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Report: Derrick Rose likely out until March

The Chicago Tribune buries this nugget in a story about the Bulls financial decisions this summer:

Management will say its financial decisions are cloaked in basketball reasons. With Rose out until likely March, next season is a treading-water season. So instead of depth being the secondary star, the Bulls hope to add a legitimate one alongside Rose.

March? Ouch.

If true, chalk up 2012-13 as a lost season for the Bulls.

(h/t Matt Moore – CBS Sports)

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  • KY Celts fan

    Might was well tank as bad as they can. They won’t be in contention this year, or really next. They should hope to get a good draft pick to pair with Rose.

  • MissMD07

    As a Celtic fan, I really like Derrick Rose. This is terrible for the Rose and the franchise. I want him to be healthy. I enjoy watching him. This hurts me more for him than the franchise as I think about his career and future. I don’t know know of anyone who has return to their former self to make me not feel sick about this injury. I’ve been thinking that they should tank and aim for a high lottery pick. If they don’t do that they have players to trade for a star. They need to amnesty Boozer. Their owner is so cheap though. He probably cares about the White Sox more than he does about this team. Sad to hear.

    • LA Flake

      I wouldn’t worry about Da Bulls. I’m sure David Stern will cook up something so they can land a top 3 pick next year.

  • ggreen

    Really like Rose. He’s probably the most genuine humble superstar in the league unlike others.It’s unfortunate he’s going through that horrific injury and recovery process.

    Hope get’s better soon.

  • colaroaster

    drose seems shady. everything he says is monotone and politically correct for bulls marketing to get dept wet. i smell/call his bs and never bought into his game. rondo’s legend continues

  • D Wade

    The king of regular season DRose, he will never get out of the East as long as Miami’s big 3 is in place.

  • Donut

    Poor guy.

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