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Jared Sullinger is Smokey the Swag Bear

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 27, 2012 Celtics News, Jared Sullinger 11 Comments on Jared Sullinger is Smokey the Swag Bear

CSNNE’s Jess Camerato went 1-on-1 with rookie forward Jared Sullinger for her “Beyond the Arc” feature.  And he talks about how rebounders will always get paid in the NBA, which is why he tries to hit the boards so hard.  It’s a good interview… but we bloggers being who we are, we’re of course latching on to this:

[off the court] I’m laughing, I’m smiling.  But when I’m on the court, I’m serious.  They call me Smokey the Swag Bear.

Thank Craig Brackens for that one. 

I’m not sure if Smokey the Swag Bear will catch on… but I’m kind of hoping “Smokey” does. 

C’mon… “Smokey” Sullinger? 

I like that.

You should watch the whole interview though… there’s some interesting stuff about Sullinger in there.

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  • JimmyG

    Smokey the Swag Bear is a ridiculous (in a good way) nickname. Smokey Sullinger is something straight out of the ABA. I hope that sticks. I also hope Sullinger has motivations beyond rebounding just so he can get paid.

  • screaming jay

    Swaggie B

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope he lasts longer than that nickname…

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Sully will be his nickname, so maybe Sully Bear?

  • Eric

    Question. What is “Original” content? Isn’t what all NBA analyst, bloggers, commentators talk about ALL information gathered from somewhere else? You should get a life guy. what you’re doing is REALLY, REALLY pathetic. Trying to annoy bloggers? Who does that? Go find a girlfriend, get a job, or w.e. Go do something productive you jack ass. The only people who do shit like this are people who have no life and are looking for some sort of attention. Mommy and daddy not hug you enough? LMFAO

  • RA_PapaIrish

    I love this kid. Man im telling you I don’t know how we got so lucky to have him drop all the way to us. Seriously there’s no way he’s not a top 5 player from this draft. Smokey the swag bear is that good

  • RedsLoveChild

    Sullinger has a chance to “pull a Paul Pierce”.

    Big time college star forward…fell sharply on draft day due to ridiculous rumors…landed on the Celtics doorstep….used the disrespect as quiet motivational fuel…constructively took his anger out on the rest of the league for the next 14+ years!!!!!

  • Brick James

    Celticsg, at least provide a link to your expert analysis so we can come give our constructive feedback.

  • Jim

    Mate you must have an awful lot of time on your hands ,could you not find something better to do ,and give our heads peace.

  • Sheets

    Whatever name KG gives him will be his nickname.

  • Uh Huh

    Anyone that uses th word swag should be euthanized. NEVER heard that from someone intelligent.