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A sign-and-trade for Terry is a brilliantly simple cap move for Boston

I’ve been able to learn a lot about the new salary cap structure recently.  I’ve picked up a few of the nuances, but not all of them.  Sometimes in the pursuit of being creative within the system, I overlook a simple solution to a problem that can dramatically change the Celtics’ offseason.  This is one such solution:  A sign-and-trade for Jason Terry.

In regard to outgoing players, Jason Terry still hasn’t signed with Boston, but that deal has been agreed upon. Apparently, the only holdup is whether the Mavericks can figure out a way to sign-and-trade Terry rather than simply losing him in free agency for nothing.

It might be a way to get Terry a few more dollars, and it might net the Mavericks a second-round draft pick or something like that for the future.

A second round pick, you say?  Well, the Celtics were just handed a second round pick from Oklahoma City via Charlotte.  That’s an asset they didn’t have before, and they could easily give it to Dallas in an unbalanced trade (which is allowed because Dallas is under the cap).  That would bring Terry into the fold for the same amount of money… but then it would free up the full, non-taxpayer mid-level exception… which is $5 million per year. 

And all of a sudden, guys like Courtney Lee and, maybe, OJ Mayo, are back in play. 

It’s so simple, yet it’s so brilliant.  Dallas gets something (maybe more than just the 2nd rounder, who knows?) where before they had nothing.  And Boston gets something and then maybe an even bigger something. 

UPDATE: It may take more than just the pick to acquire Terry.  I may have been confused about the mechanisms of the trade that would get him to Boston.  

One possible scenario would be sending Dooling out in a sign-and-trade, cash out (the Celtics have up to $3 million to send out in a trade) to pay for the deal, Sean Williams (unguaranteed contract) and the 2nd round pick.  Still not giving up much, but you gain that flexibility.

Nothing is done yet, but his is a potential game-changer for this offseason

(via CelticsTown)

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  • KGfever

    brilliant! i hope celtics and dallas will agree on this…It will be a good deal on boston and now they have extra money to acquire lee or mayo…now im excited…hopefully this will push through before lee and mayo signs somewhere else!

  • Ray

    I’m pretty sure that simply having any team in the trade under the cap doesn’t allow you to do unbalanced trades. If a team is taking on more salary than it is giving up (and it doesn’t fall into the 150% plus $100,000) then the team must have room under the cap. I don’t pretend to know the C’s exact cap situation at the moment (who is really signed or not) so I don’t know if they have room for Terry in a trade while giving up nothing. My guess is that they don’t. But then, hopefully the guys that do this for a living are figuring out a way it works.

    • jbsuarez

      I think you’re right Ray. I’m not a master of the cap, but it’s my understanding that since the Celtics are over the cap, they’d have to make the money match. If, theoretically, the trade was the other way around, then it would work since the Mavs would be taking on salary and the Cs would be unloading it.

  • KGfever

    btw, if dallas will sign Terry do we still need to wait for 5 months before they can trade him to boston?

    • KY Celts fan

      no, not in a sign-and-trade.

      Smart move, Danny. I’d love to get OJ Mayo, just to rub it in Ray Allen’s face.

  • kg

    It can be unbalanced, but only one way. Dallas can take more than they send, Celts cannot. It would still be difficult. Pietrus and/ or Dooling would have to agree to sign with the Mavs to make it work.

    • jbsuarez

      And the Mavs would have to be willing to take on their contracts, which is highly doubtful.

  • kricky

    Good call!

    If we could somehow be sure we’d get Lee it’d be worth it even to give up a first round pick to Dallas.

  • Rondoing

    I wish we could work something similar for S&T Ray Allen to Miami to give him a higher salary and give us a 2nd rounder from the heat that we could use in other trades…

  • RedsLoveChild

    Speaking of ex-Mavs such as Terry….is Marquis Daniels {along with his stupid thick braids} officially an ex-Celtic right now?

    If not, why not?

  • Brian

    Under the cap rules it would work. If Terry needs to make 5 million the C’s need to send out 3.34 dollars. Moore Johnson and Williams and Dooling would work. It depends on how much the guys make. I really like Moore and would hate to lose him the other gus not so much. You only hold on to Dooling if you can’t get a guy like OJ or Lee. With the way Joseph is playing you could send them Peaches as well but he is another great team defender who played hurt, and still gave 100%.

    So you could have something like this

    C Garnett Steamer Fab
    PF Bass Sully Wilcox
    SF Paul Green Joseph
    SG Bradley Lee Petrius
    PG Rondo Terry

    You could pick up OJ but I’d rather have Lee. If Portland doesn’t match the offer sheet for Batum Steamer could be back as well which would be great. You can fill in the other spots here and there. Depending on who you send to Dallas you would keep whatever they don’t get. If you send them Williams and Moore they would actually like that cause the deals aren’t guaranteed deals so Dallas can just dump them. So you send them Williams Johnson Dooling and Moore and you should be all set and then you get to keep Peaches and you still have the bi annual. I don’t think you have to use that on Wilcox as he should take the Vet min, but you never know.

