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Benedict Allen


With the chance to digest the Ray Allen to Miami deal over the last few days, and the reluctance to post a spur of the moment instant reaction article (partially thanks to a crashed Hard Drive) the last few days have given me an opportunity to really think about the details of what went down, and it’s still pretty similar to how I felt when I heard the news for the first time (minus the expletives and slandering).  Ray Allen stuck one to Celtics nation,  as The Rock would say, he turned that thing sideways and stuck it right up our candy “butts”.

While the Allen apologists keep dancing around the “well he wanted to win another title” or “he was in trade rumors every year” shenanigans, I say if that is the case than good riddance. Any professional athlete will tell you that it really sucks to be a part of trade rumors, but they will also admit to you that it is a part of being a professional athlete, it’s a reality of their life. If that is the case than he isn’t as headstrong or as professional as we always said he was. Does Ray hate Milwaukee or Seattle for trading him? We never heard anything of this, so why would he have had his panties in a bunch about this time around?

As far as going to Miami to win a title, what does that say about his faith in his teammates, the Celtics organization, and to this fan base? His decision says that despite the moves that were made before his decision (KG resigned, Green was in works, the draft, Terry, ect ) he doesn’t think that the Celtics have a chance of making any noise in the East. That says that the ubuntu philosophy meant little to him “I am what I am because of who we all are”. Allen was a part of building this team up, making it a perennial contender, and then he decided to leave it all behind. The ubuntu philosophy was one that we were told made an impact on all of the Big Three’s lives, changing the way they think and operate both on and off the court, clearly for Allen it was an act.

For the history buffs out there such as myself, there was an individual known by the name of Benedict Arnold. Arnold was a general serving in the American Revolutionary war who plotted to surrender a colonial fort to the British. Arnold developed anti colonial sentiments due to the fact that he was passed up for a promotion and after some widely publicized rifts with John Brown and James Easton. Arnold was once described by Easton: “Money is this man’s God, and to get enough he would sacrifice his country.” Arnold chose to switch sides to the British out of spite for what he considered to be many injustices against him.

Maybe there was something to the Rondo/Ray rift, but it is far more likely that Allen made this move out of spite. With more reports surfacing that confirm this, Allen will no longer be viewed as the squeaky clean good guy in Boston, rather Johnny Damon 2.0. Allen had legitimate offers from the Clippers and Grizzlies, teams that both could make deep playoff runs next year and that he would likely have a much bigger role than he would in Miami or Boston (and get paid the same as Miami likely) but he chose the one team that Boston hates. The legacy of Ray Allen changed with “The Decision” to go to Miami instead of Boston. A return to Boston would have almost assured a trip to the rafters for #20 along with #5 and #34, instead he will be remembered as the complementary piece to the KG/ Pierce duo.

When I started writing this article, I didn’t intend for it to be a slander piece, but the more I wrote the harder I found it to have Ray Allen look like a good guy at all from this all. Loyalty in professional sports is a foreign concept, that is why we will never see a dynasty like the 60’s Celtics, players are no longer able to accept taking less to build something great, it is an individual game rather than a team game. It just so happens that we believed that Ray Allen had more class and was a better human being than to stoop to that level. It was a kick in the balls to Celtics nation, a fan base that gave him their all, got behind his charity at every event, got behind his chase for the three point record, and did all they could to make him feel at home for the past five seasons. Maybe Ray Allen wasn’t cut out for this city and the constant trade rumors, health questions or know it alls on talk radio…maybe he put on an act making us believe he was all about “Being a Celtic” but either way, he pulled a fast one on the entire organization and for that in my eyes he will always be known as Benedict Allen. Regardless of the fact that Benedict Arnold leaked information and switched over to the British forces, let us all remember which side came out on top. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side….

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  • Except that Ray did the opposite of taking more money to flip sides.

    Also, Ray’s departure my no means could lead to the end of the Celtics as an organization and it’s just basketball.

    It’s a bummer. We all get that it’s a bummer.

