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Some GMs reluctant to help Nets land Dwight Howard

The Orlando Magic and Brooklyn Nets are ramping up the trade talk for Dwight Howard. The Nets are seeking multiple partners to sweeten the pot for Orlando. But some GMs aren’t sure they want to help Brooklyn land the center piece of their mega-team:

Multiple league executives told on Sunday that there is growing reluctance among some teams to participate in the sort of three-team deal that would get Howard to Brooklyn, amid some leaguewide dissatisfaction that the Los Angeles Lakers were able to swing a deal for Steve Nash last week.

Being the cog in creating another super team in Brooklyn, with Deron Williams and Joe Johnson already in the mix, is not palatable to some teams concerned about competitive balance.

“You can talk about the new (luxury) tax all you want, but if the Lakers get Nash and the Nets get Howard, then what did the new CBA accomplish?” one GM said. “You have to realize part of long-term planning is making sure you don’t help create teams you can’t beat.”

The Nets don’t have a lot of assets. Orlando wants no part of Kris Humphries or MarShon Brooks. So Brooklyn is trying to flip those guys for something Orlando values.

Aside from the Cleveland Cavaliers, it doesn’t appear as though many other teams are ready to jump into the fray.

Thank God.

Is it really worth taking on a player with marginal potential or draft pick knowing that you’re helping a conference rival build a super power?

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  • colaroaster
    • IanD

      Sullinger with 20, Moore with 16, Melo with some blocks and even Joseph getting in on it. I have some cautious optimism for this youth movement.

  • Kwesi Johnson

    Didn’t Canny do that by helping Rasheed Wallace go to the Pistons? I believe his quote was something like “If we’re not in contention for a championship, I don’t care who wins it.”

    • Glas

      actually I think Canny or Canny Danny is a good new nickname for him!

    • WinstonSalems

      The C’s got a first rounder and Chucky Atkins in that deal. Not exactly Danny sugarcoating a title for the Pistons.

      Also, teams like Cleveland could care less about this D Howard deal because they won’t be serious contenders for a few years and Dwight will inevitably sign with Brooklyn next season, regardless. If the Cavs can get an extra $3 million for participating in this deal, they would be stupid not to, they need the money. Besides, Dan Gilbert is no poster boy for integrity. He feels the league could’ve done more when LeBron jumped ship. Now he has a personal vendetta towards LeBron. If he helps create another juggernaut team, in hopes of them de-throning the Heat, LeBron loses. Mission accomplished. Do you think it’s a coincidence that out of the possible 29 teams that could be involved in this trade, the Cavs happen to be the only team that have the right pieces to make this trade work? Contenders in the East don’t want this trade to go down. Non-contenders don’t like the idea of stockpiling the best talent in the league on 2-3 teams per conference, but if they can get some $$ out of it, they’ll consider. The one player Brooklyn was/is reluctant to move (MarShon Brooks), is being included because its the only way another team will join in. The league won’t stop the trade because if they do, the Magic will get nothing in return if D Howard leaves after the season. And if they trade him to a team that’s not on his list, he won’t sign an extension. No team will give up anything for D Howard because its not worth the risk of him walking after one season.

  • Kwesi Johnson


  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Anyone but the Lakers and Ill be happy

  • Kivanc

    The Nets will be paying thr trio of D-Will, JJ and G-Wallace a combined $50m next year, so how come can they grab D12 via free agency?

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  • GarnettsGrl

    I say let him go, they should have let him go last season. If it doesn’t happen now it will be next yr and I’m tired of this just like last season. If you want to leave a city that (contends every yr and loves you instead of getting the peices your team needs) for the big lights of NY then so be it. Just know that the grass is not always greener on the other side!@#$%^&*