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Doc Rivers working the Olympics coverage

I tuned in to watch Team USA play France this morning and was surprised to see Doc Rivers as NBC’s studio analyst for basketball.

Doc’s great on TV – smart, candid analysis with a smooth delivery.

Team USA pounded France, 98-71, behind Kevin Durant’s 22 points and 9 rebounds.

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  • Quest

    Is this Doc’s next contract…. with NBC? lol But seriously how long does he stay being a coach?

  • colaroaster

    comparing bron to magic instead of jordan was spot on


    Mike Gorman was announcing Womens Handball last night, I was hoping he was going to announce USA basketball as well. Guess not.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Kind of off topic, but I couldn’t help myself when I read this bullshit.

    Quote from Boston Herald:
    “Bryant also sided somewhat with Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen, who said earlier this year that players should get paid for playing in the Olympics.

    “There’s some truth to that,” Bryant said. “But we’re all here because we enjoy playing. Even though a lot of us probably share the same opinion, it’s not like we’re saying, ’Well, we’re not going to play if you don’t pay us.’ We play. We do it because we want to.”

    Man Kobe and any other NBA player that thinks they should be getting paid to play in the Olympics needs a good kick in the face. Because that’s what they’re doing to every other athlete at the Olympics that isn’t in a lucrative sport that busts their ass for four years to get to the Olympics.

    Think about how many millions of dollars you make a year and then think about how much money some of the other athletes are making. Some of those other athletes need to have day jobs so they can support their families and play their sport. Do you think they’re bitching about not getting paid to compete in the Olympics? No. They’re there because they take pride in representing their country. For them it’s an honour. For an NBA player like Kobe, it’s just something he’s not getting paid for.

    Hearing this sort of shit just makes me sick. YOU FUCKERS DON’T NEED ANY MORE MONEY. You get paid a shit load of money to play the sport you love – which you take for granted. Do you think you could just do something for free for your country every four years? Money seems to be the only damn thing that NBA players are concerned about these days. They won’t lift a finger unless they’re getting paid.

    Further confirms why the US should go back to using college players.


  • mauigreen

    maybe this is just because im a celitcs fan

    but there is no “team USA” for this team

    i dont like any of the players really.

    but if it were college players representing their country, i would feel way more pride. im not even watching the basketball part of the olympics. well i work too damn hard to be watching any olympics, really.

    LIke reggie35RIP said, these players dont need more money….

    they need some more pride.

    I would make time to watch if there was a celtic on the team.

    But i would be filled with pride, to watch young college athletes, who aren’t performing for anything other then their country.

    I think that would be awesome.

    And i think we would still win.

    you all probably think it sounds stupid. I know kobe and lebron are the best basketball players in the world, but they have some of the shittiest attitudes as well.
    And maybe that should not be enough for me to dislike this team, but it is.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Yeh exactly, you can see how much it means to most athletes to win a medal at the Olympics. You won’t see any NBA player crying or getting emotional if they win a medal. Most of them will be too busy show boating and bragging about how good they are.

    The modern day NBA player is 70% basketballer, 30% businessman – these percentages obviously vary depending on who you’re talking about. It’s all about brand “me” these days. You don’t see a lot of straight out passion for the game any more. Gonna be a sad day when the likes of KG retires.

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