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Report: Celtics 2nd biggest winner in free agency

According to our most recent poll, 94% of Celtics fans are pleased with the team’s roster acquisitions this off-season. We’re not the only ones. Moke Hamilton of Sheridan Hoops ranks the Celtics the 2nd biggest winner in free agency:

Danny Ainge has done a masterful job this offseason. His first move was agreeing to an extension with Kevin Garnett the day before Garnett would have hit the open market. And though he failed at re-signing Ray Allen, the acquisition of Jason Terry will take the sting away. That’s especially true since Terry is comfortable in a sixth man role (Allen wasn’t) and is probably better at creating his own shot off the dribble than Allen is.

Ainge also managed to acquire Courtney Lee from the Houston Rockets in a sign-and-trade deal, so they’re set at the two-guard spot.

By re-signing Garnett, Green and Brandon Bass, snagging Terry off of the open market, executing a sign-and-trade for Lee, and drafting both Sullinger and Fab, the Celtics are a deeper, younger, and stronger group. Their losses hurt, but if Avery Bradley is able to return at 100 percent this season, the Celtics—if healthy—will almost certainly win the NBA’s Atlantic division once again. Whether they can accomplish more remains to be seen, but credit Ainge for upgrading the Celtics roster and ensuring that Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will not end their careers playing in vain.

With this crew, it seems highly likely that the Celtics will have another crack at the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

I love the moves made by Ainge, but this is one helluva rosy write-up. Is Hamilton a closet green-teamer? Absolutely no concerns about Jason Terry’s age, Jeff Green’s rust or Jared Sullinger’s back. And labeling Fab Melo a steal is a huge stretch.

Hamilton’s list falls like this: (1) Clippers, (2) Boston, (3) Lakers, (4) Heat, (5) Knicks and (5) Nets.

Here’s my version: (1) Lakers (2) Boston, (3) Wolves, (4) Nets and (5) Clippers

Nash is going to have a huge impact for the Lakers. And you have to like what Minnesota accomplished. They added Brandon Roy, Andrei Kirilenko, Chase Buddinger and Greg Stiemsma while dumping Michael Beasley. As for the Knicks, I think their back court is in worse shape.

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  • Joel

    Lakers signed bunch of old FA Nash is not the solution to Westbrook the way I see it la made its defense worst by those signing. Celtics should b number 1 since they actually got bigger n younger only thing I hate was the bass signing 6 mil a year is a crazy amount for a guy who can’t rebound. But at least we could trade his ass since his value all time high n let sully get those mins

    • Lakers4Life

      I think C’s had a slightly better offseason but I def don’t think Lakers got worse. Nash is a HUGE upgrade over Sessions, same with Jamison over McRoberts. Plus we kept Jordan Hill too.

      • Dwade

        Nash is now 38 yo I don’t see him outrunning Westbrick. for a PG being 38 is like having an extra 100kg the competition is very young. with the Lakers line up I don’t see them winning the West.

    • jvcee

      I hate the debate that nash can’t guard speedy point guards like westbrook and making the teams defense worst. Yes nobody can’t guard cp3, westbrook and others but they cannot also guard each other. I bet you, they can’t also guard steve nash.

      • celtics152one

        Great point. Nash is as crafty a point guard there is. Those other PG’s are more athletics, but they are certainly not smarter; not yet.

  • colaroaster

    basically everybody’s locked up for the next 3 years. next yrs free agent crop is stacked and it w/have been nice to have cap space. either way celts are primed for a deep run.

  • RedsLoveChild

    No team had a better off-season than Boston.

    Dallas might be #2—-Kaman, Mayo, Brand, Collison

    • i would rather say they’re the no1. coz after all d d-will dream still they managed to rebuiled….opppss…reborn i mean..i like ’em, coz of 1yr contracts,

      • RedsLoveChild

        With Boston`s off-season moves…I was including the draft as well as FA signings.

  • Cal

    Any season you give Jeff Green 9 million a year has been a bad offseason

  • Lee in Oregon

    Green was the only guy Danny overpaid, otherwise a great summer.

    Knicks and Philly seem to have lost ground, while the Nets will be alot better with Joe J.

  • RA_PapaIrish

    Interesting that he says the clips have the deepest ten man rotation, meaning they have the best 6-10 in the league.

    Bradley, terry, green, sully, Wilcox vs Bledsoe, Crawford, hill, Odom, Kmart (if they resign him) or Hollins

    Ill take our guys. Heat and spurs have to be in the mix as well

    As for the best offseason; I think it soley depends on how good Jeff green becomes. I believe he will play to the point where he is at very least earned what he is payed, I think he also has the potential to outperform his contract. Unfortunately, he also could underperform.

