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Report: Celtics no longer front runners for Darko

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  • MJ

    I would but who else is out there?!

  • Ralph

    The C’s need a C, maybe Danny will bring Blatche to town.

  • KG

    Blatche! KG will straighten that Kid! He’s a double double guy if he wanted to… How about the Birdman?..

    I still wish that the Celtics should have drafted Festus Ezeli rather than Melo…He’s a bigger Perkins but much better on offense…

    • spiral stairs

      I agree on Blatche. Take him on a 1 yr deal, KG either fixes him or eats his soul. But he’s got legit size for 5 and some actual skill

  • Dan

    Ryan Gomes

  • Lee in Oregon

    Never thought there would be the words “Darko” and “front-runner” in the same sentence…..

    Having said that he would definitly get some minutes. I’d love to get Blatche or Gomes on the roster, but for God’s sake, will everyone stop saying “KG will fix him” or the like. There’s a long list of guys KG has played with and some may have improved and some still sucked. You can’t make chicken soup out of chicken shit just by throwing some sirloin in the pot, so to speak.

    • NorthernGreen

      Lee, I agree. KG isn’t the one to do all of the fixing on this team. It is up to the coaches. Let KG play hoops!

  • Jon L

    am i the only one who thinks we need a backup pg? moore and jet are not pgs, at least not ones that facilitate and as much as dooling is a motivator his running-of-the-team hasn’t been that remarkable to date.

    i think fab and wilcox will hold their own. the free agency market really doesn’t look too promising to me at that position anyways. i’d rather sign oden than milicic

  • keith

    Darko may have dissappointed from his being picked 2nd in draft. But his size and shotblocking could help Celts for 15 to 18 min a game …he is better than the steamer and Celts should replace that shotblocking

    • Lee in Oregon

      I would guess DA thinks Melo is that guy.

  • Reggie35RIP

    “front runners” and “Darko” in the same sentence just cracks me up.

    Thanks christ for that.

  • KG

    So no more Darko rumors…

    New one is Carlos Delfino to Celtics? I guess Courtney Lee doesnt work this time…

  • Murph413

    Nuggets Amnestied Chris Anderson. I think he might be a good pick up, probably pretty cheap. I remember hearing KG was a big fan of the Bird Man. He can be at least as productive as Steamer was.

  • Quest

    Why do so many NBA players by pass Boston as their choice of destination?????

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  • Jim

    Because they don’t have the Celtic work ethic and team first attitude,they want to make big money more than they want to win.