to mention he’s a spoiled man-child. Teams are made from more than numbers, you’ve got to think about chemistry and fit.

          You’d be giving up one of the best point guards in the league, all our depth. And yes stunt the future growth and longevity of the franchise by giving away all our younger players. All for a shot at another championship? What happens when KG and PP retire in three years time?

          It would be a horrible trade for us in the long-term and it would never happen in a million years. Thank you for your ill informed input. Also learn to spell.

        • Chief

          I think your giving up too much, a budding (young) backcourt, a future starting PF, a solid defensive center and a pick, elite point guards are hard to come by and trust me Timmy rondo is that.
          And our return…. A center who is fresh off back surgery, has a pathetic FT% who got his coach fired ,quit on his team and fans and is everything anti-Celtic as you can get, and as much as I like Dooling, he is definatly no starting PG(even splitting minutes with jet).

      • kg215

        Rondo is already better than Dwight? Lol that is not true now and never will be. I like Rondo much more, but on the court Dwight is a beast.This is just like the Lebron haters, letting your personal bias affect what you see on the court. Rondo is a great point guard, sometimes he is the best point guard in the NBA sometimes he is not in the top 5. Dwight is the best big man in the game, KG and Duncan can still give him a run for the money but due to age you gotta give it to D12 (btw prime vs prime Dwight is a joke compared to KG or Duncan). Any team including the Celtics would trade Rondo for Dwight if given the chance, and there would be no hesitation.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Makes no sense. Orlando doesn’t want Rondo, and we aint trading him. They want picks. There’s nothing to talk about unless Dwight would agree to an extension anyways, and he’s not willing to do that in Boston so far. It’s a fair offer talent wise, maybe too much, but they like what they get from Nelson who they just signed for 3 more years. I guarantee DA has made a call or two down there to the new GM or Howards agent.

      • tim

        u dont no what orlando wants ur not their gm. according to RONDO hes the best pg in their league. according critics averybradely is a real player both offensivly and defensively and i beleive that too . Then they get two potential bigmen who could really round out their roster and trasition into a youth move with 4 really young players.

        Orlando has to mvoe this guy anyway and they want the best deal possible im guessing… if the celtics offer them the best deal why would tey not take it? I mean 4 young players one supposed best pg in the league and a first round pick (and a few 2nds)for one player who u have to trade anyways. I would do it if iw as both sides

        • Chief

          And what happens if we trade for him and he doesn’t re-sign, I’m guessing you are assuming that would agree to an extension to come here?
          If Orlando wanted the best deal they should have taken what Houston was offering before the draft.

  • Dennis in Vermont

    I’m not doing that trade Tim. Dwight is a head case. Boston wins with chemistry and bringing in Howard does not give you that. As far as the article, what about Rondo taking over a game. When Rondo wants, he can be a beast too! This writer is a clown. With the additions Danny has made and with KG leading the way, I see the Celtics raising number 18. It’s all about chemistry folks, Ubuntu!

  • Rob H

    Yes, Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Brandon Bass and Chris Wilcox are better than Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Joel Athony. Jason Terry single handedly won playoff frames for the champion Mavericks and Courtney Lee was the starting two-guard for the Magic team that went to the finals. Brandon Bass is one of the most consistent bench players the celtics have seen in a while and Jeff Green is a young versatile, and capable player. At this point in their careers Battier, Miller and Ray are only good for 3 point shooting and Joel Anthony is lost on every possession. The only person that can hurt the celtics in multiple ways is Mario Chalmers.

  • Ok Ok Ok…

    Let me answer a few of these things here:

    This is a Celtics blog, but we’re not going to sit here and lie to Celtics fans if any of us thinks something. There are writers here who have differing opinions of this team, and everyone’s opinion will be published.

    Whether it’s me, or someone else, our opinions are genuine. And it’s fine to disagree with any of us, but part of what we do here is give honest assessments of the team. Sometimes its not what you want to hear. Voice your disagreement, but keep it respectful.

    To that point, we never.. NEVER.. publish a commentary to simply be contrarian and generate page views. We want our page views to mean something. We want ALL of our posts to generate page views, but we want them to be honest opinions and quality work.

    Again… you’re all free to agree or disagree with the content of this post. But if someone feels like Miami has too much to overcome, then that’s what he thinks. It’s not everyone’s opinion, but that’s what it is.

    As always, thanks for reading.

    • Chuck Conti

      Genuine opinions are ok. Shouldn’t there be something more behind then just, “They have Lebron and we don’t?”

