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The Celtics summer league edition got off to a nice start by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder.  First round draft pick Jared Sullinger stood out the most, but E’Twaun Moore, Fab Melo, Kris Jospeh and Sean Williams also had some highlights.  Check out the “GreenLights” below for some of their nice plays, including all of Sully’s nice work.  I also threw in Sean Williams’ hysterical 3-point attempt for fun.

Jared Sullinger Doin’ Work vs OKC:


Moore’s Buzzer Beating Bomb:

Moore’s 4th Quarter Drive:


Moore’s Dagger Three:

Fab Melo’s Highlights:

Kris Joseph’s Highlights:

Sean Williams Highlights:


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  • Sullinger has a lot of David West in his game.

  • CoachAJ

    Seth Davis: NBA scout told me today his team’s docs believe Perry Jones’s knees will only hold up for 3-4 years in the league. Explains why he dropped.

    Still glad we selected Sully n Melo.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Anyone else think of ‘Toine when Sully hit that 3?

    • Pls do not insult that young man comparing him to Antoine Walker. Sullinger will surely be the biggest steal in the NBA Draft. I see him being All Rookie first team. A lot of team will regret not picking him as Sully will have a HUGE chip on his shoulder coming into this upcoming season.

      • WinstonSalems

        i wouldn’t go as far as saying he’ll be the steal of the draft. he definitely has upside. however, the rookies that get all the attention and accolades are the ones that get playing time. I don’t see Sullinger playing more than 10 minutes a game, especially when the C’s have depth at that position, unless someone gets hurt. 10 minutes a game won’t get you on any All Rookie Teams. Now that Stiemsma has one foot out the door, I can’t imagine the C’s haven’t pressed the issue with KG, about starting at center. If that’s the case, Sullinger might see some playing time at the 4 or the 5, depending on if the C’s decide to go small. Either way, i think the kid can contribute. Just remember, Doc hates playing rookies. He doesn’t trust them because he takes more mental toughness to play with veterans who expect to win every night, than it does physical toughness. Time will tell.

        • HR Paperstacks

          Doc doesn’t hate playing rookies. Doc simply plays those who have proven themselves. Prior to the Big-Three Era, Doc played rookies all the time. But when you have people on the roster with more proven talent (as opposed to potential), Doc has to play the proven talent, especially in a city that demands wins.

          Bradley is a perfect example of this.

  • Romeo

    Anyone else think Sullinger is a lil fat? He looks like he can lose 10 lbs…

    • Uh uh. That kid is pure muscle. He’s has an excellent NBA body and a far better athlete than I thought he was.

  • nhcelts

    Kris Joseph reminds me of PP.

  • Reggie35RIP

    Man I know it’s only Summer League, but that aside Sully’s got game. He’s got nice form on his shot – from the floor and the stripe – and looks like he can put the ball on the floor a bit and knock down a three every now and then. Also looks like he has some legitimate post moves down low and good footwork/pivoting. Liking the look of him so far. Back problems? What back problems? Although he needs to lose some weight and add some more muscle.

    Melo looks ok, he only played around 14 minutes, but got a couple of blocks.

    Damn Joseph looks pretty sharp for a second rounder. Nice catch and shoot and looks like he can get to the rim. Interested to see how he goes.