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Your Morning Dump… Where Joakim Noah says KG put him in check

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

DL: You grew up with a Garnett poster in your bedroom, correct? And when you played against him some things happened?

JN: Yes.

DL: Tell us about them.

JN: KG is… uh… I think… you grew up idolizing someone and now you’re caught up in a battle with him. It was definitely strange for me, but he put me in check right away. I understand his game now, being a little bit older. At the time it was definitely crazy.

DL: How did he put you in check?

JN: How did he put me in check? I’m not going to show him that much love.

Sheridan Hoops

Scroll ahead to the 6:10 mark for Joakim Noah’s Q&A with Dan LeBetard about KG. Not much new here, just Joakim Noah elaborating slightly about his encounters with KG. It’s rather timid and respectful, considering all the stuff he’s said in the past. Noah has called KG “dirty” and “ugly.” And let’s not forget this mild “obscene” gesture to Boston fans.

There’s a funky edit at the 6:26 mark which makes me wonder if Noah did say something crude. But LeBetard isn’t the type of guy who would hush that up.

File under: There’s nothing else going on so I was forced to post.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Can’t stand this guy. He does hustle, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about him.

  • Too bad he will not be playing in the Olympics. That’s really going to hurt France as that team does not have any real interior presence. Johan Petro is a joke and Mohammed Saer Sene is far from impressive. Unless Kevin Seraphin plays like he played in the last month of the regular season with the Wizrds, I do not see France going too far in this Olympic tournament, even with Tony Parker back.

  • zippittyay

    Is there drug testing in the NBA?

    • Lee in Oregon

      ask Rashard Lewis & Birdman Anderson….

    • michael

      Random test during preseason for all players, random testing in-season for rookies. For vets, I think there is scheduled testing 3 times during the season. Maybe it’s random, but in any event I’m sure it’s highly beatable with regard to marijuana.

      No marijuana testing during the off-season, though they do test for performance enhancers.

      My opinion is that overall they are mostly looking for performance enhancers. However, if you’ve tested positive for pot as a rookie, and you happen to be falling short of expectations (aka Michael Beasley), you’re subjecting yourself to a higher level of scrutiny and likely to be made an example of.

      I’d love to know if anyone has knowledge of an in depth and credible report on this topic. I’m not coming up with much on google. It seems generally accepted that “many” or possibly even “most” NBA players smoke pot. If you look at the contrasting styles of Paul Piece and Kevin Garnett, you can decide for yourself who falls into which category 😉

      Noah may be a bit stoney, but you can’t say he lacks anything in the energy department. As long as these guys aren’t ripping blunts on a nightly basis in-season (which would have an unavoidable impact on their cardio fitness), I don’t see much harm to moderate consumption.

      • michael

        In addition to performance enhancers, I’m sure any positive “hard drug” results are taken very seriously.

    • michael

      And here we have the definitive new article on the topic:,28389/

  • CelticsG

    **Bravo** some amazing original content on this blog did you graduate with a journalism degree? Like seriously is there ever any original content on this site? Oh the salary cap article that was like 75% wrong LOL. Filling these wagon fans with falacies…keep it up

    • Reggie35RIP

      **Bravo** some amazing original trolling on this blog did you graduate with a trolling degree? Like seriously is there ever any original trolling on this site?

      Troll rating: 3.5

      Yes he said “journalism” and “like seriously” – like a 12 year old Cali girl – in the same sentence.

    • D Wade

      I thought you’re gonna complain about the ad again. CelticsG don’t you have anything to do? why your sister isn’t home yet?

      I don’t like Joakim Noah, all talk with his big mouth and yet no skills to back it up. Bosh owns him any given day like Bosh owns KG. Bosh is the best Power Forward in the league today.

      • Lakers4Life

        Bosh owns KG and is the best power forward in the league? Lmfao, what a joke

        • D Wade

          are you going to insist gasoft?

          • Lakers4Life

            Nope, but Bosh def isn’t better than KG

  • Aingelives

    Trolls are to short to ball

  • Ralph

    I hate Noah when the C’s are playing Chi, but I would want that guy on my team, Imagine Noah playing alongside KG it would be the nastiest front court in the NBA. but lets not kid ourselves a 2003 KG would eat Noah for lunch.

    • Lakers4Life

      Hands down I agree 100%

  • hebertofnh

    I don’t like Joakim Noah. He’s an average Basketball player who was losing minutes to Omer Asik, who was outplaying him for most of last year. Someone who acts like a tough guy on the court and then goes out and complains about someone who was mean to him in a game comes off as a contradictory sissy. This generation of AAU players come in wanting to be friends with everyone, not competitors. The stuff that KG says had been said by guys like MJ, Bird, Barkley and Isiah before him. The game is full of soft jokers nowadays.

  • Larry Legend

    Listen Noah should just keep KG’s name out of his mouth. KG at the end of his career still 10x the player Vlad Dracula is…Noah much closer to Varejao than he is to the Big Ticket.