      From the post title, I expected a look at the matchups between the Celtics and Heat, with an intelligent discussion of the pros and cons of various matchups. As one commenter said, the Celtics have beaten teams with Lebron on them before. Why is the mere presence of Lebron on a team now make it impossible to beat them?

      It was a total waste of my time to read something that shallow, and I would have felt the same about any post that said we will crush the Heat for a similar reason (eg., “Rondo can run with Wilcox and Lee,” etc.).


      • Reggie35RIP

        Yeh that’s a good point actually. What happened to LeBron when he was with C(leave)land? Oh yeh that’s right, that’s back when Mr. Regular Season LeChoke was in full effect.

        This kind of scuppers your argument of LeBron trumps all.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Wow, now even the owners of the site are trolling. ;p

    Hmmmm… how can we get heaps of comments on a post… I know, say LeBron’s the best player in the game and the C’s have no chance in hell of beating the Heat. Job done.

    If you’re categorically saying that the C’s could never beat the Heat in a Playoff series because of LeBron, then you’re a fool and at this point I’m wondering what I’m doing here. There are so many variables involved that it would be impossible to predict who would win. Obviously there would be a favourite and that would be the Heat. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be beaten.

    I know this has been said a bunch of times before. But if we can push the Heat to seven games and be in the drivers seat in Game 6 – while missing key players due to injury – then we’re definitely in with a chance this season if we can stay healthy. Going back to an 82 game regular season – meaning no ridiculous back-to-back-to-backs – and a full training camp will obviously help in this regard. Also our now deeper bench will take a lot of strain of our starters and ensure they’re well rested for the Playoffs – a luxury we didn’t have last season and it showed in the end.

    Looking back at the series, Game 2 was a coin flip, could have gone either way. Game 6 no one got up for – might have been due to fatigue from winning Game 5 in Miami (where was LeChoke in that pivotal game?). And I put Game 7 down to fatigue and Bosh having the game of his life.

    With a now deeper bench and players coming back from injury this solves the fatigue problem all round. Sure we didn’t add a LeBron-stopper in the off-season, but I think any team would concede that all you can hope to do is contain him. With Green back, at the least we have another solid six fouls to give, keeping Pierce out of foul trouble – this was a major factor in the last series. And you could also possibly throw Lee at him for another look, potentially force LeBron into trying to muscle him in the post – where LeBron has no game.

    What we will have is a couple of Wade-stoppers in Bradley and Lee and more bodies to throw at Bosh – Wilcox, Sullinger, Collins and Melo. LeBron’s going to get his, but if we can stop Wade and Bosh, LeBron can only do so much for so long.

    I’m no fool, to beat the Heat will take a monstrous effort, but it’s by no means impossible.

  • Jon L

    Question: “Green, Wilcox, Terry, Lee, and Sullinger are nice additions, but are they any better than the Heat’s supporting cast of Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Joel Athony?”

    Answer: Why yes, yes they are. By a lot.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Yeh, if you look at it like this then yeh our supporting cast trumps the Heats. Funny the original poster didn’t add Rashard into the mix. Also Chalmers is a starter.

      Green > Battier
      Green > Lewis
      Sullinger > Haslem
      Lee Miller
      Terry Anthony

      • Reggie35RIP

        Ok… weird coding shit going on there…

        Green > Battier
        Green > Lewis
        Sullinger > Haslem
        Allen > Lee (Allen by a nose taking into account experience)
        Lee > Miller (please)
        Chalmers > Terry (but yeh Chalmers is a starter so…)
        Wilcox > Anthony

        • Lee in Oregon

          You think alot of Jeff Green…..is your real name Danny? But seriously, of he can co,e close to being both Battier & Lewis, I’ll feel alot better about DA dropping 9 mil a year on the guy. Obviously we say this EVERY year, but the bench actually should be improved this year. Green’s the one guy we’ll be depending on to step up and improve significantly. It would be especially nice if Pierce could play a few less minutes during the regular season. GO C’s.

          • Reggie35RIP

            I actually don’t think much of him, but we’re stuck with him now.

            I don’t think he’s better than Battier and Lewis combined. Although I do think he’s a better overall player than Battier and Lewis individually.

            He definitely needs to step up this season.

  • MJ

    “But even before the knee injury, the Captain showed signs of old age with fewer drives to the hoop because he lacked the foot speed to take his man off the dribble.”