    Good news for sure though…

  • colaroaster

    last year david west screwed us on the sign/trade. danny has to get a center

    • Brian

      I think u are going to be ok, with Garnett and Wilcox and your undersized center in sully. He is a better player then Davis was and is wide enough that you can get away with him in your line up for 5/8 mins. Remember that most center are horrible. Hell as long as you keep howard more then 5 feet away from the basket he is useless. it’s the only reason Jason Collins is still in the league.

      If you look at the 07/08 team they really only had PJ Brown and Perk. THey had Pollard but I don’t really count him as a useful player. The best line up they had was going small with KG Paul Posey Allen and Rondo, it’s how they closed out games.

      Pos. Starter Bench Reserve Inactive
      C Perk P. J. Brown Scot Pollard
      PF KG Leon Powe Glen Davis
      Brian Scalabrine
      SF Paul Pierce James Posey
      SG Ray Allen Tony Allen
      PG Rajon Rondo Sam Cassell Eddie House Gabe Pruitt

  • Astarot

    Sending Dooling wouldn’t be good I think he could be better back up for Rondo. But to have full mid level would be so much more important it’d change whole situation not only with Lee also it’d let Ainge to look for another options. Team still need some C even though as Rivers said on SL most likely KG will start on 5.

  • D Wade

    Jason Terry is an old dude, well Boston love old and fat dudes.

  • sev

    If we send out some draft picks along with JJ and/or Moore, along with whoever else needed to get the sign and trade done, I would like to see us get Mayo. We will have competition for him, especially at the price we’d be trying to acquire him for, but he would be essential for not only this years team, but more so for the future. We all know that Mayo brings youth, talent and possibly untapped potential(all star), so even though we may have more pressing needs at other positions, Mayo should be the main target. Not only because of his upside, but because of the fact that we would be trading away 1 or 2 draft picks, plus maybe both of our draft picks last year, so we would want some talented youth to fill that void. Mayo’s superstar potential is a better gamble than expecting either or all JJ, Moore, a late first rounder, and an early 2nd rounder to be a key player for the celtics future. We could then transition from the big 3 with a group including Rondo, Bradley, Mayo, Green, and Sullinger. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lee, but despite entering his prime, his ceiling isn’t much higher, and at best he will prob be a little better than his best season to date. Lee is a key role player, but not a core type player. Mayo may never live up to his potential, but worst case he is an upgrade over Lee. They both play great D which I like, but Mayo could flourish under a coach like Doc. Mayo’s numbers have been on a decline, and not just min or points, but FG%. Hopefully this is due to not being able to find a groove as some players need to get up more shots and/or easy buckets(Rondo). Competing for shots with Rudy Gay, Randolph, Gasol, and Conley made it more difficult for Mayo, especially when you figure Gay and Randolph prob passed the ball to Mayo towards the end of the shot clock(after holding ball looking for their shots), leaving Mayo to force it up. If we still have the Bi annual contract remaining, after a potential sign and trade, we could use that on a big like Steamer, or use the sign and trade money for a talented big and grab Pietrus for the Bi. We are primed to go deep in the playoffs as is, so acquiring the right guy with the sign and trade would be worth draft picks as we could be the favorites depending on who we get. I’d only give up JJ, Moore and that early 2nd rounder from charlotte for Lee, but I would throw in a future 1st rounder if Danny had an agreement in place with Mayo(guys should want to come to Boston as playing with Rondo equates to more money in the future). I don’t expect anything much from Moore(he could be an NBA journey man), but I do believe that JJ will be a strong player off the bench at some point in his career, despite what little he has shown to date. JJ is a humble kid, who has the work ethic, soft touch, and frame(needs to get stronger) to become a solid to above average player(not sure he’ll be better than Marshon Brooks, which puzzled me at the time of the draft because we needed someone who could create their own shot, and it’s not like he played in a weak conference, but anyways). This next move has the potential to be Danny’s most important decision. Ray and all Heat fans….will you be the favorites if the Celtics have a lineup like this
    Pg- Rondo, Terry, Dooling
    Sg- Bradley, Mayo, Pietrus(vet min if he wants a title?)
    Sf- Pierce, Green, Joseph
    Pf- Bass, Wilcox, Sullinger
    C- KG, Steamer(?), Melo

    Obviously you can mix and match a lot with this group, which is great for a head coach. Terry will play sg too, but for min purposes he would play point. Pietrus would play SF as well especially if we go small with Green at PF and if we don’t get Steamer, Wilcox will play C. Steamer will be key as if Wilcox isn’t healthy. Would like to preserve KG and we should easily be able to preserve Pierce and limit Rondo’s min. Don’t mess this up Danny. Should have signed with us Ray.

    • Reggie35RIP

      Paragraph breaks are your friend. 🙂

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