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Your Morning Dump… Jason Terry is a young 34

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I’m a young 34 and I stay in shape, I’ve been blessed over the years not to have any major injuries and I sort of pride myself on being an iron man,’’ Terry said. “I hate to miss games. I’m feeling great and playing with a point guard like Rondo, I know I am going to get plenty of opportunities to go out there and make an impact.

“It’s obvious, at 34 years old I’m not going to change my game. My game is to come out and play with a lot of energy and shoot [big shots]. I know their guy is Paul Pierce, there’s no question about he’s the man that finishes games for them, but now they have another option in myself that is not scared to take and make last-second shots. Whatever Doc wants me to do, I will do.”

“That conversation was like, ‘We want you. You’re our guy. You’re a priority No. 1 for us after we sign KG. We’re tired of you killing us,’ ’’ Terry said. “That made me feel good. I know he’s a great coach. He commands respect from all his players and it will be no different when I come into town.”

Globe – Terry took the call

Terry’s durability is one of the first things I noticed when researching his career. In 13 years, he’s never missed more than 8 games in a season. I’m going to stop praising his durability now, because I know many of you believe in jinxes.

We’re going to enjoy his ability to get off a shot – without a screen. No more of those double and triple screen sets that were needed for Ray Allen. Terry can create off the dribble.

You think Ray is reading this story and thinking, “Damn Doc… why didn’t you call me first?”

Gary Washburn has this nugget on the chances of a sign-and-trade with Dallas, a move that would allow the Celtics to use the MLE on another player:

There is little chance the Celtics can work out a sign-and-trade with the Mavericks for Jason Terry unless the Celtics are willing to part with a combination of young assets such as JaJuan Johnson, Moore, or perhaps Mickael Pietrus or Keyon Dooling. The Celtics would love to facilitate a sign-and-trade to free up their mid-level exception to sign shooting guard Courtney Lee.

I wouldn’t hesitate to send JaJuan Johnson and E’Twaun Moore to Dallas. Johnson has shown little progress (read Doc’s comments here). I know some of you like Moore’s game, but is he ever going to be better than Courtney Lee?

I have mixed feeling on Pietrus. While Iabsolutely love his defensive energy, he’s awfully wild with shot selection and was foul prone last season.

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  • kricky

    It would be really good to get Lee. He’s very solid and he’d fit right in with his D and shooting.

    I don’t think any of those guys we’d have to trade will ever be as good a player as Lee.

  • Alex

    They gotta try and sign-trade for Jason Terry and free up that MLE. Get rid of our last year’s rookies and get rid of either Pietrus or Dooling.

    Here’s the thing though. Both Pietrus and Dooling are great assets to the locker room because Pietrus brings in “relaxed humor” to the C’s, while Dooling brings in “veteran experience” to the C’s. Even Rondo, out of all people, likes Dooling. Not sure who they should pick… If Pietrus is indeed healthy, we can see the Orlando Magic version of him… but if he is as bad as last year, it’s going to be tough to watch.

    • jbsuarez

      It isn’t as simple as the Celtics just picking which one they’d rather keep. This would be a sign and trade – both of those guys are free agents. That means one of them would have to agree to play for the Mavs and work out a contract agreement with Dallas.

      People banter about these sign and trades like the players involved have no say in the matter. They do.

  • cam

    Loved Pietrus and dooling for stretches last year but too fragile and inconsistent. Are they THAT important in the lockeroom where it overides that? I hope not

  • Nate B

    Did Danny offer Ray two years and $12 million before or after he called and offered the deal to Jason Terry? The answer to that question essentially determines who is to “blame” – Danny or Ray – for Ray’s departure.

    • Chris H

      How so? You have to imagine that Ray and Danny talked well before this, during the season about what he would want. I can’t imagine Danny went into it blind with his offer and that he was taken back by Rays counter.

      Ray wanted out and asked for an insane amount of money he knew he wouldn’t get. As evidenced by what he ultimately signed for. It was about Ray getting out more than anything.

  • ShawnCVD

    It is my understanding that Doc called Terry and Ainge called Allen immediately after midnight. Ray wanted “Garnett-type” money to stay and if less (which he took as a demotion considering trade rumors and losing his starting gig to Bradley last year) he decided to move on.

    Blame is fully on Allen for choosing Miami. He’s coming off a a vindictive POS for choosing a hated rival to the C’s and the Boston fans who held him in such high regard. Blame can be put on Ainge for trading him last February only to have the deal fall through AFTER Doc told Allen of it.

    Also management could have offered 2 years at $12 million no trade plus a player option for a 3rd year at $3 million. He still might have bolted, but the security up front of no mid season stress over trade rumors could have been appealing.

    I’m way more interested in Terry’s contributions than watching Ray slow down our offense though. Even if Ray was an amazing spacer and clutch 3pt shooter…

  • Chris H

    I wonder what Miami is going to do with him. It’s not like he can keep up with their Big 3 (short bursts maybe), but they will quickly tire of trying to set him up off screens, or even as Miami fans tell it, him just sitting in the corner, waiting on the 3.

    He might be sitting in the corner, but it will take 10 seconds of play clock to get him there, that was the major problem with Ray. I don’t blame Rondo for not getting him the ball. He has two choices, get an easy bucket off any number of alley oops/cuts from most everybody on the team (Bradley, Wilcox, KG, hell Pierce), or burn 10-15 seconds trying to get Ray free.

    Ray will work out ok as a trailer, but he wont see the ball much at all in Miami, so he better get even more efficient somehow.

  • Nate B

    Of course it would alienate Ray if the Cs went out and signed someone else at his position before locking up Ray, But I agree that the Cs only went after Terry because they knew Ray was going to leave. If you can’t see how the Heat can use Rsy, you have never watched an NBA game. The Celtics don’t have anyone like Lebron or Wade who demands a constant double team; Ray will shoot nothing but wide open shots – think he might hit a few of them?

  • Brian B

    First, i’d simply like to say that the blame goes both ways. I would primarily place it on Allen because he wanted 9M a year to stay in Boston. That is nuts, 3 TIMES what Miami was offering? That is simply insane and a clear indication he had no intentions of coming back to Boston. The only way he would is if he is making crazy pay day that isn’t worth that much.

    Second, I like what Chris H had to say in regards to the time that was eaten by Allen having to come off triple screens just to get a shot. A lot of people complain about Boston’s inability to score and how they averages nearly the lowest points (if not the lowest) points in the league. Adding a guy like Terry will help the celtics add another player who can create his own shot off the dribble. It also will not drain a ton of clock to get the shot. Terry will add a way to score in a slightly quicker manner then Allen did. This will be a useful aspect that will help bring celtic scoring and production up a bit.

    Finally, as Nate B says, Allen will have a good place on the Heat. He will do what he does best, sit back and wait for his man to play off of him to stop lebron or wade leaving Allen wide open for 3’s. I don’t see Allen coming off too many screens in Miami simply because it is a waste of time for a team who doesn’t want to do too many sets. They want to run and gun, not play a set offense.