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Stiemsma to Minnesota is as good as done

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 17, 2012 Free Agency, Greg Stiemsma 35 Comments on Stiemsma to Minnesota is as good as done

The Celtics roster is almost complete.  The Jason Terry and Jeff Green deals are being finalized soon enough, meaning our roster looks like this right now:

Guards:  Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Jason Terry
Wings:  Paul Pierce, Jeff Green
Bigs:   Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, JaJuan Johnson, Fab Melo, Chris Wilcox

Non-Guaranteed:  E’Twaun Moore, Sean Williams, Kris Joseph

That’s 11 guaranteed guys under contract.  If they guarantee Moore and Joseph, that’ll be 13.  Moore has been decent in summer league and Joseph has been a pleasant surprise, so it wouldn’t be a shock for Boston to do that.  And if they do, that leaves preciously little money and roster space for more moves.  And that means Greg Stiemsma is probably gone… and the Timberwolves know it won’t take much.

The Wolves expect to get restricted free agent center Greg Stiemsma. Boston is over the cap, so the Wolves feel like they will be able to structure the contract in a fashion such that Celtics general manager Danny Ainge won’t be able to match.

The most the Celtics could offer him is $3.857 million over two years under the bi-annual exception.  They don’t have his  Bird Rights can can’t go higher than that $3.857 million to match any Minnesota offer.  So all they have to do is offer him $2 million a year or more, and it’s done.  He’s gone.

And that’s going to happen.  Stiemer wants to be there.  He’s going be closer to home.

He did well for himself here in Boston.  And I know Boston gave him the chance to prove himself.  Now it’s time for him to make a little bit of money for himself.  For a guy at Stiemsma’s level, I’ve got no issue with a guy going closer to home for a little bit more cash.

Thanks for the solid year, Stiemer.

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  • CoachAJ

    Good to see him get his money. Average career is only 4 years. Greg is 26. That is 4 years removed from college. Gotta get paid now. Thanks Greg, now you gotta play against us. Good luck.

    • JB

      Greg gave his all to the C’s, he has earned and deserves a better payday, and the C’s should move on. For my money, they keep the three recent draft choices, including Joseph, and include the best guard they can get out of Lee, Moore, Pietrus, and Christmas. They also need another seven footer who is ready to play, so let’s get rid of JuJuan and sign another big like Audrey Blatche, who has abundant talent and could benefit from a KG bootcamp.

      • CoachAJ This vid shows me why we should really keep Johnson, as he is an athletic big that can finish around the rim. Rondo is a penetrator. Having bigs that can cut catch and score is very valuable to him. 3.2ppg, 8.3mpg 36games with very little practice on a championship caliber team. With all the pressure that comes with wearing green. I tell you he and Sully are going to complement each other in the future if Danny doesn’t deal him. One cuts, one clogs. Both can pop. Exactly what a PG like Rondo needs.

  • screaming jay

    Yeah…thanks Steamer, really liked your game and will miss ya. But, I agree he has to go find a decent paycheck, and getting close to home is a good thing, even when home is out in the boonies.

    I predict Steamer will improve to the point of being an important second string player once his feet get healthy and he has a bit more experience.

  • Alex

    Here’s the thing though. I heard Minnesota has been waving money around to free agents just so these players sit tight and hear word from Minnesota, while their organization tries to pick what they want. It’s such a bitchy move, which doesn’t surprise me from a crappy organization like the Timberwolves. We’ll just have to wait and see. Stiemer isn’t gone until he’s gone.

  • colaroaster

    be thankful danny didn’t trade up for austin rivers

  • GREEN34

    I look at some of those names and I don’t see a roster that’s going back to the ECF in 2013, sorry folks. The Celtics need to add more veteran SG, SF and C. Who’s the back up PG?

  • TNCeltic

    Best wishes and hope he does well. He contributed alot this year. Sure will miss him, though!

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    Need more depth at wing. Lee or Pietrus. I really don’t need to see JJJ on the floor.

    • spiral stairs

      Challenge trade JJJ for Jordan Hamilton? Fournier makes him a little redundant, no? Then Pietrus & Dooling for vet min. Balances out the roster now that the sign and trade fantasies are no more

    • RedsLoveChild

      Unloading the lethargic JJJ should be a priority.

      He was, and will continue to be, a wasted draft pick.

  • Lee in Oregon

    This was expected, but on the whole, this hasn’t been a stellar offseason for DA & the C’s… least so far. There will be alot of pressure on Green to earn his 10 mil a year after missing a whole season.

    • colaroaster

      agreed. considering management planned the big’s contracts to expire last year.. they haven’t done much to improve.

      “pure talent wins games”
      donny marshall

  • Quest

    Not a lot of depth if u compare the roster to the rest the Eastern build up. Another yr of mediocre bench….same old story.

