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Your Morning Dump… Carlos Delfino is the Celtics back-up to their original back-up plan

Carlos DelfinoEvery morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

At 6-foot-6 and 230 pounds, Delfino has the size, speed and athleticism to play both shooting guard and small forward. 

In addition, the 29-year-old (he’ll be 30 next month) has played under defensive-minded coaches in Milwaukee (Scott Skiles) and Boston (Larry Brown), so the adjustment to Doc Rivers wouldn’t be quite as startling as it would for some players. 

But the challenge for Boston in acquiring a player like Delfino isn’t all that different than it was for Lee and Mayo — money. 

Short of a sign-and-trade, Boston’s only shot at acquiring Delfino would be to offer him their bi-annual exception which is worth about $1.9 million.

Coming off a three-year deal worth $10.5 million, it’s not a given that Delfino would be willing to accept significantly less money, especially if he could get more elsewhere.

However, Delfino hasn’t been on a playoff team that made it past the first round since he left Detroit following the 2006-2007 season. 

CSNNE – Delfino on Celtics radar

I’ve always liked Delfino’s game. He can shoot and he’s not afraid to mix-it-up. Of course, I only watch him play a handful of games each year.

For those unfamiliar with Delfino’s game, here’s John Hollinger’s scouting report:

+ Mellow, solidly built wing who likes corner 3-point shot. Rebounding tailed off.

+ Good handle and court vision but no burst or explosiveness. Runs floor well.

+ Solid defender. Average mobility but big for position with great hands. 

If OJ Mayo was only able to secure $4 million per on this market, I think Delfino is attainable with the bi-annual exception. The market is drying up.

Is Delfino really an upgrade over Mickael Pietrus? The Celtics must think so. The seem interested in exhausting all other options before signing Pietrus.

There’s a new report (paragraph 6) out of Phoenix that intimates the Suns will not engage Courtney Lee. That could lower the price for Boston.

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  • Jp

    When did Carlos play here for Larry Brown?

    • Eric

      I think he meant Detroit.

      • Jp

        That’s what I thought, and could have looked it up, but I took the lazy way. Thanks.

  • Astarot

    I would still go with Pietrus he knows Rivers and the team. I know he struggled offensively but he was decent on D most of the time and don’t forget he was injured. I admit I don’t know Delfino’s game though.

  • Jester00

    um he is way better then MP I know you like MP and think he is funny but, Delfino can Ball. It would one of if not the best back courts coming of the bench in the league. Make it happen cause when green doesn’t pan out he can fill the void at SF as well.

    • mighty

      definitely an upgrade.

  • KY Celts fan

    I never really think much of Delfino, but whenever I see his stats after a game, I’m always surprised and impressed. He’s got a sneaky game.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Don’t mind Elf’s game, he can be a bit inconsistent. But it was tough for any Bucks player to get a consistent run last season with the amount of lineup changes they were making.

    Not much of an upgrade if any over MP. No real preference one way or the other.

  • Jason

    Id like Delfino if were truly out of the Lee race and it appears we are. I love Pietrus but he may be washed up, did’nt look very good this past season. We need size inside and offense from the point. Front office knows this hence the drafting of JJJ, Melo and Sully, and then drafting moore and taking flyers on the likes of Dooling and Nate Robinson and praying Bradley would develop a jump shot which hasnt happened. I like Gomes but we already have a better version of the same guy in Brandon Bass and Sullinger will also be a better more athletic version of the same guy. Milicic is grabage but sadly may be a better choice than JJJ UNLESS Melo can earn a spot on the roster and somehow miraculously find a clue, which wont happen. We wont even see him till the 2013-14 season at the earliest. One final thought, I LOVE the Birdman idea if we cant find viable size inside. He can come off the bench and bring shot blocking, rebounding and athleticism. Can play alongside KG or at the 5 in a small lineup. He would be an Instant fan favorite but i dont think well be able to afford him. I think hell get better offers elsewhere. Dont know where we go from here but i have a feeling itll be a while before those rolls are finalized. Were going to have to hope for an Amnesty to slip thru the cracks, or some sort of veteran buyout.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Could we get Oden cheap?

    • Keith

      Only if they will throw in a pair of extra knees in the deal.

      • I bleed green in L.A.

        Well yeah, the deal would need to be cheap and have a Germany trip for that miracle knee treatment.

    • Lee in Oregon

      Oden isn’t ready to play for awhile….(insert joke about his next life).

      I like Carlos but would prefer he stop wearing eye liner if he signs here.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Let`s not even try to “sugarcoat” this one….Delfino is in the bottom 1% of NBA talent.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      Right, making a move just for the sake of looking busy doesn’t impress me. He would be this years Sasha. I’d rather have Peaches.

  • kricky


    Sasha P part deux if you ask me..

  • Tanner in TN

    Why not MP?!?!?!?!? Forget Delfino. If anything give Christmas from Summer League a shot.

  • Manny

    Delonte west is not a bad idea…

  • Andrew H

    I took my morning dump 4 hours ago….give me some more news!

  • MJ

    Until there’s a news report saying Lee is gone, I won’t even consider MP or Delfino.

  • CoachAJ

    Delfino/Pietrus and Dooling look like the last two pieces to the roster. Different roster than what ended the season. Got younger, got more athletic, got some inside game, and just maybe got better defensively. Twelve minutes away from another finals appearance last year, with a broken down, yet prideful team. Love what I see out of Boston.

  • Jon L

    peaches > delfino imo

  • Danno

    Celts just signed & traded with Houston Jujuan Johnson for Courtney Lee.


    Now got get Peaches or Delfino and let’s get to work.

    • Pete


      @RedsArmy_JohnAnd that ends that: RT ‏@CourtneyLee2211: Haven’t signed!!

      • Danno

        Every reputable NBA Blogger is reporting it.

      • Danno


        ‏@CourtneyLee2211: Signing in the next 48 hours!! Clock starts first 48

        posted more than an hour ago. Nice try.

      • Pete

        Wait… Yup.

  • Lakers4Life

    You guys are gettin Courtney Lee via sign-and-trade

    • RedsLoveChild

      You guys are getting Dwight Howard

      • Lakers4Life

        Nothings for sure yet. Anything could happen.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    We got Lee! In Danny we trust! Let get one more center and we are legit!

  • Chris

    Sounds like it’s still being worked out but sounds like we’ll have roster space to sign a good big and with BAE and perhaps even hold onto Dooling and/or Pietrus. Lee turns a good offseason into a potential great offseason.