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Sneaker Rewind: Reggie Lewis’s Reebok Pumps

Today marks the 19th anniversary of Reggie Lewis’s untimely death.  In honor of Reggie, today’s Sneaker Rewind focuses on Reggie’s Reebok Pumps.  Reggie was sponsored by Reebok during the brand’s  early 90’s heyday .  Number 35 wore the Omni-Lite and D-Time model of the shoe.  Reggie (along with teamate Dee Brown) helped popularize the Pump technology to the masss.  Reebok had serious marketshare in the early 90’s because of players like Reggie.  Reggie may be gone but he will never be forgotten. R.I.P.


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  • Few things better than a vintage pair of Reebok pumps (90s children, holler) and few Celtics better than Reggie. RIP.

  • Lee in Oregon

    RIP #35

  • hebertofnh

    Miss and love Reggie. He was my first favorite Celtic. Rest easy, Reg.

  • Reggie35RIP

    What in god’s name is up with that YouTube ad in the top left corner on rotation of the dude squeezing a zit… Blergh. Seriously?