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Paul Pierce P2 V autographed & game used

Check out an extremely rare pair of Celtkicks: the Nike “P2 V”.  These are an amazing pair of kicks for any sneakerhead to score. While chatting online w/some Celtics fans from China, I came across these game used & signed beauties. Before Paul’s kicks officially became the “Air Legacy”, Nike simply called them the “P2”. This pair came out in 2009 after The Truth won his first championship. The first thing you notice on them is the exquisite detail. They feature a replica of Paul’s tattoo, which reads “MGMC”. That’s an acronym for “My Gift My Curse”, which Paul explains in this video.

The P2 V also feature Paul’s #34 emblazoned on the heel and the “P2” emblem on the tongue as well as the lower lateral side. Pierce does not change sneakers much, and often uses the same pair(s) throughout an NBA season. Thus getting your hands on a pair of his kicks is extremely tough. This pair, purchased on EBay by a Celtics fan from China, is also game-used and signed by Pierce. Enjoy some more pictures of these great kicks:



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