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Doc praises Terry… and Ray Allen gets caught in the crossfire

The question was simple, and the reply was genuine.

“How excited are you for Jason [Terry], to have a real 6th man?

“Oh I love it.”

It was a quick, reply.  He went on

“We really needed a guy… that could create his shot.  It was one of our big needs.  Again Jason was….. we solved that need.”

Here, take a listen for yourself before I go on

Doc on Jason Terry

Here’s the thing about that answer….

It is bit of a diss on Ray Allen.  It’s not an intentional slam.  This is not Doc taking any intentional shots at Ray.  I’m sure if I saw him tomorrow and followed up on this, he’d say I got it wrong.

Ok, fine.

But I didn’t.  The Celtics needed a guy who could create his own shot.  A guy who could dribble and shoot and score.  A guy not named Paul Pierce who could do that.   And let’s face it, Paul Pierce is the only guy who can create his own offense off the dribble.

I mean, Rajon Rondo certainly can… but that’s mostly if “off the dribble” includes “getting to the rim.”  In this case, “off the dribble” means creating space with a dribble or two and not just getting to the hoop, but also allowing yourself to get a good jump shot off.

That’s just something Ray Allen couldn’t do.  Not anymore.  And the Celtics needed that off the bench.  Now they have it.  They don’t have to run plays that involve 5 picks to get this guy open.  And the fact of the matter is that hurt Boston at time last year.   And Doc knows that.  That’s why he’s so relieved.

And isn’t that what his answer sounded like?  Relief?

Doc didn’t take any direct shots at Ray Allen yesterday in Las Vegas.  But it’s obvious that he knows he’s got something the team needs… and it’s something it didn’t have when Ray was around.

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  • kg215

    That is what I was saying to all the people so bitter that Ray left. We didn’t need him that much, his shooting is still deadly but his defense and ballhandling got much worse. Also every time he passed the ball there was a high probability of a turnover. He is only good for spotting up while others create.

    • HR Paperstacks

      While I do agree with what you’ve said, it doesn’t make me any less bitter 😉

    • Alex

      I can see Bradley picking Ray Allen’s pocket every time he has the ball.

      • LA Flake

        only when AB’s not checking DWade you mean.

    • KG

      and miami is so good at that…penetrate then kick the ball to the shooters…so ray allen will benefit on that…just like mike miller… damn! he should have went to clippers!

    • dcheat

      stop the press. the only axquisition that meant anything was c. lee. the jet hasnt created his own shot since last year. hell need pierce n rondo more than ray. bet that

  • MissMD07

    I like the offseason moves so far BUT our biggest hole is still rebounding. I don’t expect Melo to get minutes. He has a lot to learn. Think he’ll spend a lot of time on Maine which is great for his development. WE NEED A SERVICEABLE BIG who can rebouns. Not much in the market but i expect Danny to search everywhere he can. Doc needs to figure out how to keep KG and Paul’s minutes down. We need fresh legs for the playoffs. I’m sure he’ll implement his 5/5/5 plan for KG and might have to do the same for Paul. Get the young ones to play more during regular season. That way the build confidence and momentum going into playoffs.

    • kg215

      Sullinger is one of the most NBA ready rookies and crashes the boards hard. He is also stronger/bigger than Bass and Big Baby and he has a knack for the ball. Would be nice if we can get 1 more big that goes after the boards but we will be fine either way.

  • Cam

    Not a diss at Ray Allen we still wanted him back pretty bad.

    When they said they drafted Sully cause of rebounding and being able to throw the ball into a guy in the post I don’t think they were indirectly dissing Bass.

    That is certainly Terry’s strength as well as a need of ours. Its not a diss.

    Also if Bradley comes back healthy he will be able to create his own shot off the dribble. Before he got hurt he was sporting a sweet stroke

  • Quest

    Ray knew it was time for him to leave its just that he picked MIami that is the issue, the arch rival.

    • LA Flake

      come on, man. if u were ray, would u have gone to charlotte? remember the clips cancelled ray’s visit so he was down to us and miami.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Any team that actually “misses” having a 37 year old guard on their roster….has more problems than it realizes.

    Doc maregrety the fact that he did not get to coach Ray from 1999-2005…but there is no possible way he regrets not having the 2012-2015 Ray Allen!

  • dwade

    the jet, the wheelchair, and the rondoid.

    • Shawncvd

      This is some quality basketball analysis right here!