  • Quest

    Its a huge disappointment but right its still just basketball…..waiting for the contract fine prints to be leaked/released. Since Ray didn’t go for the $ what other career perks were written in that wasn’t going to happen in Boston?

  • Gixr1

    Great piece! You nailed it. This FRAUD sold his soul to spite Boston. He will never get a pass from me, and I didn’t care if he came back either way.

    You have to trim the grass real low to see the snakes but they always show. He confirmed this when he mentioned his text messages to kg.

  • The Benedict Allen defenders also say that if you complain about a multi-millionaire player for leaving for more money, then you should praise a player when he leaves for less cash.

    That’s absolutely ridiculous. There are 100’s of ways a player can leave a team in good graces. There are also a couple of ways that make that player a traitor, one of which is leaving your team to join their arch rivals.

    The fact that Allen left for LESS money is a moot point. If anything, it makes it even worse (especially considering his 27 million dollar salary demand… or extortion attempt).

    Ray Allen is a traitor. He left the Boston camp to join our rivals camp, and he will be actively fighting against his former Celtic teammates, coaches, and fans.

  • kg215

    I just don’t like the hypocrisy. When a GM trades a player it’s “just a business.” When a player is in trade rumors all the time it’s “just a business.” But when a player exercises their right as an unrestricted free agent they are traitors? And this isn’t just Ray and his stupid teammate Lebron, it’s with any decent player. I just don’t like that players are expected to be SO loyal but most GMs are ready to flip any player at any time. I wish more GMs treated their players like Red did, you reward them when they give the team all they have/had. I am glad Danny does what he does, he is always looking to improve the team. I just don’t like us turning around and saying Ray should have sucked it up and signed with us again, but it’s fine for Danny to trade any player with no warning to any location he wants.

    • Quest


  • Scott

    This article pretty much sums up all feelings. If ray wanted to move on, fine I can understand that. But he signed with a team just to exact as much pain as possible to the celts organization and fans. That’s spiteful, and so I don’t feel the least bit bad responding in kind when he returns. And the more we learn it sounds as though we respected ray throughout the FA process and he just messed with us as much as possible. Benedict Allen he is and always will be.

  • kricky

    To the tune of “No Vaseline” by Ice Cube:

    “Called a press conference Ray you Benedict,

    LeBron saw yo ass and when it quick..”

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Let’s not take more cheap shots at Benedict Arnold by comparing him to Ray Allen.

  • dwyane wade

    Ray is calculated he knows Boston will fall, and fall hard, they might not even reach the 1st round. Enjoy the summer league. lol

    • JJ

      Can you spell? How old are you? What exactly does, “Ray is calculated,” mean? Just out of curiosity…

    • boss truth

      haha don’t feed this retarded mistake (his mother’s words, not mine) of a human being or his joke of a city. hey did you know the only retired numbers for the heat for a while were michael jordan and dan marino? wow, what a joke of a city. stick to tanning and nightclubs you frauds, leave the sports to the real cities.

      • dwyane wade

        we recently won the NBA title have you heard? we even let the Bostink reach game 7 then humiliate them.

        • Danie

          Wow get ur head out of ur***!! The only games the Criami Heat outplayed Celtics were 1 nd 6 nd game 7 Celtic controlled it until last 6 min of the game. Ur irrelevant non factor that stalks this blog BEWP!!

        • Nora

          um more like C’s let Miami get to game 7.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Just read the Herald- Ray thinks he’s forever a Celtic, and that he can back to Boston & everyone can sing Kum-bi-ya together……that’s not how it works, and I hope that if he shows up in the C’s locker room that Rondo will stand up and tell him to get the F out. He’s just another guy who played in Boston for afew years, and he better not think he’s going to the HOF as a Celtic.

    • Alex

      I really do hope this happens. I would have SUCH huge praises for Rondo if he pulls that off.

      Ray Allen is a fraud and I just don’t want him to be cheered when he comes back here. Show his tribute, share one last applause, then boo him during the game.

