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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen admits he didn’t create enough waves in Boston

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Sometimes you’ve got to step out and clear your path a little bit more than you would have done otherwise and just let it be known,” Allen said. “But I acquiesced so much to the point where, at some point they said, ‘Well, Ray will be all right, he’ll figure himself out or he’ll get his touches, he’ll figure it out, we don’t worry about him.’ At some point it was to my own detriment because I didn’t create enough wave of an ego to let them know you have to stand up and speak for yourself and be accounted for.”

Allen’s relationship with Rajon Rondo was strained to the point where he didn’t mention the Celtics point guard by name Wednesday. But he maintained it wasn’t the determining factor in his exit. It appeared Paul Pierce didn’t exactly recruit Allen hard, either. Allen said he primarily talked with Garnett, who told him that Ainge would “step up to the plate and do whatever you need him to do.”

Globe – For Ray Allen, the love was lost

As I logged on to my laptop this morning, I was praying for news about Courtney Lee or any other potential free agent. Nope. Nada. Nothing. And that is why I’m forced to blog about Ray Allen… again.

It’s interesting to hear Ray Allen admit that he was too soft spoken with management during his time in a Celtics uniform. A lot of fans on this site have labeled his behavior ‘passive aggressive’ and they are correct. My choice – fraud – is a tad stronger, but I’m still standing by it.

I’m surprised that Paul Pierce wasn’t more vocal in this process. Whether it be lobbying management (although he could have done so without our knowledge) or making a point to speak with the media during free agency.

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  • PakkAttackk

    I’n sure Pierce said something at returning during the season. But when did Ray ever come out & say “I want to be back in Boston next year.” Even if he was gone in his head to the Heat, he could’ve just said something along those lines but all we heard was his relationship with Rondo was bad, he didn’t like Avery starting, he wants to be recruited like KG & how much he hated being dangled in trades. That happens to nearly ever good player, DEAL with it Ray. Not once did he ever say “I want to be back here.” Never.

  • MissMD07

    I remember after Game 7 as I was watching Paul Pierce’s postgame interview, I wondered to myself “why didn’t he mention Ray?” It almost seemed like he knew Ray was a goner. In that interview Paul talked about how he hoped management would bring back KG and add a few pieces to get them over the hump. He didn’t mention anything about Ray. Later, he went on to add how KG meant everything for his career and how he wanted to finish his career alongside him. Even after the interview, I kept thinking “He didn’t mention Ray.” Probably knew he was a goner.

    • I thought the same thing.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Pierce never mentioned Ray because Pierce wants to win next year…and a 37 year old Ray Allen does NOT help the Celtics to that end.

      Pierce was wisely thinking with his brain… not foolishly with his heart. He wants what is best for the Celtics. He did not want to see Ray return here.

      The sentiment of Celtic fans is crazed…Ray did us a favor by leaving!

      • Brick James

        Paul Pierce has never been a level-headed, calculating thinker. Paul Pierce is emotional to the Nth degree.

        There was something that cut deep in the locker room. Rondo was not the only one that didn’t get along with Ray. Pierce was at least another. There were probably more.

  • Chief

    Please no more stories on this guy,can’t wait to see Avery bradley healthy and actually playing defence against opposing SG unlike above fomer sonic

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m a bit dissapointed the C’s havn’t been able to land anyone yet…….Indy nabbed Gerald Green yesterday, so maybe DA will end up getting Lee. Pained me to see Portland get JJ Hickson, but at 6 mil for 1 year that’s too rich for the C’s. The GM in Minnesota (Kahn) is an idiot so maybe we will end up getting Steimsma afterall?

  • Hilary

    I’m glad for this one last story on Ray, because his facial expression cracks me up. He looks like a little kid who ran away from home because his parents wouldn’t let him stay up late watching a horror movie on a school night. He’s surprised he actually got out the door… and “oh shit” is sinking in, cause he knows damn well he’d have been happier where he was, but he’s not going to lose a battle of wills. And now he’s standing next to a scary old guy who’s saying nice things but looks like the crypt keeper in that movie he didn’t get to watch.

    • Celtic

      Man, that is hilarious 😀

      I wonder if it’s how he really feels

  • shyam

    i can’t wait until bradley shuts down ray in a game.

  • Astarot

    I hope I’ll be wrong about this but we will miss him much this upcoming season. I think on many situations we’ll say: “Ray would hit that”. I know we gotta get over this, he’s gone but we still would use his consistent shooting.

  • Astarot

    Oh and Ronnie Brewer is unrestricted. I don’t know what Pietrus situation is like and what kind of money Brewer will be looking for but he’s a nice player.

