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Your Morning Dump… Where Jason Collins is here to defend and foul

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The 33-year-old Collins, a veteran of 11 NBA seasons, gives Boston a defensive-minded big man who can give quality minutes off the bench. Collins’ offensive game is much-maligned and, for his career, he’s averaged 3.8 points and 3.9 rebounds per game. In 30 regular-season games with the Hawks last season, he scored a mere 39 points, but was a pest against the Celtics in the teams’ first-round series because of his defense (and occasional offensive burst). 

Collins allowed a mere 0.748 points per play last season, ranking in the 88th percentile among all NBA players, according to Synergy Sports data. He’s stout in the post and can defend the pick-and-roll. Able to match up with players of all shapes and sizes, Collins has the potential to thrive in Boston the way Stiemsma did when he settled into the team’s defensive system, though Collins is not as much of a shot-blocker or rebounder. 

Collins also owns 95 games’ worth of playoff experience during his time with New Jersey and Atlanta. 

The Celtics will pay $854,389, while the league will pick up the rest of his $1.35 million salary as a veteran with 10-plus years of experience. For Boston, it’s an economical way to fill out the roster while adding a much-needed big man.

ESPN Boston

You may remember Jason Collins from the Celtics 1st round series vs Atlanta. He played well in the Hawks Game 1 win. I used the term “manhandled” when describing his play vs KG.

Collins is a big body who will defend and cash out his 6 fouls. Nothing more. Here’s a snippet of Hollinger’s scouting report, via ESPN Insider:

+ Elite low-post defender who stymies big centers with size and smarts.

+ Physical. Great at drawing offensive fouls. Awful rebounder. Ponderously slow.

+ Horrid finisher. No handle or post game. Will occasionally make 12-footer. 

A specialist par excellence, Collins may be the most matchup-dependent player in basketball. Against Orlando’s Dwight Howard, Collins is worth his weight in gold, because nobody defends Howard better.

He’ll be behind Chris Wilcox and ahead of  Fab Melo on the depth chart.

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  • MissMD07

    This is fine but man why isn’t there anyone left that can rebound? Rebounding is still an issue. Ugh!

  • zippittyay

    42 days since my Red’s Army android app updated….

    • Chuck – Red’s Army

      Sorry. May I suggest you frequent the mobile site on your browser? It works well.

      • Pete

        New mobile site is fantastic.

        • ShawnCVD

          Only request is that mobile site show *every* story in chronological order. It’s a hassle to open up menu and choose Celtics News or Around the NBA. Often new content gets buried in those sections instead of the home page.

          Also the author is not listed which is a very minor concern. Otherwise it’s amazing! Thanks RA!

          • we’re working on that

          • Pete

            Yes, this.

  • Throwdown

    Thank goodness someone else instead of the Hawks decided to give washed up players an easy exit out.

    • Why not sign Robin Lopez for the 2 million MLE?

      • Uh Huh

        2 reasons: he sucks and we already used the MLE

  • Jason

    I want Collins, KG, PP, Avery and Rondo to get significant minutes as a five man group if only to see the C’s give up 70 points per game.

  • Reggie35RIP

    I understand why we got him, but I don’t understand why we got him… I know he’s cheap and big and what his role will be. I didn’t realise he was such an elite low post defender. But is it too much to ask to find a big that can rebound too? We seem to have picked up a very niche specialist when we still need a backup big that can rebound AND defend.

    Also Wilcox will be backing up the 4 and 5. Which means we’re probably going to see more of him than we would like. Fab’s going to be lucky to get a couple of minutes in garbage time in the 4th.

    I’m thinking we got PJ Brown again, but with worse rebounding and no shot blocking.