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Celtics will be forced to watch Miami raise their banner

Boy, the NBA really has flair for the dramatic, don’t they?

The Boston Celtics were thiiiis close to knocking the Heat out of the playoffs… and then the whole Ray Allen thing happened… and now the Celtics are going to have to go to Miami to have it all rubbed in their faces opening night.

It won’t take long for Ray Allen to experience a reunion with the Boston Celtics.

While the complete NBA schedule will not be released until later this week, the Sun Sentinel has learned that the Miami Heat will open the 2012-13 NBA regular season on Tuesday Oct. 30 at AmericanAirlines Arena against the Celtics.

Wonderful.  We get Ray Allen shoved in our faces, then we have watch the banner go up?  I can’t even tune in late to skip all that because you know that will be a national broadcast and they’ll be panning up to that damn banner every 5 minutes and showing montages of the ceremony.

So get ready for some fun.  Maybe the Heat will be worn out from their trip to China and the Celtics will lay a beat down on them to christen their new banner.

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  • I knew this was coming..will be one of the most viewed NBA games in a while..

    • Lee in Oregon

      Pay Riley is a Syracuse greaser, and all the cigarettes & tanning booths in Florida will never change that fact.

    • RedsLoveChild

      It is exactly 1 game out of 82….

  • Matt

    It would be glorious for the Celtics to go into Miami and just completely hammer the Heat. They’ll be hyped for the ceremony and gleeful to be shoving Allen in our face. All the while KG is brooding in the back, and Rondo is stretching out for another routine triple-double. We took this Miami team to the brink with a team on life support, and only collapsed in the final minutes. I look at Miami, and I honestly don’t see a whole lot of improvement. The Celtics, however, have improved everywhere. If we can deliver some vicious defense, it’d be a good statement.

    • LG

      The only way it would get any better than that is if Avery is healthy and can play against them. I doubt it will happen, but it would be nice.

    • D Wade

      the only reason that it reached game 7 is because Bosh is out with an injury and DWade is playing with injury. Now you no longer have Ray ray, no one to bail you out this time. Heat will rule the NBA for years. Complain all you want crybabies.

      • The Voice of Reason

        How many injuries did the celtics have?? Way more. Our starting SG(Bradley) was out with injury and we had to start an injured ray Allen. Not to mention PP was playing through injury and we had no good center because O’Neal was injured. Green, Wilcox were also out with injury. Also Greg Stiemsma out back up center was playing with an injured foot. He couldn’t practice all he did was play the games. So boston had Rondo, Bass, KG healthy with a whole bunch of bench players and they took Miami to seven games. LOL. Now with everyone healthy and the addition of Lee and Terry and we Lost Allen. We now have SGs that can create their own shots. AB comes off screens like Allen did. If I were you I would be scared. Besides Bosh isn’t that good. Those two games were flukes. Before that Bosh had only hit 12 three pointers. This like in 2008 no one though we would win, but we did. CELTICS NATION. BANNER 18

        • D Wade

          flukes you say? Boston still lost and Heat are the champions. Next year will be back to back enjoy watching the Heat beat the crap out of your team

          • strips

            *Next year we’ll…
            * “the” Heat


      • Myself

        man you Heat fans REALLY are fairweather. I remember watching the series with my homie. Everytime Heat lost b4 Bosh returned he’d be like” see, they need Bosh” that first game after Bosh returned that Celtics killed em, he said “see, Bosh shouldn’t have returned, he’s messing up their system”…pfft y’all are a piece of work, for real. And when Miami loses next season, y’all will be quick to hop on the winning team’s bandwagon.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, you are ridiculous., just stuck on that Heat bandwagon huh. Here’s some truth for you: Heat fans, including you are FAIRWEATHER fans. Why? I’ll answer that. See, me and my homie, a Heat fairweather fan, were watching the Heat-Celtics series and the first time Heat lost to Celtics he said”well, it’s cos Bosh ain’t around”..a couple of games later when Bosh returned and Celtics still whooped em some he said”this is all Bosh’s fault, he shouldn’t have returned, he’s messing up their system”….It’s pathetic really, y’all are pathetic

  • MissMD07

    I knew this was going to happen when the Ray Allen stuff happened. I was just hoping NBA wouldn go for Christmas but this will make money and be the most viewed. OKC doesn’t have as much drama with Miami for them to be Miami’s first game. It had to be the Celtics. Hopefully we kick their butts. KG drops 20-10, Rondo triple double, PP and Terry with daggers. Lee with cuthroat defense on wade. Rondo picking up Ray and shutting him down. Hopefully.

    • D Wade

      nice story but It won’t happen. Dude, keep it real PP and Terry are old bum. Rondo can’t shoot even if his life depend on it.

      • MissMD07

        I have no desire to keep this going with you. Yes our star players are old. They’re our old “bums” as you call it. I’m pretty sure they can still shoot just as Ray can shoot at 37. Even at their age, they are still clutch players. Rondo’s problem is consistency. He can shoot. We all hope he gets that jumpshot down consistently this year. I am not some delusional fan. I hope those things happen. Rondo is more than capable of a triple double. I am not a heat fan but i respect Wade and Lebron. You should do better.

  • Lantrell Walker

    Exactly what I was hoping for (put on sunglasses and insert sadistic grin here)
    In addition to this free agency the C’s have had, is there any better way to top it all off?

