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Your Morning Dump… Where JET wins over some fans

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The tradition there is a winning one.  Obviously after leaving Dallas… I had a great run here in Dallas… we did great things, obviously winning that championship, but now it’s time to turn the page and go for another championship with a great team and a first class organization.

[…] I talked to KG two or three days ago and he and I are going to get together in LA, work out a couple of days, and start to build that chemistry that’s going to be needed for us to win it all.

That’s JET saying all the right things on NBA TV during their NBA Schedule release show.

Say what you want about the man, you can’t deny that he’s a pretty good showman.  He knows the buttons to press and he is not shy about pressing them.  Check out what he said about opening night in Miami.

We already know the matchup. It’s going to be me vs. Ray.  You know what? Everyone can just sit down, and take their seat on the bench.  Forget about LeBron, forget DWade, KG, Rondo, Double P all just rest and me and Ray will just have a three-point shooting contest and we’ll shoot it out.

That five minutes on NBA TV last night probably won Jet a bunch of Celtics fans for life.

By the way:  Ray returns to Boston on January 27th.  Just in case, y’know, you guys were wondering about stuff like that.

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  • Noori

    Lol I clicked and thought I would see a video. I got /rickrolled

    • Chuck

      Same here!

    • Oops. Didn’t mean to do that… ha ha…. doesn’t allow all their videos to be embedded… so I had to fudge it and I forgot to link back to the video.

      It’s all set now

  • Well, you clearly hate us. And since you’re not willing to leave, I’m happy to show you the door.

  • KY Celts fan

    I assume that celticsg came back again and that was directed at him. If it wasn’t, then I feel bad for poor Noori. Poor Noori, didn’t even know what it him, or her.

    • lol.. yes… that was Celticscg… I got sick of it, so I banned him.

      Hey, we’re open to criticism. Like I said yesterday, we’re big boys here. But once you’ve made your point, that’s enough.

  • Chris

    Anyone who isn’t happy with Jet doesn’t know basketball. The guy is a selfless team player who loves playing the game and that’s always made him a joy to watch. He’ll win over any left unconvinced when our second unit steps in and takes over.

  • Lantrell Walker

    Another guy who embodies what being a Celtic is all about. Glad to have him and looking forward to watching him play.

  • RA_Papairish

    It’s going to be awesome to watch the celtics offense fly high with the jet

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