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This Ray Allen video tribute touched my soft side

Damn, this video is good. And I can’t stand Ray Allen.

Mr. TripleDouble 10 is working on his own Ray tribute video. Look for that in the coming days.

(Video courtesy Meir21)

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  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m still too pissed at Ray to watch anything paying tribute to the guy.

  • TooSoon

    Lets save the video tributes for after we beat the heat in the playoffs!

  • Really great video. Hit all the heartstrings.

    I hope he sees it. I hope he sees this thread and all the threads.

    I hope he knows that we’re all so mad because we’re all so sad – because he was part of a series of moments that made of very proud to be the people of the city we’re proud to be from.

    I don’t like Ray Allen very much right now, but I thank him wholeheartedly for every moment he gave us, and I hope beyond hope that we can find a way to forget how upset we are with him.

    I know that sounds like a lot for a basketball player most of us have never met, but they have to know that they give us that chance to be so fucking proud of our home. I hope on hope they all know.

  • Bkoldy

    Im still mad at ray for going to the enemy but this was a great video. It was well thought out.

    • Frank

      Too pissed, he can complain about Rondo all he wants but in the end he is the immature one not Rondo. On Boston its about team not starting. I know that was only part of it but it was best for the team. We needed Ray off the bench

  • This is a better video

    This is why we’re all so mad. Ray Allen talks about the “let’s go celtics” chant after game 6 of the ECF at the 1 min mark.

  • screaming jay

    not gonna watch it.

  • Scott

    Not watching it either. He gave up deserving tributes in my opinion when he decided to say f you to all celtics fans ( the same fans he mentioned in the video above btw) by signing with our arch rival , lakers aside. I don’t get how some people can want to love on ray Allen so soon after he spit in all celtics fans faces. I don’t think ray factored the fans into his decision at all, so I think it’s our job to remind him on his first visit to the garden. Sorry, but clearly this hits home with me lol.

  • Ray Ray is Gone…

    GREAT VIDEO! Almost cried a couple of times. We maybe mad at Ray but we should also be upset at management. Something happened that made him want to leave for less money. About 2 years ago Ray said he felt like he was planting roots in Boston…something caused him to change his mind(or many things). Why would he take less money to go to Miami when he knows that the Celtics are just as good as the Heat with a couple more pieces. He said game 7 of the post conference that “the 4 of us still know how to win games”, which means he thought they could still win a campionship! Obviously this was not about money either(Doc assumed that he would stay for the money). I don’t know what happened but things just don’t seem right. And Ray has not said one word yet. Everything we are hearing is coming from reporters, which is speculation to me. Somethings are coming from Doc and management but nothing concrete. Wyc, the Celtics Co-Owner, would not say how much Ray wanted but said it was not something they were willing to pay. He did not confirm that Ray wanted 3 years 27 million dollars, this is speculation as well. One other thing, why is it that Jason Terry said Doc called him and told him he was their #1 priority before they signed Ray? By signing Terry, they basically took the money they could have used to pay Ray a little more and gave it to another player. They could have signed Ray first and then given Terry what was left but management made the decision to do the opposite. Basically Ray was not worth more to them! Would they have done the same thing with KG!!!???

    Blame belongs on BOTH sides. Management for not doing enough to keep him(since Danny says they wanted him back in the worst way) AND Ray for making it drive him into the arms of the enemy.

    Just some things to think about….

  • dwyane wade

    with ray leaving Boston, now I can’t tell the difference between a BOSTON fan and CLEVELAND FAN

  • dwyane wade

    bitter herbs are healthy for the body for these Boston fans. lmfao!

  • “Doc” Rivers

    Hey Dwyane, the “Doctor” is in. According to my medical report, your knees are in bad shape, as are Ray’s 37 year old, bone spur ridden ankles. Bitter herbs are, indeed, healthy for the body, and I have observed in the past that my Celtics teams play best when they have a bitter taste in their mouths and are holding a grudge. I doubt it will be any different this time around. We will take our bitter yet performance enhancing herbs over your achy joints any day of the week.

  • Derek

    At this point, I’m like a 14 year old girl who got broken up with by her boyfriend. I can’t stop talking about how much I hate his guts, but when no one is looking I dig up old videos of him and wish he would come back to me. I know our best days were probably behind us but it still stings. I wanted to take one more shot.


  • greenjim

    Thank you Ray for a great 5 years. You are a champion.
    Attachment to what we thought ‘should’ be ain’t in our own, or the team we love interest.

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    Luke: How did my father die?
    Obi Wan: A young Jedi named Darth Vader, who was a pupil of mine until he turned to evil, helped the Empire hunt down and destroy the Jedi knights. He betrayed and murdered your father. Now the Jedi are all but extinct. Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.

    So basically…yeah I’m going to watch these videos.

    Also, Ray needs a new name that starts with Darth.