  • JJ

    Being in trade rumors is also a sign of your worth. If you want to sit and weep about it, so be it, but it means someone wants you. Not to mention, it’s a huge part of professional sports, and they get paid a huge amount of money to deal with those things. I agree with what you said. This is the same as Damon. We thought we knew him. We thought he was just like us. He lied. Not much more needs to be said.

  • niante119

    @kg215, it’s danny ainge’s job to look past emotions, relationships and connections in order to do what’s best for the team, that’s why good GMs like Danny are hard to come by. It’s our job as fans to make support our team through the thick and thin and make them feel at home at all times. True fans hate the opposing team, no matter who’s on it. And that is no different than Ray. He had a chance, a great oppurtunity, to return home with the teammates he has battled alongside with for the past five years. But no, he chose to sign with our rivals in an attempt to “stick it to the celtics”, just the lone fact that he’s on the heat should mean you hate him, not even considering that he’s the biggest fraud in the league. Don’t talk about “hypocrisy” and pull the “holier than thou” card when your telling us to love ray and live happily ever after and blah blah blah. You’re a hypocrite for saying your a celtics fan and then bashing danny ainge and defending ray for being a complete traitor.

  • bill

    Still laughing about the Benedict Allen. He will get his. So much for fighting and never stop believeing in each other.

  • Cam

    Bottom line is that Ray made a personal decision not a business decision.

    When he came up in trade rumors it was all business nothing personal. Ray must be high if he thought it was personal that Danny was trying to snag Mayo AND a first rounder for him.

    For a 37 year old HOF you’d think he would understand the business a bit more and not have taken it personally and been so emotional about it. He is a lot more needy than people realize. Resembles a young player trying to make a name for himself not an established HOF.

  • paul

    Those of you who continue to defend the Ainge Express have no business whatsoever criticizing Allen. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and you know it. Danny cannot expect players to give their all for the team when he constantly disrespects them and their families by threatening trades, and that’s what it is when he shops them around. You cannot build a team without loyalty. It amazes me that most of you cannot understand so basic a thing as that. You choose to buy into group think, simple as that.

    At the same time, what Ray did, he clearly did for spite. You could tell that in the press conference. When asked why he went to Miami, he really had no explanation. This talk about his professionalism was just a bit off the mark, wasn’t it? Benedict Allen indeed.

    But DON’T ANY OF YOU CONTINUE TO MAKE EXCUSES FOR AINGE’S NASTY TRADE THREATS. How dare you? Would you like to live that way, knowing that your life could be uprooted at any moment at someone’s whim? You wouldn’t and you know it. Stop making excuses for Ainge treating players like pieces of meat.

    But two wrongs don’t make a right. What Allen did, he did out of spite. Ainge was offering him no trade, according to reports, and Allen still spurned the Celtics. His last outrageous counteroffer was an obvious insult. His behavior has been disgusting.

  • Chills

    I’m a wade fun,but am also a big celtics fan because of the passion like all these comments show. But ur line —
    that is why we will never see a dynasty like the 60′s Celtics, players are no longer able to accept taking less to build something great —
    The guys in south beach believe they have something great going and I guess Ray believes it too and took less.

    • boss truth

      chills maybe it doesn’t change your point but the “big 3” of miami basically knew 4 years before they joined miami that they were gonna sign together because they were friends and lebron knew he couldn’t win one on his own (don’t get me started on bosh, i don’t even think lebron and wade wanted him but he just kinda forced himself into the loop). i have 0 respect for that, and don’t consider that “building a dynasty” since miami gave up 0 assets unlike every other team that builds a dynasty. if you’re ok with that, then hey enjoy it i guess, but all it tells me is all 3 of them took the easy way out to win, and so in the grand scheme of the NBA they will be remembered that way by everyone not from south beach.

  • Brick James

    This guy is a total ass. He’s not the ‘squeaky clean’ professional that his image makes him out to be. He’s had his fair share of on-court moments – go look them up. He’s also one of the most notorious players grabbing/scratching/pushing players off screens.

    If we want to smear this fraud as he has smeared us, there’s plenty of material. Remember the sexually explicit Tweet sent from his account when his “Twitter was hacked?” What a load of crap. He thought he was texting the girl (who was not his wife, by the way), but was really texting Twitter with the reply. Smooth, Sugar, real smooth.

