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Your Morning Dump… Where we probably shouldn’t expect Courtney Lee, either

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

It’s not like the Celtics don’t want to wrap up their roster renovation, it’s just that free agent guard Courtney Lee wisely listened to the advice of his agent, Dan Fegan, who told him to be patient.

[…] The Celtics knew that the longer this played out, the more competition they would have for Lee. Sure enough, more than a week has gone by since Rivers’ impromptu sitdown and Lee is still available and very much in demand.

Lee may have to be a little more patient, but it seems that Fegan’s message will pay off. Someone will have the cap room to make a straight pitch for Lee and with O.J. Mayo off the board, he’s suddenly the best backcourt wing player left in free agency.

WEEI:  Celtics pursuit of Courtney Lee gets tougher

The Celtics aren’t going to win any bidding wars with anyone, and while they have a sign-and-trade that theoretically works (sign-and-trade Dooling, send cash to pay for his deal, Sean Williams unguaranteed deal, and any variety of picks they may have), that’s not exactly what Houston is looking for.  And now that the Celtics have no choice but to use the mid level on Jason Terry,  they’re running out of options.

So the Courtney Lee dreams might be dashed.  But there are other options, including one possibly intriguing return.

The Clippers have used the NBA’s one-time amnesty provision on small forward Ryan Gomes, said NBA executives who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The team did so just before the league’s 8:59 p.m. (PDT) Tuesday deadline.

Gomes will make his entire $4-million salary, but it  won’t count against the Clippers’ salary cap and luxury-tax threshold.

I like Ryan Gomes.  Maybe that’s just my sentimental side talking, but I think he could find a role in Boston.

He may never get here, though.  Just to remind everyone that the Amnesty waiver process is just for under the cap teams.  Once they all pass on him… if they do… THEN he becomes a free agent.   Follow the original link at the top for some of Flannery’s other free agent possibilities.

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One other note:  Kris Joseph hurt his knee in Vegas.  It’s being called a hyperextended knee.  It doesn’t seem too serious

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  • MissMD07

    NOOOOOOO! I really wanted him. What happened to all the incompetent GMs. I mean if Otis Smith still had a job, he could’ve been our third team. If Kevin McHale was in charge of Houston, maybe he would gift it to us. Moving on now. Phoenix Suns like to gift wrap players so what about a S&T for Shannon Brown? I want us to get younger plus our backcourt is really undersized.

  • Chris

    I like it for more than just being sentimental. Gomes has size, mobility and a nose for rebounding. I expect he’ll likely be claimed but perhaps the quiet year he’s coming off will scare teams away.

  • paul

    We need Dooling, and we should probably bring back Pietrus, and then we are pretty much set. We really don’t need to be chasing people the way we have been doing.

    • Jester00

      Really Dooling? He is a chucker and he sucks

      • Uh huh

        really? He played admirable D on Wade when he was stuck playing the Bradley role and seemed to have a decent shot selection to me. His % may not have been as high as we’d like but he didn’t seem like a chucker at all. He was also really liked in the locker room and is the one guy on the team not named Rondo who knows how to initiate a half-court offense. But beyond all those points, great comment…

    • RedsLoveChild

      Dooling absolutely blows…he`s the ultimate, worthless NBA journeyman.

      Ryan Gomes also sucks…please do not bring this slug back.

      Why the hell can`t Danny “trick” some GM into believing JJJ has great potential…so we can get his lazy ass out of Boston as well?

      • Uh huh

        you’re like that clown I heard call 98.5 a few days ago saying to trade Bass and JJJ for Josh Smith. They laughed him off the radio. Other GMs have TV too. JJJ is worthless right now except for his low $$$ and possible long-term potential to be a rotation guy. His jumper reminds me of Byron Leftwhich’s release. They’re both slow enough to completely derail their careers.

        • RedsLoveChild

          That wasn`t me…I`ve never called a talk show.

          Now that you`ve mentioned a Bass & JJJ trade for Smith…I`m wondering {from a Celtic standpoint} exactly what is so laughable about that trade??

          • Uh huh

            Really? Jesus. Nothing is laughable from a C’s standpoint cuz that’d be like saying “I’ll trade you two quarters for a $20 bill.” Thing is, you need BOTH TEAMS to say yes. I hate the internet sometimes and can’t believe that had to be spelled out for you. I pray, for your sake, that you’re just trolling here.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Ok, I see what you`re saying…but, don`t have a stroke over this.

          NEVER EVER did I suggest that Ainge should be able to “con” some GM into giving us an All-Star performer for JJJ.

          I`ll settle for far less than that to get rid of him!

    • D Wade

      do you know what you need paul? a life

  • Wil

    Wow! Now Ray really screwed us up

  • Romeo

    Lol did you hear about JO complaining that the C wasn’t right for him?

  • Chris H

    Maybe we will get lucky and Doc will really play some rooks and let them develop. A seasons worth of experience on some of the new parts would at least give us healthy young bodies with legs, which is better than the mixed bag of Quis, Sasha and Dooling.

  • D Wade

    Even the Lakers seems stronger this season with Jamison and Nash, Boston will disappear again for 2 decades before becoming relevant again