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What the hell is Houston GM Daryl Morey thinking?

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Via ESPN.com’s Marc Stein and Chad Ford:

Sources told ESPN.com that the Rockets, if they go ahead with their widely reported plans to release starting power forward Luis Scola via the NBA’s amnesty clause, are prepared to absorb the contracts of Jason Richardson, Glen Davis and Chris Duhon — in addition to sending Orlando multiple future first-round picks and recent draftees — to give the Magic an opportunity to wipe their payroll virtually clean for their post-Howard rebuilding effort.

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey is feverishly trying to construct a trade that will allow the Rockets to take back, in addition to Howard, some combination of Richardson, Davis, Duhon and Hedo Turkoglu. With Scola’s three remaining seasons valued at roughly $21 million off the books, the Rockets believe they can create the requisite cap space to do so.

Morey is willing to gut his entire roster for Dwight Howard. He’s essentially willing to swap the Rockets roster for Orlando’s roster.

All this for a guy who won’t commit to staying in Houston long-term.

Morey is reportedly dreaming of pairing Chris Paul (FA in 2013) with Howard.

Good luck. Just ask the Knicks, Nets and Mavs what happens when you gut your roster in pursuit of dream teams.

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  • Desperately Seeking Dwight while messing up deals for several teams in the league. That seems like what Morey’s doing. I don’t know.

  • WinstonSalems

    Take some of the best role players from across the league and that’s what the Houston Rockets have been. A team full of role players. Martin, Scola, Lowry, Lee….there’s not one Top 20-25 player on their team. Plus, throw in all the draft picks and draft selections from this year and they have the pieces to put something together to bring in a Top 5 talent. Everyone knew (scouts) that this year’s draft was solid and deep, but there were no transcendent players like LeBron, Durant, D Wade, etc. Daryl Morey is thinking, if he can trade away a team of role players and unproven rookies, for D Howard, a Top 5 player in the league, absorb some bad contracts but have enough to make a run at CP3, it’s a no brainer. Danny traded 5 guys and 2 draft picks for KG and that was the best decision he ever made. Morey could do the same thing for Howard and get him in his prime. The crazy part about this is Howard won’t give them a commitment and Morey is throwing all his chips in one basket. However, what exactly is he giving up? If this deal goes bad and Howard leaves after the season, The Rockets are back to where they are right now, minus this years draft selections and future draft picks. They could possibly make a run with Howard and convince him to stay. At this point, you can’t trust Howard. He very well could sign an extension with the Rockets after the year, in hopes that they bring in CP3. Griffin is half the player D Howard is and Griffin is slightly more injury prone than Dwight. I think Morey is making a ballsy move but its a move worth considering.