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Houston to waive Moore, Johnson to demand a trade

As for JJJ’s trade demand, Steve Bulpett is hearing the “Rockets like him and will keep him.”  Second year guys who average 3.2 ppg in 8 mpg generally don’t have much say in where they play.

For those hoping E’Twaun Moore resigns with the Celtics, forget it. CBA rules prevent him from resigning here for another year.

John is out in Vegas covering the Celtics’ summer league games. He (and the rest of the Boston media) spoke with Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers.

Doc meets with media… Says he can’t talk about the deal. But none of guys involved are around anymore

Danny Ainge says he’d like to see Dionte Christmas in camp with Boston but that hasn’t been worked out yet.

We’re still waiting for details on Courtney Lee’s contract.

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  • Chris

    I’m hoping this is sorted ASAP. I’m pretty sure Blatche just cleared waivers and am hopeful of getting him for the BAE. Plus I’m still concerned it could all fall apart.

    • WinstonSalems

      Lee wasn’t re-signing with the Rockets. They were willing to let him go. They need JJJ’s contract to make this deal work. Rockets get cash and a draft pick out of this, for letting a guy walk. Win-win for both teams involved. Deal is as good as done. JJJ is not and will not hold this deal up.

  • kricky

    Damn. JJJ should be happy anybody wants him.

    Rockets did us a major favor. Is Morley buddies with Ainge or something? I know he’s cool with Simmons.

    • Andrew

      Kevin mchale is buddies with Ainge 🙂 Rockets head coach

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      The Rockets and the Celtics have always had some synergy in that we both hate the Lakers.

      Also, they get to send Courtney Lee east and a lot of teams still prefer to see a nice player switch conferences if he is going to leave their team. They’d probably rather he go east than have Dallas or somebody else in the west snap him up.

      There may also be some Miami hate involved; it’s pretty obvious that Lee will spend some time guarding Wade.

  • LG

    Interesting trade here. I would’ve liked to keep Moore; but, I guess there is/was no room for him behind Rondo, Terry, Bradley, and Lee. He showed some flashes of NBA-contribution last season (the 16 point outing to help the C’s defeat the Magic when down by 27, the “Bar Fight” game, is the best example). Maybe he can make his way back to Boston next season. As for Johnson, he needs time to improve, something the Celtics don’t have as they are in win-now mode. Good luck to both guys in the rest of their NBA careers, so long as they don’t happen to be with the Heat or Lakers.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Well done by DA to get a guy who will prob start on opening night for the end of the bench.

    is this pick our 2nd rounder or the one we got from OKC in the Green deal (which is actually charlottes)?

    • Chris

      Charlotte’s. But that had lost value anyway. With the moves they’ve made, what would have been pick 31 is now likely…pick 32 or 33.

  • Craig

    Why is Moore even being traded if they are just going to waive him?

    • Andrew

      Moore has to be traded in order for Courtney Lee to have a higher starting contract figure. Moore plus johnson and williams contracts add up to 2.8 million then the celtics can offer Lee 150 percent of that which is 4.2 million to start Lee at a higher salary. They were traded to get Lee here to Boston. Otherwise we would not have enough money available to sign him

  • Andrew

    I love the trade. it did look like Moore was coming on and J Johnson has some upside, but we are in another 3 year plan to win now! Courtney Lee give us a better chance to win in the next three years. His contract will start off at around 4.2 million if my math is correct. I like our line up flexibility now. We just need to get a big like blatche, Steisma back or Bird man. Then we will have to pick up a back up point guard for the minimum even though i see Terry playing a lot of back up Pg when Bradley gets back.

    Line ups:

    Pg- Rondo, Terry, (Dooling?)
    SG- Lee, (Bradley when he gets healthy)
    SF- Pierce, Green, Joseph
    PF- Bass, Sullinger
    C- KG, Wilcox, Melo, (Steemer? Bird man? Darko?)

    • LA Flake

      why is everyone assuming that bass will be our starting pf? HE’S A BENCH PLAYER, PEOPLE!!!

      • kg215

        We are most likely running the 4 starters as last year +Courtney Lee now. I wouldn’t mind having Sullinger start personally, but he is probably not ready for that. The alternative is to start Jeff Green at the 4 instead of Bass but Jeff has historically been bad at power forward on both ends, and with KG already being smaller than most centers we would be giving up even more strength with Green instead of Bass.

