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The Celtics quiet youth movement

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 10, 2012 Celtics News 12 Comments on The Celtics quiet youth movement

We all know the jokes.  The Celtics are so old, they put Geritol in the Gatorade buckets.  They’re so old, medicare covers half the team’s payroll.  They’re so old, Dick Bavetta asks to referee their games so they can feel young again.

When the Celtics got the commitment from Jason Terry, the joke machine went into over-drive.  Terry is about to be 35.  So is Paul Pierce.  Kevin Garnett is 36.  They are key contributors to the Celtics.

But from there, there is a significant drop off.  The next oldest guy on the roster after those three players is Brandon Bass (27).

Taking into account the 12 players currently on, or expected to be on, the Celtics roster (Bradley, Rondo, Pierce, Garnett, Bass, Terry, Green, Johnson, Moore, Melo, Sullinger, Joseph), the average age of the Boston Celtics is…

… 26.3 years old.

To put that into perspective, 10 teams in the NBA last season were younger than that.  The young Sixers team that the Celtics beat?  They’re basically the same age as this current Celtics roster (26.34).

The Celtics aren’t done adding to the roster.  There are three spots left that could change the average age, so this could change.  And it will increase when you weight the team’s age for minutes played as Terry, Garnett, and Pierce will get plenty of time on the floor.

This post isn’t meant to pass off the Celtics as a purely fledgling young team that is learning the ropes, but it’s also pretty obvious that a lot of older guys have been replaced by a lot of younger guys.  The Celtics are slowly getting away from the perception that they are the grandfathers of the NBA, rolling up to games in their Rascals and whose idea of Early Bird is less cap terminology and more 4 pm dinner at the Sizzler.  And they’re doing it while remaining in contention.

Yes, they will rely heavily on the elder statesmen of the team to be big performers.  But they have also built a team that has no choice but to get contributions from its younger players.  Because there are many more of them, then there are guys contemplating retirement.

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  • Uh huh

    So yes, besides 3 of our 5 most important guys, we’re a young team…

  • zippittyay

    You sure as heck ain’t gettin those suits off the rack…..

  • michael

    Is it just me, or does Sully have a bit of an hourglass figure in this photo? Don’t get me wrong, he looked great on the court yesterday. I’m just sayin’, in addition to the chef he hired, he might want to work on the posture with a yoga or pilates instructor. Maybe it was just an odd angle…

    I’m expecting big things from this dude. Like weird combination of PP and Al Jefferson big!

  • KY Celts fan

    youth is overrated. If you look at the past five nba champions, maybe more, they’re all in the Top 5 for age. With age comes experience, and experience wins championships.

  • lol. Fab Melo is so retarded.

  • RedsLoveChild

    They have young & old.

    What they lack are productive players in their prime…that sweet spot between the ages of 26-32.

    Rondo and {for what he`s worth} Bass are really their only “productive” players who are in their prime years.

  • Smh

    Your soo stupid..didn’t you say in one of ur last post that Joseph wouldn’t make the team?

    • I said he might not make the team… which isn’t exactly uncommon. I’ve also said everywhere that you don’t make any definitive judgments before anyone plays any actual basketbal

    • I said he might not make the team… which isn’t exactly uncommon. I’ve also said everywhere that you don’t make any definitive judgments before anyone plays any actual basketball

  • dwyane wade

    Melo looks like a dumb fool

  • Reggie35RIP

    lolz. Is it just me or does Sully’s right arm look waaaaaay longer than his left.

    I’m liking the fact that management has one eye on the future, while still maintaining and bolstering the current team. You don’t want to have a bunch of guys retire and be left scrapping for free agents.

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