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Pietrus’ agent: He is not a veteran minimum player

The Celtics roster is almost set.  With 13 players (if you count Jeff Green) officially under contract, the Celtics are really only expected to add one more player so they can keep their options open during the season.  And even if they decided to carry the full 15 into the season, that’s still only two more open spots to fill.

So the question now is, how will those be filled?  The Celtics don’t have much to offer anyone.  Whomever gets the last spot or two will get either the $1.9 bi-annual exception or the veteran’s minimum.  And you can count Mickael Pietrus out of that.

“MP will not play for the veteran’s minimum. Period,” said McCandless. “It’s not happening. That’s the beginning, middle and end of that. … He is not a veteran’s minimum player. There’s no chance he’ll ever sign for that.”

His agent says Pietrus is open to a return, but he says MP has gotten much more lucrative offers (more details in that link).  So the Celtics, or any other team, is going to have to come at him with a much better offer.

“I’ve had the veteran minimum thrown at me like hubcaps,” added McCandless. “In this collective bargaining agreement, a component of any player’s wishes and desires is the money teams are willing to pay. They’re pro athletes. My mother might cry in her beer when Johnny Damon runs away to the Yankees, but you and I understand it’s a business.”

That’s a great quote, and that’s also an agent doing his job.  But if Pietrus is open for a return, he’s going to have to take less than what his agent says he’s being offered.  And he’s going to have to take it to be third on the depth chart at either position he plays.

Sorry, I don’t see this coming together at all.  As far as I’m concerned, the Peaches era in Boston is over.

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  • Danno

    What About Delfino?

    And don’t we still have the Bi-Annual Exception to throw at someone?

    • Alex

      It looks like Ainge is saving the BAE just in case something happens at the trade deadline during the season. Smart move, imo. I would save the BAE.

  • cam

    MP is not worth more than the vet min to anyone over the cap or really any playoff team.

    Yeah the bobcats or t-wolves can overpay him and he’d probably be pretty good for them but any quality team is going to spend their money in better ways.

    Now if MP had been playing 75+ games the past few years and hadn’t turned into a guy who’s only offense is volume mediocre 3 point shooting than the story would be different.

    Right now he is an above average defender who plays with energy and can occasionally hit the 3 or get hot. And that’s when he isn’t injured.

    I do absolutely love the person Pietrus and love his interviews and media sessions.

    • robert liscio

      I think the celts should give MP the bae! The way he played last year for the most part Id say hes worth that just for his Defense alone but with a healthy knee I think he can be a 9ppg 3-4 rpg player that understands the system and plays pretty good defense. Also he can play at multiple positions and healthy can stretch the floor and add even more athleticism to a team that just got a lot more athletic! I dont think the celtics will find a better option at the deadline than pietrus and he is also a great locker room guy that everyone loves and wants to come back!

  • Rich

    I think our roster is pretty much set. No need to overpay anybody. Keep the bi-annual because I’m 100% sure will need it half way through the season

    • Rich


  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m guessing either Christmas or Jamar Smith make the team, so that’s 14 guys…..I just don’t see DA bringing MP back. He’s a nice player, and I agree he’s not a vet-min player, but in this economy, he’s not too far from it. Given a choice, I’d take Dooling back.

  • MissMD07

    I say we save the bi-annual for a frontcourt player. Someone useful who can rebound may clear waivers and we’ll need it. We need that. It would give us more than the minimum that other teams would offer.Would love to have MP back but we need to save that bi-annual.

  • Cam

    Honestly Pierce, Green, Lee, Terry, and AB should soak up every single minute of every game at the 2-3. Even if a guy like Pierce went down at some point Green averaged over 40 min a game as a starter for OKC.

    • Uh Huh

      and was the most laughable part of a “big 3” ever, so ya, let’s not play him that much…

  • Joel

    Really well see you in the bobcats mp after his neck injury he wasn’t the same . Miss open shots in postseason to b honest I don’t even wanna see him back in the C’s

    • Uh Huh

      that’s retarded. his knee was constantly being drained. he was never right in the post-season and got by on pure will. If you don’t even know that, you’ve proven we shouldn’t listen to anything you’ve gotta say. He’d be a GREAT 3rd 2 or 3

  • colaroaster

    Green’s not a 3 and Garnett’s not a 5. it would be unhealthy for those players to play out of position. a starting center is the missing piece.

    • Uh Huh

      I agree on Green, but he’s not really a 4 either (I think he sucks and we’ll regret that contract,) but KG played his best ball in the past 3 years once he moved to the 5. At this point, he’s more of a 5 and when you’re not playing Dwight or Bynum, there’s no real mismatches out there.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I was right- Dooling is back on a 1-year deal……take a week off Danny!

  • Lee in Oregon

    this from hoopshype.com-

    Paul Flanner: Keyon Dooling has agreed to a one-year deal to return to the Celtics, per a league source.

  • Brian

    Pietrus is a likeable personality but his play was terrible last year. Between bricking open 3’s and commiting some of the dumbest fouls I’ve seen I don’t see why anyone wants him back so bad. If they need a veteran guy who can play SG or SF sitting on the end of the bench for minimum salary then they should just resign Marquis Daniels.

    • Uh Huh

      Seriously?!? The fork in Marquis’s back had it’s own fork last year. He’s D O N E.

  • john rotolo

    Garnett is a five.His move to that position jump-started the Celts lst year.Ainge and Doc have made it clear that he`ll be playing primarily at Center for the foreseeable future .That being said ,somebody else will have to pick up 15-16minutes a game there.

  • Chris

    Green is ABSOLUTELY a 3. Garnett is a 5 as much as he hates it. The only weakness is being one big short as far as I’m concerned, whether it be a 4 or a 5 so Garnett gets his wish. Bass and Wilcox are capable starters but would be more effective off the bench. Ideally, Sully improves to the point that he’s starting by the All-Star break.

    • Uh Huh

      Ya, Green’s absolutely a 3 except for the part where he’s not quick enough laterally to defend his position or get around defensive 3s and can’t really dribble at all.

  • Jon with no H

    I still remember Garnett grabbing Pietrus’ arm and pulling it into the huddle during the playoffs because he wasn’t listening and staring off into space. I can fully understand why there was no real push to bring him back. Fun guy but the focus of a toddler.