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Your Morning Dump… Raptors may be 3rd team in Jason Terry sign-and-trade

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

Indeed, at 11:50 a.m. Saturday, a Mavs source advised us that the rights to Jet had been renounced. Meanwhile, Terry was in Boston conducting a press conference … even though he hadn’t technically signed his new three-year deal worth about $5 mil a season with the Celtics. At 12:44 p.m. we asked another question of another Mavs official and got an answer that on the surface seemed to collide with the “renouncing” statement. “Don’t think so,” said the source of a Boston sign-and-trade. “But we’re always open to ideas.’

What the Mavs renounced was Jet’s Bird rights (the special ability to sign him and special ability to offer more money) — not the player himself. The Mavs, as we write this, still have the ability to sign him, via another method. And as their own free agent they can use him in a sign-and-trade if they have a way to do the “sign” part of the process. So we believe they still have their eyes on a sign-and-trade … but not a transaction with just Boston … and not just one that brings back Celtics junk … but instead brings back a prize in Jose Calderon. (via Hoops Hype)

I can’t get the full scoop on this report because it’s hidden behind a subscription wall on

If the Mavs end up with Jose Calderon (background info here), then the Celtics would be shipping players to Toronto. Exactly who goes (JaJuan Johnson, E’Twaun Moore, Mickael Pietrus, Sasha Pavlovic, Marquis Daniels) is unknown.

Another curious subplot is the delay in finalizing Jeff Green’s deal. Could altering Green’s salary in the first year allow them to throw more money at a player like Courtney Lee or OJ Mayo? Maybe.

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  • Jester00

    Not Sasha anyone but him

  • Chris

    I’m trying to figure out what Toronto will gain from joining in. It still feels like a hopeful dream until it happens. As for Jeff – it’s a shame he has an agent. He, like Pietrus, just seems to want to play in Boston regardless of the paycheck.

    • Uh huh

      They dump some $$$ and get younger, and probably get a pick for their troubles.

      • colaroaster

        calderon wants out of toronto after they acquired new pg kyle lowry. toronto w/save 7M

    • Frank

      Danny Ainge must not be getting much sleep…. OJ or Lee makes go from a decent chance of winning a title to a great chance. I rather have Lee because I think his attitude will be better and I think he is praying for the money part to work out so he can be a Celtic. With Terry, Bradley and Lee I think we’re better than with Ray. Terry can handle the ball. He doesn’t need 3 screens to get his shot. Even at his age he still has a lot of energy. He can have nights that can change a game. We need to get this deal done. So no news is good news right now

  • Schnell

    Could it be a Trade like this?
    Boston: JT
    Dallas: Jose calderon + 2n rounder from Boston
    Toronto: Shawn Marion + E’moore

  • celticpride17

    If i was jeff green i would tell danny ainge to take $12 million off my contract and give it to, courtney lee, oj mayo, pietrus, and stiemsa! after all we are trying to win a championship!,come on how much money do you need! And if we win the nba title because of geens help ,then we can pay green more on the contract.

    • Alex

      Lol, I don’t think you know how these contracts work.

    • Gixr1

      What an idiot! What are you 11 years old?

  • Brian

    Well atleast they didn’t renounce his rights. That makes a big difference. I still think we end up with lee. He actually wants to be here and will.have no problem sliding to the bench when Bradley is ready. Oj will want to start,and everything I read is that, yes he is a better player, but that the effort just isn’t there.

  • Riley

    Anyone know of any possible way that there could be a massive 5-team deal involving Raptors, Celtics, Magic, Rockets, and Mavericks that had the Raps getting the C’s benchwarmers, the C’s getting Lee+Terry, the Magic getting the entire Rockets roster, the Rockets getting Dwight, and the Mavs getting Calderon? If anyone can add more benchwarmers and cap exceptions into this to make it work, let me know.

  • Jon

    Sign Jeff Green, trade him, JJJ, a 1st and 3 2nds (we have 6 over the next 2 drafts) to ORL for Howard… provided he agrees to a 4-yr extension.

    • Chris

      Oh my god! I’m as sick of hearing about Dwight in Boston as I am of hearing about Ray Allen leaving – but at least that happened. D12 couldn’t win in Orlando because he was the only one playing defense. It would make sense to pair with. Rondo on the leagues best defensive team. But if he’d ever shown the slightest inclination that he wants to play here, Ainge would have pulled it off by now.

    • Gixr1

      How old are you? 12. Complete morons in here with these video game suggestions on trades.

  • charlie

    I think it would be a huge mistake to get Howard – he’d ruin our team. The way this system works (about the other options out there) is for the birds. There are rights and there are rights and then of course there are rights. The whole thing should be simplified – right now it sounds like politics. (I guess most things are, but I hoped sports would try to be more pure.) I don’t know if I should look forward to next years season or not.

  • dwade

    trade Allen, oh I forgot we got Allen to bury you in 3s next season

    • Jesse

      Lol. A Heat fan on a Celtics blog.. you needa take your little dumbass back to your heat bandwagon blogs. Just no.. get out. Dumb ass

  • pete

    damn…Childress got dropped, pick him up stat over the other guys. Great shooting efficiency, great at o & d-boards, low turnovers. only thing is he doesn’t hit 3s anymore but he used to be able to. hugely underrated.

  • JimmyG

    I’m salivating over the thought of a Lee, Green, and Terry coming off the bench once Avery is healthy again. Let’s hope we can somehow make this happen!

  • Brian

    I’m not feeling josh childress. I do like his flech hair cut though. 6-5 6-8 with the afro

  • Reggie35RIP

    I’m not big on Childress, but if the Suns manage to snap up Mayo and Lee there’s not much left.

    The Suns are grabbing everyone. Got Scola already.

    We’ve got to finalise the Terry and Green contracts asap so we can start putting some offers out before it’s too late.