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I like Fab already

We’re only 3 games into Summer League, and Fab Melo is already showing he’s proud to be a Celtic. He gets a tweet from a girl in a Heat shirt who says:  “is Melo really your last name?”  His response is fantastic:


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  • hebertofnh

    Fab Melo is winning right now. He seems like a fun kid, and he can seriously block shots. I’m tempering my expectations for him, because he’s so raw offensively, but I feel he can thrive in our culture with a good mentor like KG.

  • PakkAttackk

    Funny how a majority of Celtics fans labeled him as a bust or someone that would be lazy yet he’s running as hard as any big on the SL team, communicating better than anyone on D, blocking shots, passing beautifully & being a presence in the paint. But by all means guys, keep shouting for Danny Ainge to be fired & keep labeling picks before you see them in game.

    • KWAPT

      I find it ridiculous when folks label anyone a “bust” before they’ve even played a preseason game..happens every year though. Oh well.

    • CoachAJ

      Exactly dude is still learning the game, and each level of the game is actually a different level. Players are faster stronger and taller. What one may have dominated at may not work anymore. Fabricio should work out well with us. Lets also give the coaching staff time to COACH.

  • ralph

    As a Brazilian native myself Im really proud to have Melo drafted by my Celtics, and I like that he has the green starting to flow in his veins.

    • Brian

      So does this mean that down town framingham/somerville will be banged out for celtics games with big crowds like during the worldcup? that would be sick…

      • MC

        HAHA YES!!!

  • CoachAJ

    I still love the selection of Fabricio. He might not make much of an impact this season, but learning from KG and the coaches and even probably visiting the Claws for some real gametime work. He will rise as a player given enough time. I do see Sully playing alot of center tho this year, as we have no beef on this team. 3J is a cutter, someone that fits particularly well with our drive and pass PG.3J finishes at the rim, explosively. Really would like to have Wilcox starting at C, with Bass coming off the bench. But if Bass starts then Wilcox 1st off the bench. The bigs rotation should be interesting, especially with the notion that KG need not play every game this season.

    • Brian

      I would like to see Sully start at PF and have the rest of the starters start from last year. Bass was only a starter this past year, having him, Green, and Terry off the bench would put an end to any bench scoring droughts over night. THis team can play D, they just go streches with out scoring. We don’t have to wait for Allen to come off 3 screens and then get pissed that he didn’t get the ball. We would have Green who can drive, and kick out ot Terry who can then drive or shoot the 3, or kick it out to bass who can hit the 12 foot J.

      Isn’t it going to be nice to not have to rely on Hollins Daniels and Dooling to score?

  • Hartz

    The big knock on this kid coming into the draft was his motivation, and now that is looking like a complete non-issue. It’s early, but he really seems to be “buying in”.

    While watching him matched up against Plumlee today confirmed what I already thought about Fab, that there are other guys out there who can contribute more right away; but this guy has been balling for what? 7 years or something like that? The physical tools are certainly there.

    A few years in Boston, and Fab could become a serious force in this league.

  • Lee in Oregon

    The way centers are getting signed, it looking like this kid will get more than just garbage minutes.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Melo has a chance to make Ainge look like genius.

    It`s insane how anyone can criticize this selection at #22.

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