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Nenad Krstic is staying in Russia

For those secretly hoping Nenad Krstic would return to the Celtics, or that Danny Ainge would be able to move him for another asset – forget about it.

Nads enjoys playing hoops in Brooklyn South Beach Moscow. He just signed a three year contract with CSKA Moscow. Krstic was recently named to the All-Euroleague 1st team.

Due to the Keith Van Horn rule, Nads wasn’t eligible for a sign-and-trade. Sign-and-trades only apply to players who finished the previous season on the team’s roster.

I would have welcomed Nads back to Boston. His ability to hit 15-foot jumper made him a good fit here. Had Brandon Bass bolted for big money, I thought Danny Ainge might reach out to him.

The Celtics center position remains in limbo, but a domino could fall soon. The Wolves are waiting to see if Portland matches its offer sheet to Nic Batum before committing money to Greg Stiemsma.

If Steamer leaves, the Celtics will have Fab Melo and Sean Williams as back-up centers.


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  • Cam

    He fit our team pretty well, good jump shooting big. Would have added some nice depth behind bass and KG and at least he is 7 feet and has been around the block.

    Looks like we won’t be adding a legit big(besides Melo) which seems kind of comical. Couldn’t we have made him an offer without affecting cap cause of bird rights?

    Im confused that it wasn’t even considered apparently

  • There’s ample time to train Fab and Sean so make gems out of rough diamonds.

    Let that be your mission and acquire that style, the first in the league. After all, Boston prides itself of uhmm, Bill Russell?

    Mold, polish, present!

    Then ring Wilcox.


    We have to make do with whatever it is that’s in the kitchen.

    A real good cook can make the best food preparation out of scrubs and left-overs.

    If we really focus on molding and polishing centers, then the Boston Celtics Gym might even be dubbed in the league as a Center’s Academy! 🙂

    That is, if you put your mind to it?

    It can be done.

  • Lee in Oregon

    With Melo being the only guy besides KG that can play center, I certainly hope Chris Wilcox is on DA’s “to do” list. Or Kamen. Or JJ Hickson. Somebody…..

    • kricky

      Or more like Hollins I’m afraid.

      Signing the Coxman for 2 million would be a coup at this point.

      • kricky

        But maybe we kept Cox’ rights and can give him more a la Jeff Green?

      • Brian

        WIlcox is coming off heart surgery so I don’t think it is going to break the bank to get him. They want Courtney Lee but I’d rather go with a cheaper option like Gerald Green. Yea yea he isn;t that gerald green anyone. IF we do a sign and trade we have Lee for 3 years. lets stay away from the long term deals for now. Pick Wilcox and Petries and I think you are all set. Williams will make the team but only as the 15th guy for depth…

        Kris Joseph can really play…

  • Hartz

    Wilcox, Kaman seem like obvious targets… but with DeJuan Blair’s recent complaints about playoff minutes, could he possibly be on the horizon for the C’s? A 23-yr-old aggressive rebounder seems like a perfect fit to me.

    Regardless, fingers crossed.

    • Hartz

      Would require a S&T i’m pretty sure, but I would prefer to use picks/other assets on him over Courtney Lee.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    I wonder how expensive his NBA out clause is, or if he even bothered to get one.

    Also, the ‘Keith Van Horn’ rule is interesting…but a work around seems easy enough to come by.

    Like, I wonder if we’ll end up signing Nads to a minimum deal near the end of the season sometime over the next couple of years. It’d just be a contract for the rest of that season. Then he’d be a FA in the summer and eligible for sign and trades.

    Then, if he doesn’t come back over, it was like paying him a few hundred thousand for a few months just to potentially be available for a sign and trade.

    It does require using a roster spot around playoff time of course…but then again, depending on the timing of other leagues, it might be possible for him to show up and sit on the C’s bench for the playoffs. I know China’s leagues are generally over in time for guys to play in the NBA playoffs. And he can shoot the ball so you never know, even on short notice he could maybe get in the game and help out.

  • jbsuarez

    Nenad is a bum. No NBA team with him in their rotation could be a legit contender. Siberia can have him.

  • Reggie35RIP

    He’s big and we could have used the extra body, but meh. Never been that excited by Nonads.