    Wait a minute. Pierce was struggling BEFORE the knee injury? Uh, hello? Game 2? Hawks-Celtics? Didn’t Paul Pierce single-handedly lead the Celtics to victory when he scored 36 points and had 14 rebounds? How bout his 43 point performance against the Knicks near the end of the regular season? How bout Pierce’s numbers getting better by the month last season? Not sure that really supports the whole “Pierce is on the decline” argument.

    “Green, Wilcox, Terry, Lee, and Sullinger are nice additions, but are they any better than the Heat’s supporting cast of Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Ray Allen, Mike Miller, and Joel Athony?”

    Well when you add Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley, then yeah, I definitely would. We crush that supporting squad. It’s younger, more athletic, and brings many more dimensions to the game than Miami’s. Lemme ask you did you really take the time to ponder about what you were saying when you wrote that down or did you just throw it out there cause you didn’t have much else to say?

    Note Mr. Schwan, when you make an argument, you need to have basis. Otherwise you just look stupid.

    • Chief

      Couldn’t agree more having an actual healthy bench will make the biggest differance, as we saw this past season injures can change everything, what happens if Joel Anthony has a season ending injury….82 games of eddy curry at center anyone?

    • Matthew

      Ha ha! Finally some truth! Our bench may be the most solid in the league, let alone vs. the Heat. Given, we need to think about big men, but the Heat play ‘small ball’. And we are gonna do that just as well or better than anyone else. If Miami is the team we have to worry about…I think we got it handled barring any injuries.

  • wil

    worst post ive seen here

  • Rjd1213

    What a debbie downer. I believe the Celts right now can beat the Heat even if you don’t. Yea they need a stronger frontcourt, but that will likely happen at the trade deadline. Way to try and take the wind out of Celtics fans sails…on a Celtics fan site of all places. SMH

  • Shawncvd

    Um… My biggest beef with this post is the title…a close 2nd is everything else…

    EVERYONE knows that Miami’s good…um last time I checked they’re the champions. Thing is it’s harder to repeat. Let’s see if King James becomes a little soft. He’ll also be coming off of competing in these Olympics so fatigue could play a roll.

    I for one am pumped to see this new look team do some damage this year. As good as Miami is I still feel that Boston is in better position than ever to upset them.

    Other then pay too much for Green what would you have done differently that would’ve been better than what was done?

  • Scott

    Henry. Regarding your analysis on the benches. Lay off the bath salts.

  • Eddy Allen Poe

    For some time now I’ve been suspicious of the Dwade troll. I think he’s a Red’s Army creation to spark animated discussion on the blog. He didn’t support the article with his usual bad spelling. This time he just singled out a regular reader who complained about the current trend of the blog. Here’s what he said:

    “then don’t come back why are you here, you are like Pierce a dram queen. Heat dynasty!”

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Good conspiracy theory. If I had any extra time, I would use it to write more posts. Not pose as a troll.

  • Matthew

    Rondo, Garnett, Pierce, Bass, Green, Terry, Bradley, Lee, Sullinger, Wilcox, Dooling, Collins, Melo…. It really looks and sounds damn good man.
    Of course we can beat the heat. There is no doubt. We can beat ANY team in the league. I know it’s been beat to death but we beat the snot out of the Heat in the reg. season and then we took them to 7 games with basically a 7 man rotation, a tired, injured and elderly one at that.
    I mean is there really any doubt left that without Bradley going down, or even Pierce being 100% that we would have cruised in six games? I don’t think so.
    So they added Allen and Lewis…So what’s the big deal? Oh now they can shoot a bunch of three’s!!! Big whoop! (Respectfully) Ray Allen joining the Heat will help them in the regular season. But Do you really think we’re gonna let the traitor beat us in the playoffs?! We’re gonna cover him so hard his ankles will just quit. We know his every move, he’s a year older, and Eric Spolstra is a freaking horribly OVER-RATED coach!!!
    Lebron is gonna be Lebron. But now we have Jeff Green to spell for Pierce and play lock down Celtics D on several positions, and opposed to M.P. Jeff Green can score so he wont hurt the offence. Jason Terry has swagger enough to knock down just as many three’s as Allen and Lewis care to jack up.
    It ain’t over it’s just beginning.
    Rajon Rondo is literally coming into his absolute prime. He is the best play-maker in the league, one of the most gifted defenders and re-bounders at his position. His scoring in the playoffs was not a fluke. It’s happening. He’s evolving, he hasn’t peaked, not even close.
    We beat the Heat in the playoffs ’13. No doubt. We win it all ’13 no doubt.

  • Jeremy Etom

    “The Heat has Lebron and the Celtics don’t. That’s the difference. James can take over a game at anytime, and the Celtics don’t have anyone of that caliber.”

