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Rajon Rondo just chillin’ in Paris

Rajon Rondo is spending some time in Paris at Nike’s World Basketball Festival.

I’d pull some quotes from an interview he did with this website, but the Google translation is rather funny (and inaccurate).

Click the link for more pictures.

(h/t to Jay for the tip)

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  • bob


    The Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was present yesterday at the World Basketball Festival, which takes place at the Cité U of Paris until July 16. Present to coach youth basketball players, he was given a few minutes. Interview with one of the most impressive leaders in the world.

    With Boston, you have not been able to reach the final but you have left sacred games.

    Rajon Rondo: I’m disappointed not to have gone further with my team. My goal when I’m on the ground, is to give everything I have for my team wins. Here I look forward to next season. After, my stats, I do not know, I’m not one to look at what I did on the previous games. I think people still expect what we do better game after game but I do not compare. The triple-double, everyone talked about but in the meantime, we have not been in the finals.

    The last time Doc Rivers said you often took the floor during time-outs. You rubbed the Big Three in Boston but now it seems that it is you the leader. Can we say it’s your team?

    RR: Yes, I think. My leadership position favors my status as a leader at the same time. Doc and I worked together for six years now. I know what he wants, whenever he wants. This is for me to get the message field. Doc gives me great confidence, sometimes I know what he wants without request.

    When did you start doing that? Take its place in time-outs?

    RR: For two years I would say. I took a lot of confidence in me two years ago. I matured, my game has changed a lot and my teammates listen to me and it helps.

    How did they react the first time you did?

    RR: It has not surprised. They just listened to what I had to say really. It proves they trust me and they respect me. It’s easier when it’s like that.

    This leadership role is in your personality? This is what you wanted?

    RR: I have not decided if I wanted to be a leader or not. I must be for my team. Every day I wake up thinking I want to be better. I worked hard to get there and I continue to work hard.

    What do you miss it to be THE perfect leader?

    RR: As I said at any time, I’ve matured a lot and my game also. I think is one of the best point guards in the league. I think I’m the best point guard in the league.

    The last time Shaq was saying you were the very definition of playmaker

    RR: He said that? I do not know, Shaq said a lot of crap (laughs).

    A few months ago, Danny Ainge had harsh words to yourself and you also failed to be exchanged. How did you react to that?

    RR: I’ve realized that we were in a real business that day. You can be transferred anytime anywhere. It can even happen to me there right away as we speak. It’s part of the game transfers, free agency … There are a handful of guys who play the same team their entire career. Kobe, Dirk, Paul. A few years ago it was thought that the big man from Cleveland, Z (he thinks), Ilgauskas was thought he would end his career in Cleveland but it ended in Miami. This is not something normal to wear the same jersey throughout a career.

    You like to play in Boston all your career?

    RR: I hope so! But that does not depend on me. This will happen will happen.

    Speaking of transferring, free agency this year, it’s going in all directions. Which transfer or signing surprised you the most?

    RR: huuum, in fact, to tell the truth, I did not really follow what happened. Just what we were concerned. Ray Allen, Jason Terry. I do not watch what happens in the middle of the summer basketball (laughs). But hey, like every year, free agency is something crazy. Here the story with Dwight Howard … As long as my name is not mentioned (laughs).

    What’s your program for this summer?

    RR: A few glasses of wine in Paris (laughs). No seriously, I still have two weeks vacation and I’ll enjoy it.

  • Brian

    Some of the wording doesn’t make sense, chuck us going to clean it up. Timeout translates to dead time and a few other weird things but you get the idea.

  • zippittyay

    Rondo always looks so cool, calm and in control of himself while managing to seem humble at the same time.

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      Doesn’t look humble to me at all. I never liked the “I’m the best” attitude he has.

      • Esther

        He is just honest. In another interview he has said that he is not a scoring point guard, but as far as pure point guard, he likes himself. I don’t think fake self-deprecation defines humble.

    • D Wade

      Rondo is an ugly know it all, can’t win against the Heat

      • Sabotage

        Always some douchebag heat fan trolling other teams post . I know Miami fans are new to basketball but it’s a team sport and there are 4 other players that play on the court too. Losing game 7 to heat in fourth quarter is no shame. I respect the heat , but there fans are clueless dipsh!ts who don’t go to the games. Sad thing is well be seeing them all year cause the dolphins completely suck ass. It’s going to be a long fall .

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