  • Andrew

    Can someone explain to me why the knicks got bird rights to Lin and Novak, but the Celtics dont get Steisma bird rights? thanks 🙂

    • Lee in Oregon

      Recent ruling by the NBA about guys that get waived. The team that picks them up gets the Bird rights.

  • thetitleisours

    Can Boston offer him more years to compensate?

  • Eric

    I liked Stiemsma and I respect him for the way he’s leaving. It’s understandable. Good luck Steamer, still one of my favorite players to watch.

  • eddysamson

    What about Dionte Christmas and Keyon Dooling?

  • Looks as if the Celtics have really upgraded their roster. i will not be surprised if they take the Atlantic Division again next season and make another deep playoff run as they did last time.

  • Quest

    Reviewing the roster you wonder how many of the guys will be traded out before the end of next season. Jeff, Avery & Chris coming off major surgery with Jeff’s play questionable before his surgery. Terry, who the Mavs didn’t even want to re-sign, at 34 how many min can he play & can he be quick enough to keep up with Rondo. Bass was terrible in the playoff series when he was focused on. Jared & Fab rooks and JJJ who should be sent to the DLeague. Can Rondo, PP & KG stay healthy for 83 games? Can Rondo adjust until Avery returns? Moore flashes of skill but not consistent. Kris just trying to break into a training camp with unproven NBA play. Sean?
    Unloaded 2 big contracts in Ray & KG so yes how have the C’s improved?

  • pete

    Both Birdman and Josh Childress have consistently been hugely productive players. If Celts were smart they would pick both up, and keep Pietrus for his versatility while they’re at it. Getting William Mosley into camp as both a backup C and Lebron defender would be a pretty great idea as well.

    • Quest

      Birdman as in Chris Anderson, yes a productive player, but the visual image of him and KG on the floor together lol …crazy. Would make for great media footage.

  • mrchumpy

    Thanks for a great season Stiemer…sad to see you go. 🙁

    I guess I’ll have to rename my league basketball team the Cleveland Stiemsmas…

  • kricky

    Andre Blatche just got amnestied. I know the guy is a total knucklehead, but he has some good moves inside.

    Worth a look? Maybe KG can kick his ass into line?

  • paul

    My God, these are the most lugubrious comments I have ever seen! For God’s sake, this team is going to be good and deep. This is a deep team. All we have to do is round it out with Pietrus and Dooling and we are amazingly solid. Consider that those two guys were our second and third guys off the bench in the playoffs, and now they look like possibly the last two guys to make the team

    • Quest

      Please remind me how many pts the bench contributed in the playoffs.

      • CoachAJ

        You are right the bench contributed very little in the playoffs. But this years bench will have JET, Green, Wilcox/Sully(whoever doesn’t start), Bass(if he doesn’t start). That’s 4 guys not counting anyone else who may step their game up come playoff time which is a long time from now. Have hope. We can get it done this upcoming season. Go C’s.

  • kyle

    any word on peitrus and dooling. if we can’t get any of the the bigger guys we should get them because they’re both important to the team

  • Quest

    Pietrus coming off knee surgery & how many min did Doc give Dooling in the rotation?

  • Chris

    Taking into account that KG and Wilcox are power forwards and Fab Melo is oh-so-raw, I still think a center is much more important than deepening the guard/wing spots which could be solved with 1 player (Lee or Pietrus until JJJ is finally shifted to the 3 if not traded). Personally I love the idea of Blatche – Doc has a history of bringing erratic guys into line. Consider also that he’s only 25, has rebounding ability without being an offensive liability, and his numbers have seen a big jump since playing with a decent PG in John Wall.

    • I bleed green in L.A.

      I like the Blatche idea, if we lose Steamer and possibly Hollins. If we can get Blatche and Lee, and get more rest for KG and Paul, this would be a successful offseason.

      I would still love to have KG at power forward, and have a rotation of centers (Blatche, Wilcox, Fab, occasionaly KG) and that gives us a deep bench / 2nd unit: Terry, Lee, Green, Bass, Sully.

      Make it happen Danny

  • dwade

    Even a D leaguer doesn’t want to play with the Bosdone

  • DeeEl

    There seem to be enough bigs to begin the season, or until the injuries start to pile up, and no big guards. At 3 Pierce and Green are both going to need minutes, combining for more than 48. I think Bass and Sullinger will have the 4 covered. Who will the big 2 be? Can Pierce play some 2 at this point in his career? Pietrus can play there IF we get him back but he is not a capital A answer to anything which is why Danny has gone fishing for Lee. We need to extract another viable 2 somehow. Then a center if possible.

  • dwade

    the D leaguer bum just disrespected bosdone