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Enemy Chatter: Friction with Rondo didn’t factor into Ray’s decision

We often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics.  Here’s a look at some enemy chatter from Miami.

Was friction with Rondo a factor?

I haven’t spoken with him at all. I know when i came down here I texted Paul and Kevin… we shared a similar philosophy.

I look back at all our times spent in Boston… we had a lot of disappointments but shared a lot of thrills.

It’s sad knowing I won’t be with those guys anymore but I’m looking forward to what I can do here with this organization.

I can’t say it factored into my decision. As teammates, we were brothers… there’s differences. We all have differences. Paul eats cornflakes, I might not like cornflakes. At the end of the day, we have to buy into what the coach believes… put our differences aside.

I looked at this situation and that what would be best for my kids, my wife, and me personally.

When did you decide you were leaving Boston?

I think it was maybe July 6… if I have my dates correctly…. I felt as though I contributed a great deal to Boston… there was a moment.. I thought…change is not bad… you have to decide if this organization is going to be beneficial to you playing basketball.

Could they have done anything differently… more money, role, etc?

It’s hard to say…

When I was leaning toward Miami, I sent a text to Kevin. He responded.. “Danny will step up and what’s needed.” I said… we’ll see…

Those quotes are from Ray Allen’s introductory press conference with the Miami Heat.

As always, Ray Allen said all the right things. And as we’ve learned, he’s a fraud.

Call me crazy, but he didn’t look overly enthused to be there.

Ray will wear his old number 34 with the Heat.

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  • Quest

    Fraud…strong words….

  • Worst.

  • R

    “best for my kids, my wife, and me personally”
    How can that be?

  • paul

    The appropriate phrase to describe this behavior is passive aggressive. Quite disgusting.

  • paul

    Note that he did it ‘for the children’. Wasn’t that nice? What a good pol he’ll be.

    We’ll spend the summer how hearing whatever nastiness Allen can dredge up about Rondo, leaking it out through his usual media conduits.

  • Celticsfanatic

    Yep that makes sense. Move your kids so you don’t have to move them again.

    What a phony bitch. Get Courtney Lee and stomp on these imposters.

    • Noori

      I like your style my friend. Teach those South Beach Bums a lesson!

  • Jason

    I still don’t see how this helps his children. He’s kid has diabetes and Boston has one of the best hospitals in the world. Medical care is much better here than in Miami.

    This guy is a fraud.

    • williamholbert

      As I posted elsewhere he looked very uneasy,dry mouth,no sense of real joy

  • colaroaster

    journey man w/o a home

  • @Bostonsportz

    if you watched, he actually sounded like there was issue with rondo,

    • Caterpillar from Italy

      Exactly, totally. Plus, he left all the weight on Danny’s shoulders.

  • Lakerhater

    Ray is just the new Eddie House who was pretty much a douche towards Boston when he arrived in Miami. Here’s hoping their careers follow a similar path.

  • AFan

    Ray Allen is the most passive aggressive person on this earth, but to call him a fraud???

    C’mon Son

  • Chuck – Red’s Army

    definition of fraud: a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur.

    Ray carried this persona as true pro, a guy who would do anything for the team. As we learned, that was a lie. It was all about him.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Passive aggressive + deceitful = Ray Allen

      No greater example than :

      KG responded…”Danny will step up and what`s needed.” I said…We`ll see….

      Ray is “deceitfully” implying that he left Boston because Danny did not step up….while ignoring the inconvenient fact that Danny offered Allen DOUBLE the annual salary than he signed for with Miami!

    • Uh huh

      Chuck – what do you want from a guy who’d been dangled in trade rumors for years now? He waited til his deal was up and left. No other contenders could give him the PT/chance at a ring that Miami can. It SUCKS but I feel like ppl were fine when Danny was trying to trade him just 5 short months ago but now he’s a fraud for leaving?!? Come on…

      • Raxe

        As I’ve said before, there’s no one on the Celtics who Danny did not dangle as trade bait. Danny said time and again, no one is untradeable. Everyone knows he thinks Red should have dumped Bird and McHale before it was too late.

        That said, they did actually tell Ray that he was traded, and then it turned out the trade fell through. But Rondo went through just as much trade BS as Ray.

        If Ray left because he couldn’t get along with Rondo, OK, I can understand that. If he left because he felt disrespected, then he just isn’t as smart as I thought.

        • kg215

          Do you think Rondo would not say something if he wasn’t under contract? We are lucky we have Rondo signed to a very reasonable extension, Rondo would still be professional but I’m sure he was/is pissed off at Ainge and rightfully so.

