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Celtics get Courtney Lee in sign-and-trade for JaJuan Johnson

Not long after a supposed cousin of Courtney Lee’s tweeted his congratulations for signing with the Celtics come word from Yahoo’s Marc Spears that the Celtics will acquire Lee in a sign-and-trade for JaJuan Johnson

Celtics to acquire G Courtney Lee from Rockets in a sign and trade sending back F JaJuan Johnson, sources tell Y! Details being finalized.

— Marc J. Spears (@SpearsNBAYahoo) July 19, 2012

The Celtics now have added depth at the off-guard position, giving up a promising young big-man to get it.

JaJuan Johnson, I believe, is going to be a contributor in the NBA.  But to get the guy you want, you’re going to have to give something up.  Johnson was inconsistent in summer league, showing flashes of promise… especially when he shot his mid-range jumper with confidence.. while also showing a need to get more coordinated and stronger.   He’s still a project, and the Celtics are not in a position to wait very long for projects.

Lee, meanwhile, will become the tallest of the four Celtics rotation guards (along with Rondo, Bradley and Terry) and he will be a very capable defender.  He’ll get some open looks, and his best chances at scoring will be with the mid-range jumper.  He’s not a great 3-point shooter, but he’ll take his fair share.

I think the ideal situation, when Avery Bradley is healthy, will be to start Rondo/Bradley and have JET be the back-up point with Lee as the 2.  He’ll be able to score, but more importantly, he’ll be able to defend and be disruptive.

This all makes me wonder what the future is for E’Twaun Moore.  He’s now the 5th guard on the depth chart.  Is he going to be retained?  Will he be sent to Maine?  Will he compete for some sort of role off the bench?

And as for the parameters of the deal…

Johnson makes just under $1.1 million.  I’m going to assume Lee is going to make more than $1.6 million this season, which means there will have to be more salary going out.  The trade rules for non-tax paying teams allow them to take back 150% of the outgoing salaries plus $100,000.  The non-guaranteed Sean Williams contract plus Johnson (this is pure speculation on my part) will equal $2 million.  That would allow the Celtics to pay Lee around $3 million with the Rockets letting Williams walk.  The C’s could also send cash to cover Johnson’s salary… meaning the Rockets could do this deal for free, while still getting a young player in return.

This is still early, but the Celtics appear to have acquired a main target of the offseason.  Nicely done.

UPDATE: The Herald’s Steve Bulpett reports the deal would be for Johnson, Moore, Williams and a pick… but the deal may be in jeopardy. Stay tuned

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  • Danno

    Called it First

  • Rondo To KG

    Reportedly the deal will also include Moore and Williams as well. Not a loss as we are in win-now mode anyway.

  • Brian

    Moore and Williams, hmmm I guess it’s my drinking the Green Tea to want both moore and lee. Guess tonights summer league game isn’t going to be as much fun to watch with out Team Prudue playing tonight.

    • Myself

      I agree, I definitely want ‘Twaun as well. I’m not ven too sure bout this dude. I mean OK they are not pro’s but rookies still that’s a lot of players for just 1 person.

  • DunnBRA$CO

    Lee’s a stud…This is great news… I just bought a Purdue Floor Piece Signed by JuJuan who wants it lol ?!

  • Cliff

    Not sure if I agree with the assessment of not a good 3 Pt shooter. He’s shot over 40% the last two seasons from 3 but most importantly, he shot an absurd 49% from the corner, a.k.a. the best shot in basketball.


    That’s second in the league behind Walter Ray. I think we all need to adjust our scales of evaluating good 3 pt shooters in the post Ray Allen era.

    • sev

      I agree Cliff…you beat me too it. Three of the last 4 seasons he shot at least 40% from behind the arc. I would consider that to be a pretty good 3 point shooter.

      • cam

        You both beat me to it to 2nd highest percentage of corner 3 in the league next to Ray.

        Oh and johnson a promising young coming big? ? Ugggghhh what?? Haha

        • Myself

          I thought so too but then again I’ve only seen the dude play a couple of times but whenever I did see him playing he was shooting 3’s….

  • hebertofnh

    Awesome move. I’ve been a long time supporter of Courtney, and I’m excited that we finally have some running mates for Rajon. Lets get #18

  • colaroaster

    ray allen can kiss my ass

  • Brian

    Johnson 1,240,440
    Williams 915,852
    Moore 762,195
    Plus 2nd round pic
    Plus 150%


    So, Lee is coming for 4,197,730.50

    Good Job Danny So we got 3 more slots open

    Bass,Green,WIlcox, Lee, Terry
    Fab, Kris Joseph

    Christmas, jamar smith, Chis Andersen?
    Dooling Peaches, another Big Man?