      • Andrew

        Flake……Who do you think will start at power forward? Bass did pretty well last year….He is a great role player. He might start but only get 20-25 minutes. Doc has said he likes Jeff Green playing the 4 in smaller line ups. Green will get 30 minutes between back ing up both Pierce and Bass

        • LA Flake

          i’d rather start chris wilcox at the 4/5 than that one-dimensional dumbass bass who makes the game harder than it has to be and subsequently CHOKED his way thru the playoffs. hell, i’d rather get blatche and give him all the chance to produce before i turn to, in the great bob ryan’s words, THE WORST POST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF THE NBA. please for the love of god sign another big, danny!!!

          • la flake is stupid

            youre stupid. bass gives rondo easy assists and stretches the floor which allows rondo to penetate and pierce to drive. bass isnt a post player. learn some bball before you run your mouth

      • Wil Reyes

        Starting line up has been horrible at creating offense when bass was at the bench, that was one of the changes made post allstar last season.

        They really struggle specially when Wilcox was at the starting line up. Its best the Bass starts.

        we dont have to worry about bench offense anymore anyways.

        • LA Flake

          thats becuz nobody needs to guard rondo outside the paint. our offense has ALWAYS sucked since rondo’s been our starting pg.

          • LA FLAKE is dumb

            La Flake thinks we should have starting line up with the uselss blatche.. Dont listen to this fool.

      • Hartz

        not last year he wasn’t …

    • Lee in Oregon

      Terry didn’t play much point guard at all, they’ve had Barrea and DWest to back up Kidd, but he (Terry) is a decent ball-handler. DA obviously thinks any guard can handle it, he said that about Ray too.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        Well Danny IS from the old school era, when guards where just guards.

        But Jet did play point in Atlanta for a lot of his early career. He’s no less of a point guard than a lot of big name ‘point guards’ who are a lot better at scoring than setting people up.

        I’m sure we’ll see him at the 1. He’s not the assist machine that Rondo is, but he can handle the ball, and when Rondo sits at least Doc can put 5 shooters on the floor so hey that’s not bad at all.

  • Lakers4Life

    Just curious, have you guys officially signed Green and Terry?

    • Marquis Daniels

      Yes on Terry, no on Green but there just finalizing it. Green already had a press conference with Terry

    • Manny

      They are both official.

      • Lakers4Life

        Good to hear. I esp wanna see Green playin some ball after the whole heart incident.

        • Wow. Keep it classy, LA.

  • Romeo

    Where does JJ wants to go? He should be happy if he get lots of minutes with Houston

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      probably anywhere he can get minutes; he’s on a rookie contract so he’s got a few years to get some minutes and make the most of them to score a big payday when the rookie contract is done.

      • frickenWaaaltaaah

        (Houston has a bunch of power forwards right now)

  • Manny

    With the league being run by perimeter players and not so much big men, the celtics have good enough defenders to make another run as long as we stay healthy.

    • frickenWaaaltaaah

      yeah Man! I am psyched about the back court defense. We’ve got three serious ball hawks now, and Terry isn’t too shabby either for a guy known as a bench scorer.

      I mean danm…I’m getting psyched about this roster in general. It’s deep too, and depth should help with health.

      • Wil Reyes

        yeah, our Roster wouldve been as deep last season if it werent for the injuries.

        We can finally see our C’s in 100% mode!

        Hope PP34 is ready and healthy! he struggled last playoffs!


  • Aaron

    I really think the Moore part of this trade will come back to seriously bite the c’s on the ass. He’s got potential not star potential but solid combo guard off the bench or spot start potential

    • Chris

      I agree that Moore may burn us one day but I doubt it’s in the next 3 years. This is a great trade which allows us to contend now and use the BAE on a center which will be important mainly for Melo playing meaningful minutes in Maine rather than garbage minutes in Boston. We’re not winning a championship with a third of our roster being taken up by rookies/projects.

      • Aaron

        I will agree with the project comment but it still seams ashame that now we are loseing a bit of the future pieces even if they could have just been bigger trade chips later on

  • IanD

    I agree that he could contribute at some point, but I also don’t think he will ever be better than Lee. I like this deal. Will be following JJJ for his career though, I think he could be a player down the road.