    This delinquent has very quickly risen my list of most hated athletes. I will boo the “fans” who refuse to jeer, or worse yet, choose to applaud, this punk for his “service”.

    Eff you, Judas. Good riddance.

    • Brick James

      Also, for what it’s worth, give me a break with this Ubuntu crap. Some cheesy pseudo-science crap you’d get from a shrink. Played out a long time ago. I don’t fault him there.

    • Serocco

      As if Garnett, Pierce and Rondo are any better.

      • Brick James

        They are better. Rondo and Garnett don’t try to pass themselves off as this well-to-do, uppity high-class professional.

        Pierce’s Truth Foundation has done a ton for the community. What has Ray done besides whore his lovely wife off to TV to cook and show how great of a homemaker she is.

  • Michael

    This is the most idiotic article I have seen yet. Boston fans are the most fickle, spoiled bunch of ego maniacs in the country. Here is a reality check for you; he was a free agent. That means the team knew he could leave. He had a choice to play anywhere he was wanted. Miami rolled out the red carpet, the top player in the NBA tweets that he would love this guy on his team , the top GM with multiple championships sells him on how he can make a difference. Did we hear a peep from Pierce? Rondo? KG? Ray could choose from playing with pass first superstars, or run around screens for 20 seconds so Rondo can shoot, or Pierce can take it one on one…. Which sounds more fun? Ray literally won that Title against the Lakers.. He should have been MVP. So enjoy the five years, wish him well and stop whining like spoiled idiots, or comparing a career choice with treason, because you look retarded.

    • boss truth

      hahaha michael you really have no idea what you’re talking about. that was one of the most uninformed posts i’ve ever read (ray won that title by himself? he had 1 1/2 good games in the finals…he literally sucked the rest of the playoffs), so i’m just gonna chalk it up to you being a miami fan. if that’s really what you believe then you, sir, are delusional. hahaha “top GM” that is absolutely comical.

    • boss truth

      by the way pierce averaged more points, rebounds, and assists than ray did those playoffs/finals. KG had better stats in everything but points. rondo in everything but points too. yea, finals MVP you fucking idiot.

      • Michael

        No disrespect to the other players, but we lose that series without Ray, I personally hate Miami. I live in Seattle where I loved to see him play, and if you want to talk about getting screwed you have no idea. But Ray was and is an all time great player, and truly class act. He just made a choice to play somewhere else. I remain a Celtics fan, and a Ray Allen fan. No different from when I rooted for Miami when Gary Payton played there. I am loyal to,players as much as teams.

    • Nora

      more ignorant miami ‘fans’

  • brb1914

    And this is why fans are so fickle….this is the same Ray Allen who helped bring a chip back to you all…the same Ray Allen whose son took deathly ill during Game 2 of that Finals who still played and set a Finals record for threes for you and its the same Ray Allen who needed surgery on his ankle, yet sucked it up and endured during these playoffs, giving you everything he had and THIS is what he gets…I hope comes back to Bean town and drops 10 threes on yall..u deserve that much

  • dwyane wade

    Is Boston in Cleveland? they sound like the Cleveland fans when Lebron left. lmfao

  • Nick Sannicandro

    What really bothers me is when people prop up ray for “bringing a championship” to boston sorry but when i think of ray in the playoffs i think of his horrible slumps that hed get at the worst possible time. Hed suck for at least two rounds on average and those slumps were a major factor in series going seven losing to orlando losing to lakers in finals and losing to miami. He had three standout playoff games sorry put that one to bed

    • Michael

      If this were true then why would it matter if he left?

