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Things are moving very s-l-o-w-l-y on Courtney Lee, Jason Terry front

Alex Kennedy of Hoops World has an update – if you want to call it that:

The Houston Rockets rescinded their qualifying offer to Lee last week, but the shooting guard may still return to the Rockets. The two sides have been in contact and Houston is interested in re-signing Lee once the dust settles. Right now, the Rockets’ top priority is finding a way to acquire Dwight Howard and signing Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik to offer sheets. After those situations work themselves out, the team will try to re-sign Lee. Howard and Lee have remained close since their stint together with the Orlando Magic so the likelihood of Lee re-signing may increase if Houston trades for Howard.

With that said, the Rockets have some competition for Lee. The Minnesota Timberwolves and Phoenix Suns are interested in signing Lee outright while the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers have explored potential sign-and-trade scenarios for the shooting guard. Lee is enjoying the free agency process and isn’t in any rush to make a decision. He’ll continue to weigh his options and see how things play out.

Once we get past the offer sheet deadline (Tuesday?) we should start to see some movement. Or at the least, the rumors and speculation will heat up.

One thing to keep in mind, Lee is only 26. It’s highly unlikely he’s going to pass up more money for a shot at a championship.

There’s also nothing new on the Jason Terry sign-and-trade. This ESPN Dallas report reiterates what we already know – a third team is necessary.

As for Marc Spears’ frightening tweet that the Celtics have interest in Darko Milicic, we are THRILLED to announce the lack of developments there.

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  • ù

    Bad news

  • thetitleisours

    Who knows, maybe Christmas and/or Smith might ease the pain. And I get the feeling that Steamer will be back. More tweets about Boston than Minn. And his pic is with KG. Come back Greg!!!!!!!!

    • LA Flake

      i was wondering if they can S&T stiemsma since he’d be more attractive to dallas or any other team than sasha, keyon or one or both of the purduo?

      • kg215

        Not 100% sure but I don’t think the Celtics can sign Stiemsma to anything more than the biannual exception even in a sign and trade, because we don’t have full bird rights. And if Stiemsma was willing to take that he would probably stay.

  • RedsLoveChild

    If Lee goes to Boston….it will be his 4th team in 5 years.

    I`m just sayin`….maybe this should be telling you something about Courtney Lee.

    • Uh huh

      That he’s young and talented, just not so talented he’s untouchable.

  • CoachAJ

    As long as we have all of this done before we leave for Europe, but right now I’d really like to have Jet signed then resign Pietrus. He didn’t have quite the year he hoped, but should flourish in a second year, and keeps that 2nd unit with a shooter/defender.

  • colaroaster

    steamer to sota should figure into this mess

  • PakkAttackk

    I get that getting Courtney Lee would be awesome & all but what’s wrong with just bringing back Mickael Pietrus & Marquis Daniels? MP was hurt a lot & struggled badly in the playoffs but he’ll do better this season because the schedule isn’t as packed as it was last season.
    He can start until Avery Bradley returns, is comfortable coming off the bench, is cheaper, can defend SG & SF which is HUGE against Miami & the guy is obsessed with Banner 18 & the city of Boston.
    I’d like to get Courtney Lee but I think there are much cheaper, simpler & nearly as good options out there to be signed like MP..

    • RedsLoveChild

      -Pietrus and Daniels are both over 30

      -Pietrus was a major disappointment from being the player who scorched us in the `09 playoffs

      -Daniels has contributed next to nothing in his 3 years as a Celtic, and his production declined even more this past season.

      • Chris

        You have a short memory. Before his frightening injury MP was the only player who could score off our bench. I’d happily give him a year if/when Mayo and Lee sign big contracts with non-contenders. On MD however I totally agree. Has become little more than Scal 2.0.

        • RedsLoveChild

          You weren`t expecting more from Pietrus?

          For us, he turned in his career worst shooting shooting {.385%} in his 9 year career. Before coming here, his career FG % was .431%

          As for three`s, he shot .335%. It was his second worst year shooting three`s.

          His injury last year came in Boston`s 47th game…more than 71% into the season.

          • PakkAttackk

            MP was never healthy to begin with, after we claimed him off waivers he was recovering from a knee injury where Phoenix’s medical staff recomended surgery but MP refused, he didn’t play until the game against the Bulls at home when Rose played. The next few games he starts to get going but the team was struggling. Then vs the Lakers he hurt his knee again. Came back, blah blah then the neck injury vs Philly happens. Came back, blah blah then his knee acts up again. Came back & struggled BADLY. He was never healthy because he should have listened to Phoenix’s doctors the season before he got here. He’s better than what he showed in Boston & yes that’s exactly why I want Quis back because he is Scal 2.0. He’a great in the locker room with these guys, Doc loves em & he CAN contribute if need be.

          • Chris

            Pietrus has never come off such a thin bench. When he was scorching teams in Orlando, it was because he kind of got forgotten and so got a lot of open shots. Suddenly, he was coming off injuries and was the only guy in the second unit who could score, thus received much more attention. We saw glimpses of GS-Pietrus when he blew by someone and dunked, but it was always followed by a whince and he wouldn’t do it again – the guy just wasn’t right. He’ll be MILES better with a proper offseason and sharing the court with Jet and Jeff.

            Explaining my Quis-Scal 2.0 statement – I get that he brings something to the locker room. It’s just that so does Jet and he also points points on the board.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    It’d be awesome to sign both Pietrus AND Lee.

    Currently, the roster needs Courtney Lee more. He’s 6’5″ so think of him as being really useful for defending anybody in the ‘big guard’ size range. There’s a bit of a gap on the roster in that size range/mobility.

    Pietrus is useful too, but Jeff Green is similar. Both are mobile tall/skinny guys. They can be useful against any tall skinny guy (Joe Johnson, Kevin Durant, lots of 3’s and 4’s), and sometimes they can be very effective against Pierce/Lebron style power build type wing players, with their long arms and their mobility advantage. James Posey and Walter McCarty are two other guys that come to mind for this role. I think ideally we’d keep both Pietrus and Green because they are both good and because Green needs to improve his defensive skills.

    Working out a sign and trade for Terry is probably the only way that Courtney Lee gets to Boston, so there’s a good chance we’ll be able to get them both, given that it’s likely we’ll see Danny sending out 2 or more players to get Lee, if he can get something done.

    So any deal for Terry to get Lee is probably going to create one or two roster spots.

    Personally, I’d love to see them bring back Pietrus and for him to get a 2nd year, a full camp, and start out with a good set of wheels.

    We do need a 4/5 or 5 still I guess, but I don’t mind the redundancy issue with Pietrus and Green. Most of all, this roster needs to have guys who will actually be playing. If you have 10-12 guys you can actually put on the floor for significant minutes, it goes a long way towards keeping everyone healthy.

  • CoachAJ

    I mean it would be nice to get Lee IF we dont have do give up anybody. Pietrus would come cheap. And as has been shown, it is difficult knowing where to fit in with this HOF laden team. Remember no camp, and very little practice time to absorb our complex defensive scheme. I think he should get another shot, even if he starts out the number 3 sg on the depth chart.

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