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It’s been real Stiemer

GoldieBlocks is heading back to the midwest. According to CSNNE’s Jessica Camerato, Greg Stiemsma agreed to a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves today. Details of the deal were not released. Stiemsma was born and raised in Randolph, Wisconsin, which is about 280 miles east of Minneapolis, so this move makes sense for him. Stiemer played 55 games for the Celtics last year, and became a fan favorite at the TD Garden. Minnesota had it’s eye on him since free agency began according to numerous sources.

So what does Danny do now? The only “true center” on the C’s roster at this point is rookie Fab Melo. Will KG play the center position again this year? Or will Ainge set his sights on someone like Nazr Mohammed, Joel Pryzbilla or even..*gulp* Ben Wallace? We shall see CelticNation, we shall see.



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  • Kristovar

    Good for Steamer. I hope he does well every game that isn’t against Boston. I will miss him a ton, though.

    Think this means we’ll see KG firmly set at the 5? Or more PT for Melo?

    • Lantrell Walker

      Both I would think, with Wilcox also in the mix, time could easily be split between the three at center. KG’s minutes will be lowered again this season so he’ll probably play 24 minutes a game, that leaves the other half of the game to be filled in by Wilcox (15 minutes a game) and Melo (9 minutes a game).

  • Alex

    Danny has done a great job this offseason but the 5 is quite glaring at this point… I hope Danny has plans to get a decent 5 with the BAE…

  • Brian

    I think KG was going to be the center all along. If he has to guard chris Bosh I don’t think it will be a problem.

  • Dan White

    I don’t see how this affects KG. Once we resigned Bass that meant we will see Bass at the 4 and KG at the 5 in the starting lineup. Wilcox and Sullinger will be their replacements from the bench. Steamer was the man but nothings changed with him leaving.

    • PakkAttackk

      Exactly my thoughts. Understand this people, no matter how much KG hates playing center, he WILL be playing center this season. Someone above in the comments said he’ll play 24 minutes a game, I disagree with that. I think his minutes will stay the same but the strictness of the 5-5-5 plan that Doc sometimes got away from last season (especially later in the season) will be more enforced. Wilcox will play around 15-18 minutes so that leaves about 3-5 minutes to either go small or to play Fab. It’s probably going small.

  • Lee in Oregon

    ‘d take Nazr of the guys mentioned (but he’s rumored to go to Brooklyn) …..Pryzbilla is always hurt……Ben Wallace is like 100. Obviously KG and Wilcox will see alot of minutes at the 5, and Melo oughta be able to give us what Steimsma did- afew blocks. Might even see some of Sullinger at the center, like they did with Baby in the past. Seems like they need another big but maybe not a center.

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  • Re-Load for 18

    Steamer is one of those guys you have to root for after not being drafted and grinding through the d-league and up to the show. But realistically he’s not worth close to 3M per, so I’m glad we let him walk. I think his D is kind of overrated because he fills the sheet up with his blocks. Other than the blocks his d was less than mediocre. He didn’t grab boards well and he got posted up pretty much for someone weighing 250-260? Good luck to him and although we need a center we also need value.

  • RedsLoveChild

    By signing Steamer….I guess this means K-Love can NO longer accuse management of “lacking the commitment” to build a winner.