    • kg215

      How does this make him less professional? Professional is working as hard as you can and playing your best on the court every minute that you are out there, that is all we can ask for as fans. Ray did that, and he will do that in Miami. You can be petty or angry and still be professional as long as it doesn’t affect your game. Ray and Rondo could have had better chemistry out there, but they are both competitors they didn’t let the bickering get in the way of basketball. They both did everything in their power to win, Ray played hurt for God sakes. Unprofessional is unwilling to pass or play defense like Carmelo, or unwilling to practice like Iverson. Firing a gun in the air as you are run over by a car (Stephen Jackson). I don’t know why you guys thought Ray was some superhuman Saint, he gets angry and bitter and maybe jealous too. That doesn’t make him unprofessional.

      • Michael

        Spot on!

  • BradinFL

    I look back at all our times spent in Boston… we had a lot of disappointments but shared a lot of thrills.

    Alot of dissapointments? What does that mean…The one ring he got wasn’t good enough? Hey they had injuries & bad luck…Otherwise probably 2 or 3 they would have had…I wonder what he meant by that?

    • KY Celts fan

      I’d say losing Game 7 of the Finals to your most hated rival is disappointing. Having your best player get injured and ruin your chance of defending your title is disappointing. Losing the 3-point shootout can be disappointing. I don’t think there is a hidden message there.

      • Raxe

        They were disappointed quite a few times. They got screwed in the semis this year. They clearly won games 2-5 but had Game Two yanked out from under them. That’s gotta be disappointing.

  • Eric

    Another diva on the South Beach team… yippee ki yay m…

  • azer

    we bleed with him…..we all felt for his family when his son got sick…..we treated him like royalty,despite his injures and slumps…..how about his teammates? after that loss,just a month ago, when all new england,boston fans in america, all over the world cried blood with his team…..now he goes to the enemy…..curse you JUDAS!!! booing will not be enough…..i`ll voodoo him….. phony s.o.b!!!

  • Porf

    Whoa whoa! Has anyone stop to think about this from ray Allen’s pov? Here’s a guy… 10 time all star… First ballot HOFer… Twice he was dangled by the celts for trades in 2 years, then actually traded to memphis(but fell apart), benched for Avery Bradley. He got treated as disposable by the celts. Him coming here brought us Garnett and #17.. I won’t forget how much fun it was to watch this era of celts ball… That said he went to the heat! E tu Brutus… Judas… Benedict Arnold!!

    • Chris H

      Sure I thought about it from his perspective. It’s just business, the same “it’s just business” justification he used in his decision. He got benched because Bradley was lapping him on the court, doing things he can’t. He got traded because we needed to get younger. I’d say it was even.

      Starting fresh, getting offered a no trade clause and double the money more than makes up for that. If it was “just business”, based on facts, he would still be a Celtic. He made an impassioned, somewhat logical determination to go elsewhere. One that I think he will regret in short order.

    • GarnettsGrl

      I was with you up until that last part…lol I think he’s sad to leave but felt he needed to make a statement to Danny and the rest of the front office, do I want him to regret it, yes do I want him to stay up late at night wanting a do over yes and do I hope the heat never win another ring oh hell yes, with that being said I’still going to miss him being out their with Paul & KG:-((((((((

  • Ray Allen is not a fraud. Come on. Don’t fall in line with the rest of New England sports fans and suck a guy’s dick when he’s here, and completely turn against him when he’s not. I get WHY that happens, obviously. Hey, it’s still fresh, maybe my stance is too conservative.
    But all I know is Ray Allen is the ultimate professional, he sacrificed more for this team than any other monumental piece on the roster since 07-08, he’s a winner and yada yada. You know, the same things you said about Ray from 1996-2012. But now all of the sudden he’s a “fraud.”
    Believe me, I understand and feel it too. I’m a Celtics fan before I’m a Ray Allen fan. But “fraud” rubs me the wrong way. Too many emotions behind those words you don’t really mean.

    • GarnettsGrl


    • Michael

      Yes, exactly

  • Chris H

    If he doesn’t look enthused now, he will be positively depressed when he realizes that Pat (retire his number really, laying it on a bit thick, no?) and Spo have oversold what he will do and be utilized for. Whatever issues he had in Boston will pale in comparison to Miami. When Wade chews him out like he owes him money, Spo ignores him and guys like Chalmers get way more time, he will realize he is now just help. Cheap help.

    He went from being a member of the Big Three to perhaps somewhere in the Top 7 on Miami and always to be an afterthought.

    • GarnettsGrl

      Yep now he can join Wade and Bosh in the footnotes

  • I also don’t like fraud.

    That press conference was weird. He didn’t sound like a guy who was trying to leave Boston.

  • Celtics or DIE

    There’s class act and then there’s passive aggressive. Ray is the latter. I dont buy that better business move BULL. Okay, he was dangled in the trade, thats the past. Business wise, Ray was offered more $ by the Cs and a no trade clause. All he had to do was come off the bench like he’s gonna do in Miami. He didnt like KG being courted first. He didnt like the addition of JT. But the org had to cover their ass….they STILL showed him love despite him jacking up all those broke ass three pointers in his last season w/ us. I really dont get it. And then to say its nothing personal & Danny didnt step up. And Rondo had NOTHING to do w/ it? And yall were brothers as team mates? Please. Keep it real. Your ego wasnt being stroked and like a little girl with daddy issues and low self esteem you consorted with the enemy because they fed you some bull to make you feel better about yourself & you took the bait.Yeah, fraud fits perfectly. Portraying one image and then doing another. Thats fradulent.

