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Your Morning Dump… Where JaJuan Johnson is sensitive

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

**Editorial Note: Consider this a TMZ version of the Morning Dump. There is absolutely no legitimate Celtics news out there. **

Got myself into a little Twitter joust yesterday with former Celtics big man JaJuan Johnson. You may remember him as the first round pick with the smooth jumper who never saw the floor.

Here’s the exchange:

While I’m fully aware my quip sparked Johnson, let the record show that I did apologize (sincerely).

The Celtics packaged JJJ in their deal for Courtney Lee. Johnson initially demanded a trade out of Houston. Following the deal, Gary Washburn reported that the Celtics were not happy with Johnson’s lack of development.

One final thought… Johnson ought to change his Twitter avatar.

File under: Silly waste of time

The rest of the links:

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  • classless

    Pretty simple: he can’t play. At least we got Lee out of it.

  • I don’t know why he’d think you’d care about his napping and eating habits if he’s not on the team you follow.

    • Gixr1

      Thought the Celtics must have been really high on him when they passed on Perry Jones, and moultrie in the Draft.
      Then I saw him in summer league And was shaking my head at the lack of improvement especially physically, and his laid back approach.

  • Larry legrnd

    JJJ is no loss for celts. Especially considering they got Courtney Lee in return. Your decision to start a twitter battle with him was pretty weak tho. Get a life

  • colaroaster

    chuck u fat loser, get a life and stop picking on kids

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Well, when you put it that way…

  • Davis

    Come on man why you gotta throw salt at him like that, very uncool

  • vivek NJ

    you were being silly to tell him that. it can be hurtful to anyone.

  • ” The Celtics were not happy with Johnson’s lack of development?” The poor guy only spent one season with the Celtics and was not much of a factor considering that he played little if not at all last season

  • Brian

    Why antagonize him? And the fact that you were so proud of yourself that you posted it here is beyond childish.

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  • Jester00

    Come on he was just breaking balls if you can’t handle it get bent

  • Lee in Oregon

    Jujuan oughta have more on his mind than what Chuck thinks……and prob shouldn’t be making trade demands. Moore had a better summer and will prob be missed more. Good comeback Chuck, by the way.

  • Larry Legend

    Seriously get a life Chuck. I like this site but this post sucked.

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Good to know. Next time, I won’t post anything and you can read Bleacher Report.

      Amazing how some people get ungrateful around here. We break our balls to post fresh content on this site and on Twitter – take time away from our kids, wives, girlfriends, etc.

      • colaroaster

        lol look at yourself lately? the contradiction is elementary and pathetic. man up and send him some love

  • zippittyay

    JJJ could be a good player. He is a perfect example of what they mean when they say “motor”. He needs a new one.

  • JBizzle

    “sorry bro.” how very sincere. What a classless post.

  • Larry Legend

    Ahahhhaaaa!!! Now who’s sensitive Chuck?!! Stinkin’ hypocrite.

  • Larry Legend

    Ahahhhaaaa!!! Now who’s sensitive Chuck?!! Stinkin’ hypocrite. No class.

    • Chuck

      The rip job you all have done on me pales in comparison to my jabs at him. But commence…

  • paul

    I don’t know why you have to rub salt in the guy’s wound’s, chuck.
    You are indeed as sorry case.

  • Classless. Wow. C’mon man….

  • PakkAttackk

    We appreciate all the hard work you do Chuck but that was uncalled for. If you got fired from this site & John tweeted you “Unfollowing Chuck so the firing is official!”, that’s low & uncalled for. No need to throw it in the guy’s face like that. Do you though Chuck, but I only have one question. If replying to you on Twitter makes JaJuan “soft” or “sensitive”, what does that make you considering you wrote a whole article on that discussion? But like I said, do you Chuck.

  • hebertofnh

    I generally am a large supporter of this site and really enjoy all of the content, but that was a bit uncalled for. He’s a young man who just had his life uprooted and is unsure of his future livelihood. Whether or not you liked him was a player isn’t my business, but I think it’s important, that as fans, we try to represent Celtic Nation in the most respectful way possible and paint our fan base in a positive light. It’s taken a long time to get rid of the stigmas placed on this fan base, and players are becoming aware of how knowledgeable and dedicated Celtics fans can be. I can’t tell anyone what to do, how to think, etc. I’m just a fan who likes the content here, and like John’s observations on twitter. You guys always dig deep and look for really small tidbits of news that other sites disregard, and you make things accessible for me as a fan. I just want to voice my opinion that I found this post a little bit callous. I want to continue to enjoy this website, and I will come back for more good coverage of the team. However, if I feel that people are treating our players poorly, I can’t support that. I’m a Celtic fan first and foremost. If you read this, I hope you guys in the future consider keeping twitter beefs and such out of sight and out of mind, because no one involved ends up looking good or funny. If not, this is your site, that’s your call.