    We still got the bi annual exception of 1.975 million

  • sev

    if we can use the bi annual on Pietrus that would be great, unless there is a decent big out there that we wouldn’t be able to sign for the vet min.

  • sev

    I’m amped….can’t think of a deeper team. It’s all about health now and look for Rondo to be the top pg with all these weapons. Terry will be an upgrade over allen because you know he is gonna go nuts this off-season in order to prove his worth, and he won’t want to let fans/teammates down. Maybe I’m bias, but I don’t get how people still think Miami is DEF the fav after what we did with half a squad and core players injured. Add these players to game 6 or 7: Jason Terry(Ray Allen was horrible but I believe it wasn’t age, but the bone spurs), Avery Bradley, Jeff Green, Courtney Lee, Chris Wilcox and hopefully a healthy Pierce. Rondo a year older and KG a year older kind of cancels each other out. We literally have a 10 man rotation that we can depend on….no more 4 point totals for the celtics bench. Hopefully LA doesn’t get Howard, otherwise they will be just as talented(starting 5) if not more, but def not as deep and I can def see them underachieving due to chemistry issues.

  • Astarot

    I’m a bit sceptic about it. I still hope the deal does not include Moore. I’d rather sing Pietrus and Dooling (I know Lee is younger) but well maybe I’m just misjudging him. The team have a lot of PF and with Sullinger on the team it’d be hard for JJJ to make the rotation but still I’m not sure is Lee really the guy Celtics need. And they still need C and the back up for Paul.

    • thetitleisours

      Yeah, losing Moore kind of sucks. I liked him, but maybe that opens up an opportunity for Smith or Christmas.

      I think Moore will be a solid pro in a couple of years

  • Quest

    Still need a big 5

  • WinstonSalems

    This is a big signing. Rondo needs guys who can run with him. We’ve really yet to see this team run with Rondo on the fast break. Usually its him ahead of the pack. Now with JET and Courtney Lee, we should be able to at least a few easy buckets on turnovers. E’Twaun Moore can shoot but he’s not the future of this team, neither is JuJuan Johnson. As stated earlier, we’re in win-now mode. I’ll always root for Ray Allen, but the combination of Rondo, JET, Bradley and Lee is no doubt, a much better unit than they would’ve had with Ray.

  • mike

    love it. Lee will fit in perfectly. I didn’t think we’d actually get him. Nice job Danny

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I would love to see a little fast break offense this year. Rondo, Lee, Green, Bass and Sully running up and down while Paul and KG relax and hoot’n’hollar from the bench.

    Just one more center please. Veteran, d-leaguer, overseas player, Blatche or try to keep Steamer. In Danny we trust!

    • Lee in Oregon

      Danny has done it again, and we still have the small exception. Great move, this lets AB heal his shoulders and keeps Terry on the bench for scoring. As long as JJ doesn’t turn into another Joe Johnson, this was practically a steal.

      Blatche will go through the same process as the other amnesty guys, so I don’t see the C’s having enough to bid on his services. Steimer is gone with ‘Sota’s loss of Batum. they have too much dough and the C’s cant give him even 2 mil a year, GO C’S!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge turned a lemon {JJJ}…into lemonade {Lee}

    Poor Rockets…all that roster maneuvering to get Howard, and they get JJJ instead.

  • dwade

    Courtney Lee is overrated, Heat rules the NBA for many years to come!

    • WinstonSalems

      so overrated that you had to come onto a Boston Celtics blog and comment? get off your mom’s computer and go play outside.

    • Wil Reyes

      stfu dwade you are not welcome here

  • Romeo

    Deal in jeopardy ? What???

    • Lee in Oregon

      THE DEAL IS NOT DONE YET according to Ainge- just read that on hoopshype.com…….hopefully this gets done though!

      • Brian

        yea.. what the wakefield track & Field??? It better go threw. They pulled the guys off the court. Doc was on NBATV/COmcast saying it would be nice but yet he can’t comment on it.

  • kricky

    Awesome move! We have one sneaky good team. I smell an upset coming in the ECF this year! GO Cs!

  • Romeo

    And if moore is traded, Christmas will get a camp invite

  • Astarot

    If they get Lee for around 4mln yr. well….. Meyo singed for 4mln and don’t get me wrong but to get Meyo would be something. I know he’s worse defensively and there were some problems with his behaviour but he’s better 3p shooter and better offensively overall and he has bigger potential.

  • Nick Sannicandro

    love the deal will miss JJJ though, good kid with some potential, unfortunately the nail in the coffin for him was bringing back bass and wilcox,buried him on the depth chart hope he doesnt come back to bite us,

    as far as lee, cant wait to see what he can do w/ Rondo