  • What kills me is I see Gerald Green signing with Indy for 10 million over three years … That is a deal for a guy whowill only continue to get better, plays far better D than Allen can, shoots the 3 ball well and can create his own offense which is something Boston definitely needs more of aside form Terry for the 2nd unit … we should have brought Green back forget about Lee and his quest for 4 plus million a year

  • WhoDatGuy

    Pro’s and Con’s

    1) Coach/Organization/GM- Edge Celtics. Players love DOC. Talk about loyalty, thata a major reason DOC is here is Wyc/Ainge loyalty to him. Ainge is tough, but the organization did care for Ray/Son/Wife/Mom

    2) Teammates/Chance to Win- Miami slight edge. They have the league MVP and other good players. The Celtics are legitimate contenders and Ray would have been a great piece of that. Rings are not automatic and it will be much harder for the Heat to repeat than to win last year. Rondo could be tempered by Coach or other players. Ray is now going to the Lebron James led championship team, it will soon be LB way or the highway, not much fun. Pressure? it will be worse in Miami /nationally

    3) Ray was part of something he had legitimatly built here, he was really bigger than the Rondo issues, trade talk, money ..yes it would sucked to be traded..forget that… he was not actually traded. Thats what sucks, he was not traded and had a chance to stay, play with his teamates, cement his legacy, have a No trade clause and get paid. Why not make the best decision about what is going on now, not what did not happen last season

    4) Last thing as fan we have a right to rant and rave, please come on. You want passionate fans, you want us to spend our money on tickets, go to games, visit your websites, buy gear but we are not supposed to show passion when something happens to our team. Put it this way, I have a limited amount of time/money to spend on enjoying the Celtics/sports you better believe I want the best team and organization and get the best most entertaining return for my money spent. Yes teams want ticket and tv sales, players want perks and money, and fans want the best product. Thats a fans self interest

    Ray thanks for your efforts. Sadly you went to Miami. Great player, Never an all time great Celtic

  • Eric

    Could Ray-Ray be a Beta version of Odom?

    • Frank Aziza

      ? Odom? What are you talking about???

  • Frank Aziza

    Ray had reasons to leave and being traded was a good reason… But it was when the team was 15-17 and Doc told Danny a trade for the future is OK. Now that Boston made a great playoff run Boston has changed its direction, rather than blow it up and build for the future they decided to keep the team together.
    Here’s why Ray is full of shit, for 27 million dollars over 3 years he would have stayed. That shows me that the trading wasn’t the disrespect he felt, it was the money. KG got 3 years 33 million which is 11 million per year. Ray thinks he deserves close to that but what he failed to see is no team would offer him 9 million a year. Even if Miami had the cap space they wouldn’t waste 27 million on ray. I would be willing to bet there’s about 15 teams that would have payed KG 33 million, even more. At 33 million KG took a home town discount.

    • Nora

      I don’t get why he did not demand that amount from other teams. It confirms he went to Miami just for spite imo

  • Bleed Green

    The Celtics would have traded him at some point during the upcoming season. No way do they need him. His slumps hurt badly. Yes, he went to Miami out of spite….so be it….enjoy your spaghetti. Get over it. Boo him. Jeer him. He traded in his legacy in Beanntown….no retired number in the rafters….that will catch up to him later. He has reacted emotionally and gone to the “enemy” but lets face it….his days were numbered as Boston rebuilt. We all knew last season was the final run of the Big 3. Would have liked to have seen him stay/Boston keep him but it was always unlikely. I have lost some respect for him but he had to make a decision for himself……shame he chose Miami.

  • Uh huh

    Ray didn’t have an offer from the clippers. If u remember they cancelled their meeting w him when they signed Chauncey and Crawford. He woulda backed up TA in Memphis too. Miami truly was the only contender he’d have as big a role in.

    And to point out the obvious, yes, Miami has a far better chance at a title than us. We NEVER woulda gone 7 with Miami had Chicago, not Philly, been there in the 2nd round, and, oh ya, the stupid heat just won it.

    I hate that this happened, but to deny those reasons is just plain wrong. I also wanted us to start getting younger so you get what you get in that situation. Come on Courtney lee…

  • Nick sannicandro

    Heard a great point today on radio that the fans embraced not only ray but his wholr family. We cared about his kids health supported his charity events and charity loved his mom and wife like members of our family. Its a shot to our back doing what he did after we treated him so warmly for so long