  • Art

    This is a big year for Jeff Green. Danny and Doc must have a lot of confidence in him, but so far we haven’t seen high performance. He could turn in to a key as far as championship aspirations. The hope is there. So is the arrogance when Green said he wanted to see what the C’s roster looks like before he signs. That statement was off base because Jeff Green hasn’t proven anythng yet.

  • Noori

    Dont we still have the amnesty clause if Green sucks? I think he was well worth considering all he trash thats getting amazing contracts.

    • The amnesty can’t be used on Green. It can only be used on players who were under their current contract at the conclusion of the lockout and who haven’t changed teams or . For example, Pierce and Rondo are eligible, but KG isn’t. They do have what’s called the “stretch exemption”… which allows them to waive a player and stretch out the cap hit over twice the length of the contract.

    • LG

      The amnesty clause can only be used once, and can only be utilized on a contract that was signed under the old collective bargaining agreement. As of this offseason, the only Celtics players with a contract under the previous CBA are: Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and Avery Bradley. So, by that definition, no Jeff Green cannot be amnestied by the Celtics. The only sane option to let Green go now is to trade him, which the Celtics can’t do until January 15, 2013. I hope he plays really well; especially if this rumored ‘larger role’ in his still ongoing contract negotiations happens to be true.

    • LG

      What John said. ^^

  • michael

    Yeah, John and Chuck have had nothing to say about Celtics free agent signings all summer. Now FINALLY they have input, solely because someone else had something positive to say about Ainge’s performance. I don’t care what anyone else has to say about Ainge, that’s not Celtics news! It’s only Celtics news if Red’s Army staff create original content from the depths of their depraved minds.

    Hey Celtics_G – do you have any other great analysis of this site’s analysis of other writer’s analysis? I would LOVE to hear it! You are the only reason I can drudge through 80% of every post on this site. Just the chance that you have posted a comment keeps me coming back all day long!

    • Lakers4Life

      Fuckin’ trolls

      • greenteam#5

        It amazes me how other team’s fans troll on unofficial Celtics blogs. Are the Celtics that superior to other fan’s teams that they troll on Celtics blogs. You don’t like the Celtics then don’t waste ur time on here. LOL Smh

  • Brian

    Nash is a better offensive player then sessions but on defense he gets his ankles broken on a regular basis. Unless Kobe covers the guys like west book and other great combo point guards I see their bigs being late on rotations and putting the lakers in early foul trouble very often. The Lakers will score more points but they will give up just as many so it’s a wash.

    • Lakers4Life

      So you’re sayin between losing Sessions and adding Nash, long story short, there’s not gonna be any difference?

      • michael

        Well, they certainly didn’t get any younger. Unless they nab Howard, I don’t see the lakers topping OKC

        • Lakers4Life

          I still don’t see us beating okc but I think we’re def better with Nash and Jamison though.

          • KY Celts fan

            I’ll agree with that.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Sessions did NOT suck with LA…he hit 49% of his 3-point attempts {Kobe 30%}. Plus, his legs are 12 years younger than Nash`s.

            Nash will be 39 by mid-season. With Kobe, that`s a 73 year old backcourt!

            Jamison made just 40% of his FGA.

            Nash & Jamison stand a decent chance of giving LA what Payton & Malone gave them 9 years ago…Disappointment!

            Of course, if LA gets Howard {as I expect them to} the Lakers leap to the head-of-the-class immediately!

  • Lakerhater

    And yet you keep coming here to read it. And by the way, your comments are the most cut and paste thing here.

  • KY Celts fan

    get ready to be banned again.

  • Nosebleed

    We’ll have to see how much of Green’s contract is actually guaranteed. The 9 this year didn’t matter because we couldn’t have spent it on anyone else with our cap situation, same next year. But if KG and PP retire in two years, then I hope Green has either proved himself or is not guaranteed.

    As for the Lakers, signing Nash will definitely make them better. If, that is, Kobe let’s him run the offense and stops doing so many iso plays.

  • Chief

    I think we did really well, we are deeper and more talented and more importantly healthy, we’ve drafted a young guy (sully) who could be an important piece for the future, aquired Lee, without giving up too much in return. Am hoping to see a more assertive Jeff green this year, good job Danny (and thanks for not signing darko)

  • Dwade

    What’s the point in arguing which team is the biggest winner in free agency, when there is only one team that will get the championship ring which is obviously the HEAT. We got the Dream team baby! No team in the NBA can handle DWade, Lebron, Bosh, and Ray Allen all at the same time! The real Big 4! Heat aiming for 7 championships in a row!