    Ryan Hebert

    • Chuck

      Ryan –

      This is laughable. Treating players poorly? It was a jab.

      I’ve dumped 5 times more praise on athletes than criticism on this blog.

      • hebertofnh

        I did my best to be really respectful and thoughtful with my response, unlike many others on here. Just trying to convey my opinion in a way that might actually resonate as something beyond “laughable”, which I guess it did not. I do not doubt that you have been positive towards players historically, as I have been reading and visiting this blog for ages. My point was that content like that obviously hasn’t gone over great with the readership, as all of these comments have probably reinforced. Players aren’t the only ones in the Celtic world who can take criticism as a constructive force for bettering themselves in the future.

  • Celtic_4_life

    Zero class Chuck. I echo Ryans comments from above. The stigma on this teams fan base sucked and its nice that it has wanned in recent years. This is the kinda crap though that brings it back. I love this site and all but if its a slow day, don’t post middle school gossip crap like this. What did this post prove? How was this news worthy? A dump indeed.

  • paul

    Chuck chose to be a jerk to Triple J, and then got seriously pissy when JJJ got mildly pissy back.


  • Aaronck

    Look, Chuck made a bad decision he admits it. move on. the bigger issue is that NO celtics are in the olympics, summer ball is lame and we have very little as nutso celtics fans to read about. chuck and the team do their best to get SOME c’s related content on here, basically daily, to keep the site fresh. was this a bad judgment call? yeah but guess what? the dude is also a professional athlete who whether or not he becomes a star will stand to make millions of dollars. feel sorry for him for playing a game that i had to hang up when i graduated college because i had to get a real job? not likely.

    • Andrew

      Solid argument. People who make lots of money are open to any and all crticism. Sorry you had to hang em up after college, but don’t take it out on the players that were better than you.

  • Larry Legend

    I sure as hell don’t feel bad for JJJ, but Chuck’s post is idiotic and weak. I agree as Celtic fanatics we are always searching for Celts related news and this site does a great job. But once in a while it’s ok to just not post anything for a day vs. some childish, sophomoric post trying to taunt a player. But worst of all you title the post “JJJ is sensitive” and then you get your panties in a bunch when you get criticized…Total lack of professionalism.

    • Maria

      Well said.

      I love Red’s Army but this is a terrible post. Chuck trying to defend himself is just making it worse.

    • Paul Pierce is cute


  • Anonymouse

    Why talk to him about such things and rub it in his face. Its pretty mean and harsh if you ask me. Put yourself in his position and you will understand the tough time he is going through.

  • Andrew

    I’d rather you hang out with your wife and kids than troll former NBA players. Grow up. Go toss the ball around with your kids or make your wife a nice dinner. This is busch league stuff. The kid was obviously upset about the trade. No need to rub it in.

    PS: Since when has “sorry bro.” accounted for a sincere apology? Come on man.

  • D Wade

    Celtics fans are all “sensitive sally” lol

  • Ian

    Why are you joning on a guy who is just tryingt to make it in the nba. He diddnt play great for us and he got traded so you felt the need to rub it in? Your a loser.

    • Ian

      Maybe not a loser but definetly a dick

  • Larry Legend

    Hey d wade is there even such a thing as a Miami Heat fan? This board is for fans of the 17-time NBA World Cham

  • Tyrone

    Leave my cousin alone if you want to get personal, then email me it could get ugly. It’s more than a game it’s life over here.

  • chambers

    I think the continued interaction with JJJ was probably uncalled for. I get you were kidding but you sound like a hypocrite in your responses to criticisms. Maybe apologize to JJJ formally would be nice to do, in a more sincere manner. As Boston fans we already have a hard time attracting free agents and players here. He is a pro athlete but It’s also personal for fans on your site because we all watched JJJ struggle through the year and many feel he never got a proper shot. Bit more personal to green eyed fans when you humiliate one of their recently lost children on an international stage.

  • I cannot believe the comments on this thing are still going.

    I feel like everyone’s made their point and this has become a lot of piling on. We get it, you don’t like what Chuck did. It happened. It’s over.

    So considering every single comment is now pretty much the same, I’m going to shut the comments down. Point taken. Thanks for weighing in. We’re moving on.