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Doc on Pierce’s knee injury: He should not have been playing

Doc Rivers spoke to the media before the Celtics-Kings game yesterday and touched on a number of topics.  One was the status of Paul Pierce’s knee.

“He’ll be fine,” Doc said.  “With his injury, he had to rest it.  He should not have been playing, to be healthy.  The only way to be healthy is rest.  So, he’ll be fine.”

It’s just amazing to think at what kind of uphill battle the Celtics had to face against the Miami Heat.  The starting 2 guard (Bradley) was out after undergoing surgery.  His back up (Ray Allen) shouldn’t have been playing and had surgery.  The starting small forward (Pierce) shouldn’t have been playing due to a knee injury.  His back up (Pietrus) also shouldn’t have been playing and had surgery.

Add this to the list of why Paul Pierce is tough as nails.  His toughness is vastly under-appreciated, partly because of the ridiculous wheel chair thing in ’08.  And I say ridiculous because that’s all non-Celtics fans will bring up whenever he goes down now.

Let them joke, I say.  I know the truth… and I know The Truth.  I can only hope that his place in Celtics, and NBA, history is properly recognized in time.  He’s one of the toughest players ever to lace ’em up.

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  • Cam

    Anybody who has watched Pierce throughout his career knows how tough he is.

    The guy plays a pretty physical game, has been one of the free throw leaders for a lot of his career, has rarely been injured, and was nearly stabbed to death early in his career inly to return the same season.

    You can make jokes about the wheelchair or flopping but odds are if you are a fan of another team you are likely going to have to deal with him every time you play the Celtics

  • CoachAJ

    That’s why he is the Captain and the Truth. He is 3804 points behind Hondo, to be the all time leading scorer in the franchise. He deserves a shot at it as long as he isn’t hurting the team. It could get done by the time his career is over. Get em PP.

  • Tony

    I’ll always remember the time Amare Stoudamire fouled Pierce on a dunk attempt and he landed on his face breaking his front two teeth. All Pierce did was put his mouthpiece back in and finished the game before getting some serious dental surgery afterwards. Almost anyone else would have called it quits for the day. Pierce is tough as nails!

    • MJ

      The day after the surgery he singlehandedly beat Charlotte. Pierce is one tough mofo.

  • Marclar

    Dude got stabbed seriously FOR REAL and played every game that year. PP 4 LIFE.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Anyone who questions the toughness or will of Paul Pierce is making a fatal mistake, and clearly has not been paying attention.

  • kg215

    I live in southern California. Laker fans love bringing up the wheel chair thing, especially bandwagon fans and there are tons of them here. But how easily they forget Pierce came back after being stabbed repeatedly. He came back quickly, and played like nothing happened after his life was in danger. Pierce is a tough SOB that we know.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The Captain……

  • thebantam

    I wish I still had my Pierce 34 avatar.. from KU! It’s been my #1 frustration with him while being a fan for years.

    However, I think is there’s a difference between being tough, and being dramatic.

    Paul definitely has a flair for the dramatic, but is tough as hell too.

    • zippittyay

      Bring back the avatars.

  • dwade

    I can still remember the Paul Pierce wheelchair. lol that was funny, P2 is full of drama that he has become a joke

    • kg

      The the fact the you’re a Heat fan trolling on Celtics blog is a joke. You’re probably a Heat troll that lives in the New England area. If you’re from Miami that’s worse. You like Miami, because of Lebron, stop it!

      • CL65AMG

        Naw, a former Celtics fan that turned Miami Heat fan, because Ray Allen went to Miami disgruntle. lol


          Well obviously you shouldn’t be considered any kind of fan at all after your comment; and please don’t disgrace the Celtics by saying you were their fan… you obviously do not have a good basketball IQ. Pretty sure you’re one of those lebron-diva fans. Regardless, I do wish you the best of luck facing the Celtics next season… you’ll need it; and a few boxes of tissues with aloe 🙂

          • Green4Life

            Oh please with your high and mighty, but above others talk. These Heat trolls are suck fair-weather fans. When the Heat are winning their talking, but when they’re losing they want heads on a platter. Judging by your comments you’re probably a fraud. You trolling as a Celtics fan, but you’re a secret Lebron fans that fantasizes over him.

          • Dellz

   …R u Gloria James or an actual Celtics fan?

    • Shawncvd

      So you must also remember how PP won the Finals MVP as well? You must also remember when he out-dueled LeBron that same play off run?

      Speaking of jokes you remember when Mr James gave up on his team in 2010 then ON NATIONAL TV utterly broke the hearts of a Cleveland fan base that had completely adored him to run to South Beach to become your wet dream? Remember that rediculous “Yes We Did” pep rally? Remember “Fan Up”?

      Jeeze bringing up old stuff is simple huh?

      • D Wade

        still, Miami Heat is the champion you can’t change that fact. Boston Big three project is a big let down, they started on top then degenerated to the bottom. While the Heat started below Heat may not won the crown last season when Heat big 3 started but look at the Heat now they are the champions and the team to beat. I don’t think any team can beat the Heat. Look what happened to OKC, OKC is not at the same league as the Heat.

        • 17 Banners!

          @DWade…Heat fans aren’t real fans it’s a fact and everyone knows. Heat fans are Lebron fans, but not actual fans of the team. So your comments are taking with a “(With) a grain of salt,” can’t take u or other Heat fans seriously.

          You’re probably 12-18, and wet behind the ears and have nothing going for yourself, but trolling on other teams websites. You’re team won the chip, but clearly you’re an insecure Heat fan and fearful of the Celtics and Pierce, because you’re on here trolling.

          Do something useful with your time, thanks.

        • Tony Angelo

          Big 3 let down? You’ve been sniffing too many bath-salts and or stuff down in Miami or where ever. A lot of things went right for Miami to win. Rose, Howard and Bradley let’s not for get that. The jury is still out on Miami. The fact that the Celtics were hobbled and depleted by injuries took your beloved Heat 7 gms says less about your team and more about the Celtics. I’m sure u will use Bosh as can excuse. Reality is KG, at 36yrs is better than Bosh, deal with it.

          • D Wade

            Not just Bosh injured, DWade is injured too, it’s not Miami’s fault if DWade is tough as diamond and Rose, Howard and Bradley are soft. DWade plays through pain and injuries. I can’t see any team that can beat the Heat next season. Lebron and DWade are too much to handle . And we also have Ray Allen and Bosh. With Lebron and DWade, Ray Ray will shine in Miami unlike in Boston. He will get his shot and the Bulls, Boston, Lakers, OKC will burn.

        • 17rings

          Despite what anyone says, the celtics should have won this years series against the heat in 5 GAMES, but instead were royally screwed by King Stern and his puppets. Even with one undeserved championship, the celtics still have 17 to their 2. Suck on that “dwade” u little punk