    • Michael

      Jacking up broke ass 3 pointers??? You mean the greatest 3 point shooter of all time, who shot one of the highest percentages in his career?

      • Celtics or DIE

        Okay, everyone knows Ray Allen is a three point shooting machine. But everyone also knows that his shooting ability while injured was less than stellar (and thats putting it MILDLY for your beloved Ray Ray). My POINT WAS (if you would have bothered to read the entire post) that although his shooting performance was TRASH, He wasnt put on that bench…but allowed to continue jacking up those BROKE ASS THREE POINTERS.

  • Dean Zuppe

    Ray looked very uncomfortable in that presser. He didn’t seem like a guy who was overjoyed to be there.
    Just wasn’t right. I think he is full of BS, and it didn’t shock me that his buddy Rashard Lewis came with him in his little planned move to South Beach-Ray was my favorite, not anymore. I lost a ton of respect for him. How about pick up a phone and call KG and PP, in a decision like that, he TEXTS them. Please!!!
    He was telling a whole bunc of lies at the Presser-
    Front-runner! I don’t understand how a person who is so structured with his routines as I read over the years, almost OCD-like, and he makes a move like that!! Good-bye if you don’t want to play for the Celts.
    And what did he mean, he and KG and PP shared the same philosophy???? PP a Celt for life and KG who returned without question to Boston.
    Hope he never wins another ring-adios……hope the BOO-BIRDS will be all over him.

  • dwyane wade

    I can tell apart Boston Fans from Cleveland fans. my gawd

  • dwyane wade

    I can’t tell apart Boston Fans from Cleveland fans. my gawd

  • Chuck

    I say fraud because he said he was fine with coming off the bench for Avery. For years, he said he would sacrifice individual stats for the team. Did you all read the Yahoo story? He left because of all those reasons. That is a fraud.

    • Kory

      For years, he DID sacrifice individual stats for the team. He did all that was asked of him — never made waves. Came off the bench, played hurt, took less shots, etc. He took less money two years ago to stay with Boston. And his reward for all those sacrifices? Being taken for granted. Being dangled as trade bait. At some point you just say enough is enough. I’m going to go somewhere else.

      Allen a fraud? Not even close to accurate or even fair.

      You know what is fraudulent Chuck? This trumped up sense of outrage that he had the nerve to leave the Celtics for another team. How dare he leave all that is right and noble and saintly by leaving the holy Celtics. How dare he leave US? We’re perfectly within our rights to get rid of people, but they better not ever think of leaving us. Please! He made a decision base on what he thought was right for him. As it was his absolute right to do.

      Do I wish the Big 3 could have gone out together? Sure. But by not offering that third year Danny made it abundantly clear that it wasn’t going to happen anyway. So why prolong the agony?

      So all this “fraud”, “Benedict Arnold”, “backstabber” crap is just that. Crap. The sense of entitlement eminating from Boston sports fans is truly breathtaking. It’s like watching 10,000 2-year-olds have a simultanious temper tantrum.

  • Austin

    How can any true Celtic fan in their right mind possibly still have any respect for him after he did this! He took less money to go to a hated team and our biggest obstacle, and it was a big f****g diss to us

  • Michael

    What is sad in all of this is that Ray didn’t hold out, demand a trade, try to get the coach fired, whine to the press, dog it on the court, skip practice…. He hasn’t fathered ten children with different women, done drugs, gotten DUI s, gone to jail, carried illegal weapons in night clubs…. You know the kind of typical NBA behavior…. His crime? He was a free agent and quietly just made a choice you don’t like. Geez, stop being such malignant narcissists.

  • David F

    The worst part is his mom in a heat jersey.

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  • Bostonlover


  • Eric

    Bloody diva.

  • RHoward

    omg u guys are ignorant..

    i refer to this article:
    the sentence that stick out most to me is this:
    “if Allen wasn’t going to step aside, he likely would have been forced out. Instead, the Celtics created the perception that Allen should return out of loyalty”

    im sure all of u know this is true.. ray’s future with boston, from a basketball perspective, is extremely limited. with rondo, bradley and terry, ray’s deteriorating abilities are hardly a factor in the celtics’ offensive system anymore. take into account his defence.. ray will definitely have to leave sooner than later, but he chose to do it on his own terms.
    this man played his heart out for five years, sacrificed more than anyone for the team, and when he chose to exercise his free agent rights, u call him a fraud.

    Ray said: “I thought…change is not bad”. oh, of course he’s lying. it can’t be the fact that ray simply wanted something different than being an offensive decoy all the time when he is on the court.

    im a celtics fan. and ill always be a ray allen fan, for everything that he had done for the team.