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GIFs: Celtics-Bulls NBA Summer League

pic via Boston Celtics

It’s been a while since I posted some pics & GIFs. Fortunately, my buddy HTT has put together a few from last night’s C’s-Bulls Summer League game in Vegas. The Celtics’ squad won again, 79-74 behind E’Twaun Moore’s 25 points. Here are a few GIFs from the game..


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  • D Wade

    Wow, the Celtics looks unstoppable in the “summer league”. lmfao!

    • Wayne

      Your obviously in love with the Celtics if you post here all the time. Nobody frequents a sports website unless they are a fan. It’s okay come out of the closet and admit it to us.

    • Diego

      GTFO this site.

  • TampaC’s

    First it’s “the Celtics look” not “looks”. And if you come to a place to talk shit atleast spell right. Thanks.

  • I love our readers.