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Report: Chris Wilcox to re-sign for veteran minimum

Via the Boston Herald:

The Celtics have solved at least part of their frontcourt problem by turning to a familiar player.

A team source confirmed today that Chris Wilcox, who had surgery to correct an enlarged aorta last February, has agreed to what is believed to be a veteran’s minimum contract.

Wilcox, who was cleared for full contact and basketball activity just over a week ago, is expected to be ready for training camp in late September.

“I’m just trying to get healthy right now,” he said last week. “Right now I’m just trying to get my wind back.”

At the time of his diagnosis, which ended his season, Wilcox had developed a nice flow. Of all the Celtics big men, he had become the most adept at running the floor with Rajon Rondo, and was also one of their best rebounders and interior defenders. He was one of the best big men in the lineup at defending centers.

Nice move. Really like what I saw from Wilcox last season. The veteran minimum for Wilcox is $1.35 million (according to Chris Forsberg).

Sure beats re-signing Jermaine O’Neal. Did you hear the Lakers are interested in Mr. Fragile? Bahahaha…

There will be a news conference tomorrow morning to formally introduce Jason Terry (who will wear #4), Jeff Green and Brandon Bass.

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  • colaroaster

    wilcox backing up perkins sounds good to me

  • If JET will wear #4, does that mean Marquis isn’t coming back?

    • aaron

      Quis gets a new # every year

      • Jess

        But what do we do when it’s time for the C’s to retire his number?

      • Right. Wasn’t he #8 before Green took it?

  • screaming jay

    very good news!

  • Rondo To KG

    Excellent signing by Danny. You really can’t get much more value at the veteran minimum than Chris Wilcox.

  • Rays a traitor

    Great sighing….. I remember the alley oops ” rondo to Wilcox ” and his non stop effort

  • sev

    If he plays all season or even 75%, that is a steal. He has underachieved most of his nba career, but like the article states, he was really performing well prior to his heart issue. I think he really believes this is the best place for him to succeed as it wouldn’t surprise me if he could get a little more than the vet min. The guy is only 29 and although it may take him the first half of the year to get in shape, the quality minutes he can bring to the table will allow KG some rest, otherwise our front court depth would have been left to the rookies(or some other vet that won’t be the bargain Wilcox is). He is a great character/locker room guy and due to the fact that he is only 29, I think he still hasn’t played the best ball of his career. Actually wanting to play for your teammates and coach can make the biggest difference in the world. He had two great seasons in Seattle where he averaged like 14 points and 7.5 rebounds in like 30 min or less. Based on the athletic ability we all saw last year, I think he is more than capable of logging 20 min a game with 9-10 points and maybe 5 rebounds. Getting easy buckets from Rondo allows him to focus more on rebounding(everybody wants to score some points), which I’m sure will be stressed to him as his main job. I remember several back to back games where he had double digit rebounds, and when you do it on a winning team(unlike seattle) where players and fans appreciate the dirty work, it just makes you want it even more. Great signing.

  • Astarot

    Can Boston re-sing him? They waived him last season so I think there’s some period of time they can’t re-sing him.

  • Brian

    They put him on waivers but nobody put in a claim, so we can sign him. I thought we had to wait as well guess not.

  • sev

    Yea i was wondering about Quis. I know he has been wanting to get more playing time, which on a bad team he could be the primary backup, but I don’t know if he will get any more money than the Vet min(which could be one reason to play somewhere else, so you can prove you’re worth something better than 1 year vet min). I haven’t really thought about our roster space and I know that depends on if we do a sign and trade, but assuming we don’t, is there room for both Moore and Joseph or would danny rather keep one and go for some proven bench warmer. I would guess that even though they play diff positions, that he will cut one of them in favor of a keyon dooling(nothing but a locker room presence) or preferably a Pietrus, who prob is worth the Bi annual(maybe more if his offensive game replicated prior seasons). Even last years Pietrus is easily worth vet min and 3rd string duty(maybe 2nd depending on match ups) as his versatility allows him to guard 2s and 3s. Basically Quis but with a jump shot and a little more length.

  • Brian

    Plenty of options that’s for sure.. As long as we don’t have Terry and more as the back up 2’s we will be fine..

  • D Wade

    Chris Wilcox is a good sign for at least 20 games then he’s back in the injured list.

  • The Chad

    dude sucks in 2k12. can’t make a layup.