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Scout: Jared Sullinger would start for some teams

Jared Sullinger has been a Celtic for exactly two weeks and he’s played in four summer league games.  It was our first chance to look at Sullinger as a pro and evaluate him against other pro (or borderline pro) talent.  And what we’ve seen is impressive. 

He can play with his back to the basket pretty well.  He attacks the glass.  He gets to the line.  He can hit mid-range jumpers.  It’s giving us reason to be optimistic that Danny Ainge lucked out when he dropped to 21.  And if you think this just Boston fans being overly optimistic about a productive summer league debut, check out what this scout who’s been watching him this week said:

“Coming out of college, I heard a lot of people compare him to (Cavs forward) Samardo Samuels,” said one scout. “That’s ridiculous. Samuels is just fine, but the only thing they have in common is their wide frames. Sullinger is so much more skilled it’s not funny. He understands the game and is a tireless worker. If he stays healthy, a lot of teams will regret not (drafting) him sooner.”

The scout went on to predict Sullinger would be an immediate starter for a lot of teams. “In some situations,” the scout said, “he’d be a go-to guy.”

If that doesn’t make you smile, then I don’t know what will.

I’m not ready to make that leap just yet, but I’m definitely very encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.  It’ll be very interesting to see him in person and get a better feel for how he works out there.  He’ll also be facing some tougher competition in Las Vegas, and the schedule seems to be catching up to him a bit.  But Danny Ainge may just have gotten two guys who could contribute to the team this year in Sullinger and Kris Joseph.

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  • Chris

    Love all this, a good big man to spell kg/bass is what we need, even let kg sit some games to rest before playoff time, awesome

    • IanD

      I agree, his post game could really help us this year. With KG becoming more of a jump shooter they were left with almost no presence down low. I’m looking forward to having a guy who can potentially get some dirty points down in the paint and get to the line.

  • d wade

    getting excited at something that’s nothing must be a celtics

    • zippittyay

      good thing you gave up trying to spell the first name. Good Effort.

      • KY Celts fan


      • Alex

        What do you expect from fair weathered Miami fans. They can’t even spell their star’s name right.

        • Steph

          I think it’s even more ridiculous, that this guy’s constantly checkin’ a CELTICS blog … I mean c’mon what’s your business here if you’re that big of a Heat fanboy !?
          I’d never waste my time on any of the Miami pages or blogs !!

          • LA Flake

            Miami fans have blogs? Wait! Miami has fans???

      • Jim

        My advice to all Celtics fans is ignore this guy. Don’t respond to him no matter how provocative his comments.He is an attention seeker,with obviously low self esteem and feeds off upsetting people. When he stops getting the attention he craves he will find another target.I will not be replying to any of his drivel.

        • D Wade

          I’m just stating my observation if you’re hurt it’s your problem not mine.

    • kg215

      Not even being able to finish a sentence properly and being illliterate “must be a Heats”

  • Brian

    It sure makes sense. If you start sully, it would really help your bench. You want a guy like bass who is a good team defender who can knock down that 12 footer better then Kevin Gamble… could which is saying a lot.

    A bench of
    Terry would be nice…

    Like I said before isn’t it going to be nice to be up by 8 points against a quality team and then not have to worry about how soon Hollilns sean williams or dooling is going to blow it. TV time out, real time out, quick fall, all to get KG an extra few mins of rest to put the team on his back…

    • Gixr1

      Better jumpshot than Kevin Gamble is a big stretch, my man.

  • RicM

    I watched a couple of the games and my first reaction. These are not NBA caliper players. The new rookies I wasn’t expecting much but Moore and JJ showed nothing. The games are not too structured so you can score a quick 10 by accident. JJ’s go to move is the turnaround jumper that looked good but he gets pushed around by guys his age . Moore can handle the ball but finishing at the rim and the outside J arn’t strong after a year in the league against D leaguer’s..Sullinger’s game is NBA ready methodical good foot work then muscles it to the rim. Joseph does everything under control. He can shoot pass and dribble the skills just need to be refined. Melo can not defend his man in the paint. He made a couple of nice passes because he does not want to shoot. I watched Detroit played the 3rd year guys today what a difference to the

  • CoachAJ

    And IF Doc really wanted to Sully could start on opening night, and give us some beef to start the game. But starting a rookie comes with some consequences. Erroneous foul calls, Defensive 3 second calls, etc. But could we withstand it until a reserve comes in? Maybe. It would serve to make the team deeper IF Doc gets a couple young guys not named Bradley in the rotation. But they still gotta earn it, Avery did.

    • coachaj

      Put him in the starting lineup then give him the ROY award, yeah buddy.

  • kricky

    Still need to see how Sully’s below the rim game translates to an actual NBA game.Those shots he does make around the rim look so damn difficult.

  • D Wade

    sullen girl? lmfao! He and the Cs are made for each other. He will be called “sullen girl” after the Heat send Boston fishing again next season. Good luck sullen girl

  • Jester00

    This guy is nba ready last time we had liget big with a post up game???????? Big AL I watch almost every game he played in college you heard here first he will be a top 5 rookie this year. His back to the basket game is old school can go power or finesse.
    with a solid mid range shot and an OK 3 point shot
    Steal of the draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    “if he stays healthy”, which is basically the only reason why he dropped. no one ever questioned his skills, his health is what made other GM’s pass. kinda like brandon roy was red flagged.

  • zippittyay

    The most ‘nba ready’ big at Orlando is clearly Miles Plumlee. He has displayed good, legitimate post moves and drives to the rim. He has good range and is strong and can run. I was shocked to find out he had one of the top vertical leaps at the nba combines… 40.5 inches!! Good luck getting minutes at Indy though..

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