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Your Morning Dump… Ray was jealous of the Celtics courting of KG

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“We recruited,” he said. “We couldn’t fly him to Miami because he was in Boston, but other than that we recruited him just as hard.”

Looking back, Rivers believes the Celtics had their priorities exactly right, moving from an agreement with Kevin Garnett to calling Allen at midnight on July 1 — the first day under the collective-bargaining agreement that teams were allowed to talk to free agents.

Garnett was the exception because he was eligible for an extension. Contact with any of the Celtics’ other free agents, such as Allen and Brandon Bass, was held off until July 1.

“I thought we (courted Allen). Danny (Ainge)in particular did exactly what he should have done,” said Rivers. “Kevin Garnett was our focal point, and he should have been. If that got anyone ruffled, then that’s probably too bad. We did everything we were supposed to do. At the end of the day you just follow the money trail, and in this case, for whatever reason, it didn’t work. He had his reasons. He probably got bent sideways a bit by us courting Kevin. I really don’t know, honestly.

“But at the end of the day he was great for us here, and that’s all you can say,” he said. “Clearly we would have liked him to stay with us, but I respect Ray, and that will never go away.”

Herald – Doc Rivers listens, then turns the page

Just like Ray Allen, I can hold a grudge. And the more I learn about Ray Allen’s reasoning for leaving Boston, the more I dislike him.

Kevin Garnett was priority #1. He’s the heart and soul grit and balls of this team. A 20 and 10 machine in the playoffs. The Celtics were 100% correct in making him the priority. Without KG, none of the other pieces (including Ray) mattered.

Despite 17 years in the league, Allen is acting like a child. He’ll fit in well with LeWhine and the boys in Miami.

One other note, Jeff Green’s contract is a 4 year, $36 million deal. I’m still searching for reports of any other team interested in paying Green close to $9 million per season.

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  • BradinFL

    If true & he thought he, a shooting guard coming off feet surgeries should have been top priority over a big. Who is younger that avg 20-10 in playoffs. If thats true, he is delusional.

  • Tex callender

    Ray Allen did what NBA players never do and that was keep you eyes on the prize, KG is a great player but so is the Miami heat, Allen went to were the ring is at, and with doing that sacrificed money which all these players get alot of

    • Raxe

      The Heat were not a better team than Boston, hype aside, and they were not as good as San Antonio or OKC. They only barely managed to squeak past Boston in the semis because of a call in Game 2 that even Miami commentators said was a bad call.

      And that was with Boston beat to hell, two players out with heart conditions, Avery with two dislocated shoulders, and [ahem] Ray with injured ankles.

      If he switched because he’s desperately chasing another ring, then he isn’t anywhere near as smart as I thought. Especially since it’ll be a ring with an asterisk on a team where he’ll be a bit player.

      No, as near as I can tell, this was about him being pissed off. Period.

      • GarnettsGrl

        I’ve been saying the same thing but people think I’m just hating on the Heat because we lost, at the end of the day one call didn’t cost us the semis but they did struggle with a beat up team. I know Ray going to the Heat will help them but I don’t feel that it puts them any closer to a ring than my beloved Celtics. And I agree I think he’s more pissed than anything which in some ways I can understand but at the end of the day I wish they could have worked things out. With all that said I still respect Ray and his decision…….

  • zippittyay

    How’s Ray gonna feel after a few DNPs in Miami?

    • Nora

      and C’s win the championship?

      • GarnettsGrl

        That’s what I’m saying, that’s the only things that’s going to make this right is for us to go to the ship over the Heat!!!!!

  • YHER

    Allen should sing a song…” Im just a jealous guy”…Yeah it was a great song but Allen is out of tune even before…..Cheers only 1 ring huh….!!!!!

    • dwyane wade

      Boston should sing a song “One Hit Wonder”

  • dot_c

    Summer League starts tomorrow and I’m concerned with how these picks will perform. Ray Ray is an afterthought right now.

    • T

      Couldn’t agree more. We currently have no guard over six foot two on our roster. Who is our other big if Steamer signs with Wolves? Are these reports about Krstic true? And how did this “Doc doesn’t play rookies” rumor get started? Wasn’t BBD a rotation guy on the 2008 Championship squad? Hoping Sully can show us something.

      • CoachAJ

        I’m with you guys. Ray is gone lets all move on too. Moore is 6-4, so we do have one guard over 6-2, but at the same time we have been playing Moore at the PG, it could be time to move him over. This is why bring MP back is important. I am hoping for big things from Johnson this summer as the elder, lol statesman.

  • JR99

    Isn’t it the case that the team was NOT ALLOWED to talk to Allen until July 1? They were allowed to talk only to KG because he was eligible for an extension. That’s my understanding, anyway.

    Either way, I think Ray’s well-reported OCD is only the tip of the iceberg of his psychological issues. Given all that’s happened, it seems likely that there were more stress fractures inside the Cs locker room than we heard about. It may turn out that Ray’s leaving will be a net positive. Maybe even a big one.

  • kricky

    What an egotistical douche!

    Not to recognize KGs value after riding his coat tails for 5 years is unforgivable. What did R.A ever accomplish (team wise) before teaming up with KG?

  • RedsLoveChild

    The way he mishandled the Ray Allen situation, I lost a lot of respect for Danny Ainge.

    Ainge offered $12M for this injured, worthless, washed-up, 37 year old fossil?!?