  • celtics152one

    I think those that are doubting Jeff Green ought to look at his numbers. While with OKC, Green was their 3rd leading scorer behind West’ and Durant.
    Also, during the ’10 – ’11 season -a season in which he spilt his stats between OKC and Boston- he averaged 13ppg, 5rb. Jeff shot 45% from the floor and 82% from the free throw line; all of this, pressumably, while he had a heart condition. So, what’s the problem? Certainly<there's the concern whether he'll perform the same; whether his heart cond. will re-surface, but that's not going to happen. We have beast-of-a-team emerging and NBA better take note cause "HERE WE COME" cue Kevin Garnett… "aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

    • Reggie35RIP

      My problem is you’re paying $10mil a season for a guy coming off heart surgery that averages around 15ppg, 5rpg and 1.5apg. I don’t think those numbers warrant that sort of money, or investment in his future.

      Also after four seasons this appears to be his ceiling. Not sure if he can have a breakout and increase on those numbers. Hardly a replacement for PP.

      Also how can you say that his heart condition won’t resurface? Big question mark.

      Maybe DA knows something we don’t. I hope so.

      • celtics152one

        Your points are valid. That’s were risk meets reward. I think we’re going to be rewarded for this investment. Keep in mind that those numbers are bench player numbers, not starter numbers. So, I think he’s a viable replacement for Pierce. I think we’ve not seen the best of Jeff Green. Again, keep in mind he was the third option in OKC, yet he post 16ppg, 6rb, 2ast, etc. He’s got what it takes to become a premiere player. He just needs an opportunity. I think Jeff’s and the organization’s timing is perfect; I’m glad we have Green back.

  • Reggie35RIP

    The only “what if?” for me is: What if we didn’t sign Jeff Green? Who could we have signed for that money?

    It could turn out to be a monumental fuck up by DA signing Green for all that money for four seasons. I really hope it doesn’t. But if Green has more heart problems, or doesn’t pan out talent wise we’re pretty screwed. We’ll either be stuck with an untradable player or an under-performing player and waste a whole bunch of dough.

    He’s meant to be PP’s heir apparent, the future of the Celtics. But he’s unproven and he’s definitely not the sort of guy I see hitting dagger threes or clutch game winners. Let alone being the focal point of the Celtics offence. It just seems to me that he lacks the mental toughness of a guy like PP or KG, or even Rondo.

    They should have bought a lot lower on Green as his stock would have been pretty low after last season. I wouldn’t have minded the signing if we got him for a lot less money and years.

    Would have preferred them to sign a more proven player for that money and amount of time. But I guess we’ll see.

    This is the only blemish and question mark for me in terms of how well we did in the off season.

    • Nosebleed

      I agree mostly but this year we could not have spent that money on anyone else because we were over the cap. We could only spend it on Green because we had ‘Bird rights’ to him as our player to go over the cap. So our only other option was a vet min guy or sign and trade Green.

      In future years, once PP and KG, retire it could be an issue. But I am hopeful the last two years aren’t fully guaranteed.

      • Reggie35RIP

        Ah ok, didn’t realise what the situation was.

        I wonder if they explored the sign and trade option. I’m guessing they wouldn’t have gotten too many bites.

        Yeh, he’s a solid backup at SF, but I don’t see him as a (star)ter. Really want to be proven wrong though because he does have a lot of potential.

  • Dwade

    Listen to me Celtics fans, Jeff Green will be a bust and Boston is overpaying him. Next year I’ll be here and be sayin I told ya so! remember me Celdcks fans

    • celtics152one

      You have to qualify your assertion. Jeff Green is not some first year draft pick, like Anthony Davis, with no track record of success in the NBA format. Jeff Green is a proven player with 4 NBA season under his belt. He’s start in 253 of his 315 games. He’s played 10,000+ minutes. And as shown previously, his numbers as a bench player and starter are solid. So the stats speak for themselves. Anything else is just conjecture and opinion with no facts. Jeff Green will do just fine. I don’t expect him to do it “rightout of the gate”, but he’ll be effective and pivotal for us during the season and, especially, the playoffs.

  • Chris

    I don’t consider Bass or Green negatives. Only fathomable negative is that we’ll miss out on next year’s strong FA class where we could have added a young star. Having said, Kevin Love becomes a free agent right as we become big players again. Despite their improvement, let’s face it – Love isn’t winning a championship in Minnesota

  • Vince

    Ok, but what happened at center? We didn`t get a free agent, we lost Stiemsa and Melo is not ready to start, he might not even be a big contributor off the bench. And, Garnett says he doesn`t want to play center next year. Danny gets an A for the other positions perhaps but he gets a D for his omission of attention at center.