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Kevin Love opt-out coincides with end of Danny Ainge’s Phase II plan

Phase II of the new Big 3 era has yet to officially begin, but I’m already fascinated by potential roster moves at the end of the 2014-15 NBA season. Should the Celtics need a new big
man to replace KG, Bass and Paul Pierce, look no further than Kevin Love:

Timberwolves all-star forward Kevin Love is glad he negotiated the option to leave Minnesota as a free agent in three years instead of securing a maximum five-year contract, demanding again that management invest in a playoff-contending team before he commits long term to the franchise.

Love also was pleased to see “bad blood” purged from the locker room and stressed the “urgency of the situation” with the Wolves, whose roster remains unsettled after the team failed to sign Portland free-agent forward Nicolas Batum.

“I feel like we have to change to get to that next level, and I want to help drive that change and push that agenda,” he said Thursday, July 19. “I think we deserve a good product. The coaches deserve a good product, but most importantly the fans deserve it. They were tremendous last year for us turning things around before Ricky (Rubio) went down. We just want to keep pushing the team in the right direction, and that’s what I wanted to convey.”

The 23-year old Love is no longer a silent leader in Minny. He’s speaking out (at management) about the need for the team to be competitive.

The NBA landscape is likely to change dramatically in three years, but it’s always fun to fantasize about the next great Celtic.

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  • Cliff

    Small correction, Kevin Love is 23.

    You may be getting ahead of yourself, imaging his age as he first puts on a Celtics jersey.

  • MJ

    Course this all depends on good Jared Sullinger is.

  • Uh Huh

    I don’t see it. Love’s good, but he’s not great. I feel like his rebounding #s are inflated by being on a team with HORRENDOUS wings so there are lots of misses to grab. Watching him on Team USA, where his style should FLOURISH, he seems like he barely belongs on a team without any size save for a 19 year old kid and a defense-only center.

    I’d def still take him, his game reminds me of a better rebounding, POOR MAN’S Dirk, just saying, he’s not a game-changing franchise player.

    • Cliff

      I think you’re selling him short. There has never been a player like Love in league history. He’s a historically great rebounder who also shoots mid 40% from 3.

      That combination along makes him an All Star but add in his developing post game and he could be an all timer.

      If he were paired with a mobile defensive center, rather than say Darko, you’d have team in good shape for years.

    • Lee in Oregon

      You need to watch this kid play a bit more, he’s an animal and he’s still improving. He’s the real deal for sure.

      • Uh Huh

        May’ve phrased that wrong. Kid can play (offense anyway) but he’s not a franchise guy. He’ll never be the #1 on a contender.

        • Ian

          Thats definetly not true. Kevin Love could easily be a number 1 option on a contender.

        • Felix

          Totally agree with you. He’s good but he’s like stackhouse- posting great numbers without making his team better.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Teams will be taking numbers and lining up to “throw the bank” at Love!

  • Ralph

    K-love has become a superstar, to be honest I did not see that happening when he was drafted. This is the type of player Danny needs to break his back to get to Boston.

  • Chris

    I bring this up with every FA but…imagine him with Rondo. More to the point, if projects and gambles work out and the young core is held together, I like the sound of Rondo, Avery, Green, Love, Melo, Sully, Lee

  • dwade

    Love would never go to a shinking ship.

  • Quest

    Celtics own past history proves anything can happen.