    This was an inexcusable lack of judgment on Ainge`s part!

    Ray, the “most clutch three” you ever made for Boston…was the three year contract you just signed in South Beach!

    • Alex

      You are just making Celtics fans look bad right now.

      • Jingfang

        I fully agree with you. Even awful emotions can be shown politely.

        • RedsLoveChild

          I speak only for myself.

          Anyone who truly believes the Celtics were a better team with Ray Allen on the floor–over Avery Bradley–is in desperate need of a good optometrist.

          • KY Celts fan

            “I only speak for myself” as I then make a insulting comment dirtected at everyone who disagrees me.

      • JR99

        a) He’s entitled to his opinion.

        b) He could be right. Certainly, the evidence from the last time we saw Allen play supports his POV. We will see.

        c) Regardless of what Ray has left in the tank, or not, I am willing to say that it’s very likely — given Ray’s recently-demonstrated weird emotionality — that he was creating quite a bit of stress in the locker room. We know he butted heads with Rondo. Maybe, just maybe, the Cs are much better off with Ray Allen gone… because he takes his hyperemotional childlike weirdness with him.

        Jealous of KG? Really??? SMH.

    • SF Celts fan

      9 mil for Jeff Green is wack! He better impress. Ainge sucks. Period.

  • paul

    As important as KG is, the key player for us is Rondo. I wonder how long it will take for the talking heads to realize that.

  • Raxe

    I have to admit, I really hope this isn’t true. I still have not heard a single explanation for Ray’s defection from respectability, but this would be a particularly dumb reason. And I don’t think he’s a dumb guy.

    • Uh huh

      Give it time. I’m sure there’ll be a press conf after the weekend. We’ll see. I’m trying to hold out hope that I won’t hate him. He and rondo hating each other is fine. Better chance at a ring hurts but ok. More PT/a starting gig if they’re really going chalmers ray wade bron and bosh as a small starting lineup. All those reasons are fine for a guy who’s been dangled for two straight years and even traded at the deadline this yr to leave when your deal is up. He didn’t force a trade or anything. Danny wasn’t loyal to him so fine, sucks but I get it. If I hear him crying about respect tho I’ll never respect him again. He deserves a HUGE standing O when he comes back then u boo him the rest of his career. Nothing personal, strictly business…

      • Raxe

        Ainge is not ‘loyal’ to ANY player — there’s no one who’s too valuable to trade. Ainge has said as much many times, and he’s proved it. Ray is too smart to have taken that personally.

        Besides, we now know that the Heat went after KG before they went after Ray. If he’s mad at the Celtics for that . . . he must be annoyed now.

        I can believe he wasn’t getting along with Rondo. I can believe he was mad about not starting. Personally, I would’ve put him back in the starting lineup if / when his ankles were OK.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m over Ray. He hates Rondo & Ainge, so be it.

    I really hope Jeff Green doesn’t end up being amnestied in a couple years. Idealogically, his heart should work better, and he should be able to “run faster & jump higher”, I’m just not sure he’ll be any better as a player. I’ve said many times I think DA has an unhealthy infatuation with Green, and as pointed out above, there have been no reports of ANY team being interested in him at ANY price. I would love for Green to prove me wrong and have a great camp and season.

    I honestly don’t see why more guys don’t hire David Falk!

    • Jay

      Green can’t be amnestied. It’s only allowed with contracts under the old CBA that exist still right now.

  • thetitleisours

    I guess Ray was not much of a Celtic as we thought. Hope we can keep Steamer but maybe Sean Williams will mature for us.

    As for replacing ray, Terry will help. But why doesn’t the team must find a No-D 3-p sharpshooter like other teams have?

    Too bad they are not giving Jaycee (or Pat) Carrol another shot at the summer. Ridiculous 3p % from these guys. Has Matt Janning landed anywhere or Lester Hudson? Von Wafer Redux? Uh maybe not

  • z

    Where is Ray’s loyalty and committment to the BC organization, team mates, and fans? My spin is that Ray cost BC a chance at the last NBA finals and championship by faking serious injury as an excuse for the heat/boston finals series. Maybe Ray didn’t want Rando or KG to have a chance of being the finals MVP, what do you think?

    • Raop

      z- are you serious? Ray faked an injury and wanted to sabotage Rondo/KG? Come on. That’s not even worth seriously answering. Ridiculous that this thought would even cross your mind.

  • SuperSonic

    This whole article and thread reflects poorly on Celtic’s fan. When someone leaves LA (Or say your entire franchise leaves you) you don’t start acting like a girlfriend left you.

  • kobe doin work

    wasn’t ray a buck & sonic before he played for boston? the man took less money, his name was in trade rumors since 09. he lost his starting spot to a rook.. why would ya’ll want him and why would he want to stay

  • Sparky the wonder dog

    What are you really trying to say?

  • Dwyane Wade

    oh Boston fans hush now stop crying. here’s a picture that captures the emotion of Boston fans all over the world

    To embed the picture above, you’d do:

  • Quest

    Hmmm lil back handed comment by Doc… jealous of KG…really….more Ray didn’t like the way he was disrespected by the C organization imo…. Boston Herald “Ubuntu a 2-way street” grt pts made that Allen just made the best decision for him. It wasn’t all about the almighty $$ which threw the C’s plan off trying to re-sign Allen.