  • mula maine

    Rondo is going to shred the heat to pieces. Allen is soft so emotions will get the best of him and wit the youth Anige has added to the roster, I don’t think anyone wants to match up wit the mighty c’s

    • D Wade

      Your dream may happen if only Rondo learn how to shoot. lol

  • vandell

    I saw it comming. We will do what the heat did to the MAVS at last years season opener. On this night the world will bare witness to one ofI the worst beatings this regular season will conjure . Who gets a tec first? Hahaha

  • Bailey

    Bring it!!!!!

  • mark

    d-wade will be out until dec.with an unjury.so the celts has a huge advantage..the heat will be crush in their opening night.

    • MissMD07

      I haven’t heard that but I guess that means Lee has to guard Ray. He’s capable. He did it in 09 when Ray was getting hot. Hope he can do it again.

    • KG

      where can i read about this news? i thought he’s only out till the olympics…

  • Dana Wong

    Great time and place… Now also great motivation too… For Celtics to show Miami and the world what happens when they rub the “tradition” the wrong way. We’ll bury them, ray and all”!!

  • BillyBob

    I have a question. What is going to be our go to lineup this year? Down the stretch in meaningful regular season games, down the stretch in playoffs games, down the stretch against Miami, who’s it going to be?
    In the past, we’ve usually gone small with Posey, baby, or Bass at the 4. Do we go with Bass or Green, and could Terry be in the closing lineup instead of AB.

    Think of this potential matchup in a 2 pt game with 5 min to go against miami in the ecf:

    KG / Bosh
    Green / Lebron
    Pierce / Battier
    Terry (Rondo) / Allen
    Rondo (AB) / Wade

    And with Green, Pierce won’t be playing with 5 fouls at the end of the game this time around.

  • Tom

    This is game and all the other Miami Vs. Boston games are the only ones i care about i want jason terry to hit a three right in the eye of ray allen at the buzzer down by 2 to win the game that will feel so good for about a month

    • Chris

      I’d rather Terry and Lee hit 3s in Allen’s face all night. I’d take some more PP daggers in LeBron’s face too. A close game is nice for drama but I want the Heat buried by half time.

    • D Wade

      Terry, Lee, and PP will throw bricks all night while Ray Ray will bury your team with 3s.

      • Anonymous

        Pfft everybody know that Miami Heat is also known as Bricktown or Brickcity or Chokeland

  • D Wade

    It will be a one sided match! No way can Celtics bum beat Miami Heat. I hope Ray Allen get the highest points just to rub it in.

  • nyceltic

    NBA is getting too scripted. I wonder who’s advertisement the teams will have on their uniforms. Money Money Money Money

  • Rob H
    • D Wade

      You’ll be the Hater once Ray bury your team with 3s in Heat uniform.

      • Frank

        Dwade do you speak English? You write terrible…. How old are you?

        • GreenGang33

          DWade is a demented Heat troll that’s from the New England area. Pay he or she no mind.

        • D Wade

          Oh come on, my grammar is better than yours.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO you know, you’re right. I’d seen that picture b4, didn’t even notice Ray’s hating a$$ right there in the corner lol…It’s sad, Ray left cos he’s a b*tch and quite frankly, it ain’t got nothing to do with Rondo. It is Avery, Avery’s a threat to his ego. Matter of fact, he’s not a threat, he’s a PROBLEM to his ego. If he stayed, he knew he’d have had to compete with Avery for that spot and let’s be real, Avery would have won. But the thing, is he can run but he can’t hid, he will still face Avery and Avery will still win.

  • Ray’sReinforcment


    this pic is funny….

    i am pretty sure ray is clapping although we cant see it because AB obscures it…

    Obviously his face doesnt emit the same excitement as the rest of Cs bench… hes conflicted i guess

    • D Wade

      After next season and the Cs fall again in the hands of the might Heat Boston face will be like this Again!


      • Zach

        (D Wade)The “might” heat? I guess…anyway I thought this was a Celtics fan page not a heat one…..with that being said your probably a fair weather fan as it is, no one was a heat fan prior to summer of ’10

  • Matt in Maine

    I love to listen to these miami heat “fans” how they love Ray now. Like they all didnt despise him up till this summer when he joined the superfriends in miami. I’ve been a celtics fan for my entire life over 20 years now and I would gladly watch them stumble through another 20 years instead of being some bandwagon fan like Miami has. But that’s not going to happen We have a great GM in Ainge and an even better coach in Doc. Im pretty sure Doc could go through major brain surgery and still outcoach Spoelstra.

    • Anonymous

      EXACTLY! That ALONE, is the reason why Celtics is a better team. I mean Spoelstra against Doc? Doc will end taht foo’s career

      • Anonymous

        I meant that ALONE could be used as a reason why Celtics is the better team

  • makeitwork

    this d wade guy is an idiot. Did you watch rondo in playoffs? Almost of his scores are made by jumpshots. Dont you know? Idiot?

    • D Wade

      I admit he made some shot, only because the man guarding him is 3 feet away from him. We all know when Rondo is shooting Boston won’t win. Remember Rondo and his 40 pt game? Did Boston won that? lol

      • makeitwork

        thats true. I hate to say this. Just like you said before. We have old ”bums”. But now, lets see.

      • Anonymous

        That is the most thoughtless, most stupid comment I’ve ever heard. So if Rondo scored about 44 points they couldn’t win? so what if he scored say 19 points? would they win then? No offense, but you are either illiterate or just plain stupid…

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