  • Rajon Rondo

    I don’t miss Ray one bit. He is useless in our grand scheme of getting younger and faster on the wing. He is worthless if he can’t beat his defender around picks. Nice knowing you Ray, but I want a younger faster SG running with me on the fast break.

  • paul

    The most amazing chutzpa was when Allen actually claimed that he didn’t like the Celtics staid offense and was looking forwards to the Heat’s up tempo style.

    Does he really think the whole basketball world doesn’t realize that the Celtics staid offense was the way it was because it was wrapped around one Ray Allen? Is he that delusional, or just that much of a pol that he thinks the bigger the lie the better?

    • Chris H

      You got to wonder how many trailing shots will be available to him since the rest of the team will be at the rim when Ray cross half court.

  • Ronald Reagan

    we don’t have anyone to trade for courtney lee and he won’t take a haircut on salary

    your basic catch 22

    • noche

      That’s not a catch 22.

  • Ronald Reagan

    As for Ray Allen


  • zippittyay

    By mid-season, he will be real tired of being LeBron’s bitch.

  • kricky

    I know it still hurts. But we have to move past it.

    We’ve got a gritty team with some really compelling young pieces.

    They are the ones that deserve our attention.

    Not that petty, vindictive SOB.

  • Romeo

    Tired of all this Allen talk, time to move on. He’s miami problem now, I want to see some celtics news

  • Sammy46

    At this point Ray to me is old news, no pun intended. When all of this first went down I was bitter, angry, upset, pissed off you name it. I cursed his name cursed his new team even more than I already do, since I despise Miami with every fiber of my being that doesn’t despise the layers. Then once the news set in and I calmed down I’ve decided if he really wanted out of Boston then whatever. Now its done, its official, and I really don’t care Miami wants us talking wants us pissed off. So there for I choose not too. I applaud what Ray did to help get us banner 17, but we can we will get banner 18 without him and I don’t know about you but Ray and team divas will be the last thing on my mind. Go Celtic!!!!!

  • ShawnCVD

    Um, the way Ray is talking I’m thinking he didn’t want to accept a demotion in Boston. He came here as a member of the new Big Three and now his role in Boston diminished so much he wanted to start over.

    In corporations when a manager gets demoted what’s often best is for the former manager to be transferred to a different site or department. Often, due to a change in wages, roles, or responsibilities, the demoted worker will seek work elsewhere, eventually leaving the company that demoted home. Even if the new job and situation is less desired by the former leader. Sound familiar?

    I’m not forgiving Ray for the company he chose to work with. I’m pissed he did that to his Boston fans who held him in such high regard. I also cannot state what Ray is thinking. At face value I think this is kinda what’s going on.

    The biggest loss Boston suffered was not being able to sign and trade the guy. Now the C’s have a youth movement starting and the fans have another reason to hate the Heat. Sounds good to me!

    • Chris H

      Ray is going to end up like Darth Vader.

      When I was a kid, I thought he was the baddest dude in the solar system.

      The I saw the prequels and I realized, he was like middle management of evil. A district manager at best. And eventually was beat by a young kid with a great heart (Avery).

      Ray in a similar is going from a member of the Big Three to the small 4 and has yet to realize that yet.

      It’s difficult to reconcile the two things: Ray’s statements about not complaining enough and his role, with taking a backup gig for less money somewhere else. You could be a significant part of an org for bigger money and more security or take a limited role for half the money, because THAT suits your basketball ability more? And it’s better for your family? But you’ll ALWAYS be a Celtic? NONE of that jives.

  • Lakerhater

    Ray had a chance to make it smoother yesterday but his ego got in the way. Forever a celtic? Yeah not so much ray. Posey left a free agent but was up front that it was about the money. Cash in Posey, best of luck and a standing o when you stop by. Ray shit stained what could have been a nice legacy in his departure.

    And not asserting himself? Thats right ray, had you asserted yourself and taken over games the way pp, kg, rr often do you would have gotten more respect from management. Your a great 3 point sniper, awesome at the foul line and a smart player but your the new eddie house for the heat. Don’t go away playing like your some sort of victim, just go the fuck away.

  • Chris H

    I think it’s time to quote “Red and Me” which should be the unofficial bible of this place.

    Bill Russell asks “Shouldn’t we be scouting other teams”? Red responds “Fuck them, let them worry about what WE ARE DOING”.


    • LG

      I completely agree. Although, if KG speaks upon all of this Ray mess (I doubt he will until much later), I will definitely be interested.

  • Cowboy Dave

    Ray is no different than Deion Sanders, who intentionally went to division and conference rivals. Just as Prime Time was done before he left Dallas, Sugar Ray was replaced as a starter by Avery Bradley which is probably why he left. Also, while he whines about not being courted like KG, how about stepping up and at least trying to be the heart and soul of at least one team.