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Courtney Lee: it’s official!

Welcome to the Boston Celtics Courtney Lee!


Via Lee’s Twitter:

“Want to thank all the ppl in Houston friends and fans enjoyed my time. Also would like to thank all the Cs fan for the love 17+1 leggoo!!


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  • hebertofnh

    It’s been a tremendous offseason for the Celts. Danny and Doc are proving that they can attract both veterans with championship pedigree (Jet), retain key players (Bass, Green, Wilcox, KG), and bring in YOUNG talent in Courtney. This is a big development going forward. Doc connects with so many people, guys like Courtney Lee will continue to come here. Also, welcome to Courtney, who is a standup guy and great player.

  • Danii

    yay me! told ya 😉 *bleed green*

  • Chris

    YES!! This information resulted in a fist pump

  • Lee in Oregon

    Nice to have a guy who adds some athleticism to the team…..I can see Rondo & him working together at both ends. When Avery gets healthy, this is going to be a great defensive backcourt.

    3 roster spots left and DA still has the mini-exception… nice to have another center & a b/u point (Dooling?)……leave that last spot open for a late-season addition or bring back Quisy for insurance? Good looking roster right now though.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Also glad this didn’t turn into another David West thing…..when I heard the deal was hitting a snag I thought of that.

    Good old Kevin McHale, not that he’s the gm on this one, but it can’t hurt that he and DA are so tight. (It didn’t 5 years ago either)

  • DunnnyBRASCO

    Why not add ODEN? if hes healthy hes a touchdown for a mil….anybody any thoughts…? with Goldy-blocks gone Oden is just as good if not a tad better offensivley…?

    • KY Celts fan

      cuz Oden’s not healthy. He just had another surgery and isn’t expected to play this year.

  • Aaron

    Does Oden remind anyone else of JO? Good to decently effective if (and this is a big if) he stays healthy but I dont think he can and don’t want to go down that road again nessicarily but if the Cs did I suppose I could be relatively happy about it

  • dwade

    Oden is a good for the Cs. lol

  • Quest

    Danny has aquired some very good assets. Will he use them to acquire another big “Star” should one become available in the spring 2013 to beat the Heat should we see them in the playoffs again?? Danny the gunslinger w the trigger finger, either way the roster is sure looking good right now. Thanks Ray for going to Miami.

  • Shane

    This team is markedly better than last year’s. Ray is the only significant departure, and his loss was turned into a gain by the addition of the JET and Courtney Lee (who is, by the way, a massive improvement defensiveley and also shot 40.1 percent from deep last year). The Celtics now have what could easily be considered the best bench in all of basketball.

    • Chris

      We’ve gained Jet, Green and Lee for Allen, but look around. The Lakers, Heat, Clippers and Nets have done well with insignificant losses. I’m questioning why there was need for a lockout. The only big market team struggling is the Knicks who seem to be readying themselves for a run at the 2006 championship

  • kricky

    This was straight up highway robbery on a Gasol for Kwame Brown level.

    Nice job Danny!

    And thanks Kevin McHale!

  • c’s fan

    Why Kevin McHale? He is not GM. How about the GM Daryl Morey? He is the one that was the Senior Vice President of Operations and Information for the Boston Celtics for the 3 years before he got the Houston GM job.

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