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Wyc riled up over losing Ray to Miami

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck was on WEEI this afternoon talking about Ray Allen’s defection to Miami:

“I was utterly surprised,” Grousbeck said. “I knew there was some emotion involved. I respect Ray and I always will. … He’s been a great Celtic and we’ll never forget that.

“I was surprised, I wasn’t utterly shocked. Let’s face it: He was not necessarily going to start. He was not necessarily — as Doc [Rivers] put it, he felt somehow that he was slighted possibly in the recruiting process this offseason. … If Doc’s report is correct, Ray felt like he was second fiddle to first Avery Bradley and then Kevin Garnett. And also he decided to go to our arch-rivals for less than half the money, so be it.”

Although the Celtics offered substantially more than the Heat, Grousbeck said Allen wanted more from Boston.

“There was a price tag put out there, it just wasn’t one we could get to,” he said.

Added Grousbeck: “We respect [Allen’s] decision. I think it’s fantastic, because it just riles me up that he went down to our arch-rivals for half-price — what’s that about? And I want to make it not an easier path to a ring. I want to make it a harder path to a ring, if I have anything to say about it.”

That ‘price tag’ Wyc mentions must be the absurd 3 year, $27 million contract Ray requested.

I love Wyc’s competitive nature, but his wife’s reaction to Ray’s desertion is priceless.

In other news, Marcus Camby has agreed to 3 year, $13.2 million deal with the Knicks and Danny Green will resign with San Antonio for 3 years, $12 million.

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  • Green

    damn! i was hoping celtics will get camby..still no center in the line up! garnett doesnt want to play 5 anymore…melo cant start @ 5..wilcox? smh..any options? i was hoping we can land camby and lee and the celtics would be complete in every position! oh well!

    jajuan j and sean williams was a big dissappointment in the 1st game of summer league..

  • aidan

    Ya cause giving Bass more per year was something you “could get to.” lol. Celtics choose an undersized PF who can’t rebound and only shoots jumpshots, over a first ballot Hall of Famer! No wonder Ray went to Miami for the Mid Level to spite Boston ! It’s their own fault for treating him like a role player and not the star he is…

  • Andrew

    wow…..i just don’t know what to say about Ray….i know the Celtics dangled him at trade deadlines and stuff, but c’mon. He is stubborn and cannot see that he is only a three point shooter now. No other value besides draining threes.

  • Daneese chavis

    I love Ray and I thank him for all he’s done .. I just wish he would have retired as a Celtic ‘ I wish him good luck …BUT its time to move on and get this 18th banner ! LETS GO CELTICS !!!!!

  • RedsLoveChild


    Ray was “insulted” that the Celtcs were more focused on re-signing KG than re-signing him.

    That`s like Lisa Lampanelli being “insulted” because more men focus on Kate Upton than her!

  • Pocket Aces

    The fact that the owner, GM and coach don’t get why Ray left, is a good indicator as to why he left. First they shop him around for over a year at one point telling him he had been traded, then telling him the deal was off. He asked for $27M to resign, C’s said no, then proceeded to sign Green, who has made no contribution to the C’s and has health issues to a $36M deal. Then they go out and sign Allen’s replacement (Terry), and Doc tells Terry, he is their top priority. All this before Ray can even talk to another team. These are not the actions of a team that wants you. But C’s management doesn’t get it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ray comes off like a little girl in all this…….which is odd for a guy who has always been considered the consumate pro. He’s pissed cause Rondo wont tongue him, he’s pissed cause they courted KG and not him, and then he makes a crazy salary demand. F him.

    • Michael

      Totally disagree. He came off as the consumate pro. Last year when the C’s were trying to trade him, benched him (unwritten rule is that players do not permanently lose starting roles due to injury), and Rondo was tossing up countless bricks per game, Ray never complained. He just played hard. When he hits free agency, he gets to choose where he wants to go. He did that. No press release, no tweets, and all the “reasons” are speculation, not because he trashed anyone. That IS what a pro does.

  • Paul

    I have collected thousands of pictures of our beloved Celtics for soo many years and today I was actually almost in tears!!! I just went through all the pictures I have collected (2 hours of doing so) since Ray became a Celtic and deleted ALL OF THEM except for the 2008 team photos!

    You have no idea on how much you have hurt Boston fans by signing with our rivals for half the money!!!

    You should man up Ray and tell all Boston fans why you did what you did and don’t let your legacy fade away like Lebron!

    We loved you!!!! Why would you do this to us?????

  • dwyane wade

    bitter herbs are healthy for the body for these Boston fans. lmfao!

  • dwyane wade

    Ray leaving BOston and celtics fans crying like a dumped boyfriend is priceless this is the 2nd best day for me as a heat fan, 1st was when LBJ winning the ring for us. Good day! the Good will always triumph against evil Boston and Lakers

    • Paul

      Grow up Wade, without Lebron or Shaq you would still be seeking anything!!! and not a championship!!!!!

      • Paul

        When you are a so so point guard and need someone else to carry the load, that is what dwyane wade is!!! dwyane wade without Shaq or Lebron = no rings!!!!

        • RedsLoveChild

          Do not feed the trolls!

  • Paul

    As fans, we really want to know the reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dwyane wade

      coz boston stink

  • Reggie35RIP

    I just don’t understand how he went from asking for a 3 year, $27mil contract to taking $3mil a year from Miami after the C’s offered him $6mil a year. o_O

    It’s very odd because in every other situation the player usually just takes the biggest pay cheque. I thought money talked. Obviously there were other issues.

    And I’m still taking all these reports of Ray being bothered by the courting of other players etc. with a grain of salt. I honestly don’t see Ray openly bitching and moaning about such trivial matters. But who knows.

    • Maybe he liked the math on income tax? It’s all I can come up with…

  • Michael

    This was simple. When someone does not need the money, it becomes about value and respect. Ray is one of the best conditioned players in the NBA, and can do a lot more than shoot threes, but the C’s preferred to have Rondo jacking up jump shots. They sign Green for 25% more than what they were willing to give Ray. This is the single most classy move I have seen a player make – taking LESS money (9m v 16m) to go where he wanted to play and felt he could best contribute. Bravo!