    Thanks for telling us something that we already knew since his Cav days. You might as well change the title of the article to “Doesn’t matter who the Celtics get, because LEBRON.”

    And then you question Ainge’s ability even after he assembled one of the best bench since the Big 3 era. What did you expect — Team USA?

  • wil

    This should really be removed.

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Wow… when did our readership devolve into hate filled fan boys?

    Henry makes a legitimate case. And he’s not alone. There are plenty of national writers and analysts who share his opinion.

    Do I think the Celtics can beat the Heat? Yup. I think depth wins out. And, like another reader pointed out, you can’t underestimate the championship hangover. Not to mention LBJ is playing in the Olympics and Miami has to travel to China in the pre-season.

    • Celticsfanatic

      I love this site but I’d argue this is the first posts I’ve seen on here where a legitimate case isn’t made. A lot of the points he made were questionable — such that the Heat’s supporting cast was equivalent to ours or that before Pierce’s injury he seemed to slow down regardless — only to fit a theory we already know: LBJ is the best. I didn’t find his argument strong at all… We’ve beaten LBJ at his best before! And you might persuade me that this is the best squad we’ve had since the inception of KG in beantown.

      People are severely underestimating the advantage of a great bench. It’s not just that it makes our team better skill wise or allows our starters to be less tired… It will result in less injuries because the minutes will be distributed in a more balanced manner.

      I know the Heat are favorites but come on… Calling us fan boys just because we think we have a chance to win? I’d argue this writer here is a fan boy for the godliness of LeBron.

      PS. When did you guys of all bloggers use the support of the national media as evidence that a theory was legitimate? They’ve been saying us and SAS are done for the last three or four years now… They acted as if a ring would be a cakewalk for Miami their first year together but the first year we had a Big Three CHICAGO (a team that didn’t make the playoffs that year) was ahead of us in SI’s predicted standings. I don’t see any reason why we can’t be the 2011-12 Spurs 2.0 this year. Same philosophy with a deeper bench, just with better, younger, more athletic guys all around.

  • ItCelticFan

    i’m fine with this post. it is so damn obvious that lebron is the best player right now, but still one man cannot beat a good and disciplined team.
    injury-wise, i know we are always living on the edge with KG and the truth, but it’s the same kind of situation in miami with wade. he’s never gonna be fully healthy.
    moreover, i think that with this team we can go deep into the post-season and in addition we got a bunch of asset players that can be useful for a blockbuster trade (i.e. lee, bradley, sullinger, bass, green). i don’t see the same kind of potential in miami or chicago.
    sit back and relax. there are good reasons to see a bright future in boston.

  • eddysamson

    Jumping on the bandwagon to the say the author is full of crap. Get the hell out of a Celtics site with that load of crap. You clearly weren’t watching the ECF. Forgetting the fact that we were missing a starter and 2 core(and they really were important) bench players we still only lost to the Heat because of poor officiating at the start of the series. WE ALL KNOW THAT. WHY DONT YOU?

  • Jason

    You say that this team is undoubtably deeper than last years (a team that took the Heat to game 7 of the Eastern Confernce Finals) – but then say they have no chance of beating them?

    A healthy Ray, or Avery Bradley and we win game 2 so we win the series. So a deeper team next year means we can beat the Heat. You, like Ray Allen, are now considered a Heat groupie

  • T

    While I liked Danny’s moves, I agree with the post for the following reason: I was really hoping for a Josh Smith or a real difference maker in the front court at the beginning of the off season. A young power forward that would be a front court fixture for the next 5 years—and a guy that could do a respectable job on LeBron…not that Pierce can’t do that if he’s healthy, just sayin’

  • Shane

    Do you get paid to write shit like this? Honestly what a terrible article. Obviously everyone here sees through a green-tinted lens, but failing to admit that the C’s challenged Miami WITHOUT AB, Jeff, a healthy Paul Pierce and Ray Allen is just flat-out stupid. We lost that series not because of the game 6 loss, but because we didn’t have enough depth or health to pull out a win in game 7. If Avery Bradley is healthy, D-Wade doesn’t get doubled. If D-Wade isn’t doubled, the defense can focus more on Lebron. If the D can focus more on Lebron, he scores less points. Ipso-facto, the Celtics, when completely healthy, beat the heat. Oh and you’re a terrible writer.

  • I’m disappointed by the personal insults so many of you have thrown Henry’s way.

    I hope you guys feel better about yourselves now that you’ve personally attacked a person for sharing an opinion on basketball.

    Comments are closed.

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