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Report: Reverend Dooling will be back in Boston

WEEI’s Paul Flannery has the scoop:

Keyon Dooling has agreed to return to the Celtics on a one-year-deal, his agent Kenge Stevenson said.

The 32-year-old combo guard averaged 4.0 points and 1.1 rebounds in 14.4 minutes over 46 games for the Celtics this past season. He played all 20 playoff games as well, shooting 39.3 percent from 3-point range in the postseason.

Dooling adds depth to an already deep Celtics backcourt that now includes Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee.

Dooling struggled for much of the year, but cranked up his defense in the playoffs.

His biggest contributions have come off the floor. He’s a vocal leader in the locker room. Brandon Bass dubbed him “Reverend” for his halftime sermon during Game 5 of the series with Philadelphia.

Dooling is also a mentor to Rajon Rondo. Check out this piece for more on his relationship with RR.

I like the signing. Jamar Smith is likely to be the odd man out.

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  • That puts a nail in Pietrus’ coffin.

  • MJ

    I don’t think Christmas will be on the roster either. Ainge still has the BAE. He might use it to lure someone who is waived mid-season.

    Peaches was unrealistic anyway. If Ainge decides to fill out the roster this summer, I’m guessing Quisy could be looked at (Been a Celtic for three years. Played when called upon. Gave the team an active defender.), though he probably isn’t worth the BAE.

    Dooling is a good signing. Brings commitment defensively and a great locker room presence. He even got through to Rajon Rondo. How many guys in the league can do that?

    • LG

      Pietrus could still be in the mix if Christmas doesn’t make the cut in training camp and is assigned to the Maine Red Claws. The problem is that Peaches’ agent, sadly, believes he is above the veterans minimum. I’m not really sure what he and/or his agent are looking for, but he loves Boston; and the city reciprocated his sentiment. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, I agree with you in that Danny will just keep the B.A.E. at hand for now.

      • MJ

        Well Peaches is too talented to be literally a 4th wing. Pierce, Green, and even Lee are above him on the depth chart. He wouldn’t get much time on the squad. Quis would be a better fit for that role.

  • colaroaster

    thankfully this wasn’t Quis resigning

    • Lee in Oregon

      Quisy was a total pro his entire time in Boston and if anyone deserves a “goodbye” piece, it’s him. Solid reserve who can play multiple spots, his only mistakes were any shot outside of the paint.

      • colaroaster

        besides “the chin-up” i never saw him contribute and i never understood why management bought into his soft game. tough to say goodbye when he never said hello

        • RedsLoveChild

          You`re not the only one who never saw Daniels contribute.

          All I ever saw from him was lots of fake hustle, and thick braids hanging from his head.

          • LG

            Remember, he played well before his spine injury during the 2010-11 season. He was a decent backup for Paul. What’s wrong with his braids?

          • RedsLoveChild

            If it weren`t for his braids…he`d be totally “invisible” on the court!

  • Jose Fabz

    How bout an article saying bye bye to Steemroller. he did well.

    • Danno

      There were 3 in the past week already.

      • Jay Fabz

        Ohh. Didnt see.

  • Danno

    This is a great signing. More ball handling and backcourt defensive depth, without going over the cap. still have the BAE to play with if and when they need it. Danny has outworked every GM in the NBA this offseason for the whole year, and it’s still July.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Agreed, DA killed it these last few weeks….I just loved Dooling last year in the second half and playoffs, once he was healthy he defended and had great energy. Now we have a legitimate point guard to back up Rondo. If anyone wants to play small-ball, Doc has some great options. I love this roster! GO C’s!

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Ditto! This roster has me more excited than last years roster. The key additions-Lee and Terry, the resignings-Bass and Green, the newbies-Sully and Melo, the servicable vets-Collins and Dooling. The loss of Ray is forgotten in my book.

        Last year I didn’t expect much from the Celts, the way they played during the regular season. And then, getting to see what they did in the playoffs made me proud to cheer for them again, showing the heart of a champion even when everyone still writes them off.

        Now, with Bradley back and all these aquistitions, we have slashers, shooters, Hall of Famers and decent size, we can play so many different styles. And that is what I’m excited about, seeing what Rondo can do with a running squad: Bradley, Lee, Green and Bass/Sully/KG. And getting Paul and KG rest throughout the year.

        This is gonna be a fun season!

  • Astarot

    That’s good but I guess MP would be better cuz’ he can play 3 slot. And what about Christmas in that case? And well they would need some better big than Collins maybe for bi annual if Dooling singed for vet min.

  • D Wade

    Another bum back in Boston

  • Dana

    Glad to see Dooling back. Good reserve, good price, steady influence and he knows the system. Leaves Danny still option if needed mid-season as well. Would like Christmas to make team tho too; he deserves a shot. Can’t wait for season to start; can’t wait for Miami to eat it too, on opening night for NBA trying to rub it in. GO CELTICS!!!

  • kg215

    Would have rather gambled on Christmas because he has some talent and plays hard, but perhaps Dooling will have an impact chemistry wise with his leadership and closeness to Rondo. Getting Dooling for that at the veteran minimum isn’t bad.

    • Jester00

      no one else wanted him and I agree with you in gambling with Christmas

  • Wayne

    Christmas gives a lot to truly get excited about. I hope that in all of this, the C’s find a way to utilize his tremendous talents. He is a bull: the very definition of a “power” guard with a 6’9” wingspan which explains why he got so many steals during summer league play. I hope that we avail ourselves on this dynamic talent.