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Jonathan Gibson leads C’s to Summer League win… wait who?

The Celtics were scuffling along in typical summer league fashion.  They were down by 17 to the Brooklyn Nets…

… until undrafted rookie Jonathan Gibson took over.

Gibson dropped 17 points off the bench and led the Celtics to a 30-14 fourth quarter and 82-73 Celtics win.  Gibson is a 6’1″ guard out of New Mexico State with little chance of making the Celtics roster, but who is most certainly auditioning for a spot on someone else’s.

Nice day for Gibson, but we’re focused on other players…

Kris Joseph:  Another impressive day for the Syracuse swing man.  He continues to display a nice mid-range game and an aggressiveness on offense.  He also had a nice block on the break and 5 rebounds.  This is two straight nice games for Joseph.

Jared Sullinger:  He struggled offensively, shooting just 3-12, but that’s not a huge concern.  He hit a couple of jumpers and late in the game he muscled some shots in off the right block, once again displaying an ability to work in the post.  He did have 12 rebounds to go along with his 8 points and 2 steals.  And as Doc Rivers said at halftime, Sullinger is also displaying some very nice passing ability.  Doc said he can be an NBA-level passer pretty quickly… which is reminiscent of him calling Avery Bradley an NBA-level defender after he was drafted.

E’Twaun Moore:  Another OK at best game for E’Twaun.  He had a nice stat-line: 15 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists… but he shot 5-12 again and seems to be struggling on that end.  He was better defensively, though… so that message seemed to get through to him.

JaJuan Johnson:  He hit a few mid-range shots, which is his bread-and-butter.  He was a game high +22 and he had 3 blocked shots.  He still needs work, though.

Fab Melo:  Same here, he needs work.  But man, can he block a shot.  He had 1, officially, but I thought he had another… or maybe the one he had was so emphatic that I felt like it should count for two.

The majority of this game was typically ugly.  And yes, I’m probably going to write that a lot.  Sullinger, and everyone for that matter, showed they have a lot of work to do.  Joseph is making some noise, though… so we’ll keep a very close eye on him moving forward.

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  • dombili

    Jonathan Gibson is a good player. He sometimes looks not focused and may play hero ball often but when he gets it going, he’s doing some good stuff out there. If I’m not mistaken, he was the leading scorer in the Turkish Basketball League last season.

    He also did some amazing dunks (this one’s from TBL All-Star game):

  • Astarot

    Gibson won that game for Celtics that’s for sure. Moore and JJJ better than last time but still long way to go for them. Sullinger well it’s gonna be up and down for him but that 12 boards not bad at all. Fab same as yesterday pretty much. And I said it yesteraday keep an eye on Joseph another solid game for him I hope he can prove through the summer that maybe he can be better in the NBA within the couple of years than we all thought.

  • kricky

    Sully came back down to earth today. Actually it looked like he was glued to the earth any time he tried to score. But he still made some good plays and hit the glass hard.

    Joseph is looking pretty solid. Awesome block in transition! He may have shot at making the roster.

  • Alex

    I truly believe Danny Ainge might have found a nice diamond in the second draft.

  • Brian

    Sully was playing against a guy who was 7 feet tall, with out a guy like KG next to him. Put sully on a guy who is 6-10 and he will be fine. It is almost temping to start Sully at the PF and bring Bass off the bench. We need all the bench scoring we can get…

    • sev

      yea but sullinger has a post game so when the 2nd unit is struggling they can throw it down to him on the block whereas Bass needs rondo for the pick and pop in order to score….they are much more affective together

  • Alex

    Sully does seem to need to lose some weight just so he can get more air in his jumps… Sully can’t jump at all…

  • Reggie35RIP

    Sully had an off shooting game, but at least he made up for it on the glass. For me that’s the sign of a good player. If one part of your game isn’t going, help out another way.

    Joseph looking good again and only got 25mins PT. Extrapolate those number to 30+ minutes and he’s looking pretty good.

  • JR99

    Why are we hand-waving Gibson away? When did he become chopped liver? He’s too short, yeah… but the kid can obviously EXPLODE. I think he at least deserves some consideration.

    • 1) Because it’s summer league and random guys we’ve never heard from again have exploded and 2) No one was saying he deserved consideration after game 1 when he missed every shot he took. Let’s wait and see on him… and on everyone else for that matter

  • zippittyay

    Overall, I’d have to give the Cs a “C” on their draft picks for the last two years (at least). I would have kept Marshon Brooks over JJJ and still have take PJ3 and Arnette Moultrie (why is he not playing for the sixers summer league squad?) over what we got. That would have been a good young core to develop with Rondo et al.

    • zippittyay

      IMO Kris Joseph is the lone bright spot.

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  • Vinch

    hi i’m a huge fan of Jonathan Gibson also because he played (and won) the LegaDue’s Playoffs in italy with Enel Basket Brindisi (my town squad). Let’s give him time and i’m sure that he will show his stuff! ps: sorry for my bad english 🙂